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  1. The song said dirty deeds but did not sound like the right song
  2. I got the same as you. - in the top 4 percentile. Cant upload a pic here but did take a screen shot I could email to ya
  3. I miss you all too :) Sorry i havebeen battling a broken cell phone all week its my only means of communication. But I have been able to catch up on reading. Dean Koontz Innocence and Maximum Ride the angel experiment are excellent I def recommend them I did not like Steven Kings Full dark no stars its not worth the read even if free.
  4. Hey there you come here to? Nice isn't it.
  5. We should send him and all of his kind on a ship to sea with only enough gas to get to a predestined destination like a deserted island.
  6. You really are the legendary gentleman that I heard about and handsome to for a white guy hehe :) GoodnightShep
  7. Your rad you know that?!
  8. thanks:)
  9. I like this fourm, Im glad its not one of those that look down at multi forum posting.
  10. So I went back to lop all is good. I still will post here if that is cool. ~€ Oh falling down they asking how are you doing?
  11. I caved and went back to lop but I wont stop posting here! The hormones I tell ya!
  12. I would never sale my soul. i can be here and there and any where I want the owners of the forums like me so I post where I want.
  13. Shilling means you get paid I do this out of the kindness of my heart. I am so sick of some cters claiming everything is a hoax, you are a hoax.