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  1. Almost throughout our 'history' “America” has claimed that this place has been exempt from all the laws of nature that apply to every other place on Earth, except Zionist Israel & U.S. INCORPORATED.But neither Israel nor the private corporation that owns the U.S. will ever be allowed to escape the punishment we so clearly deserve for all that we have done to the planet, for over 200 years. Yesterday I found a film on Netflix called “The Vietnam War” by Ken Burns that spells out the depths of the mistakes and the horrors we created – over and over again – throughout that war that so few still don't know very much about. This should be required watching especially for those generations that did not know much about the Vietnam War. The film proves many of the conclusions that I'm trying to raise here, which is that Nature will not allow the planet to remain forever out-of-balance: And while US Inc. & Israel have gotten away with their attempted theft and their global-crimes for multiple decades, there will be retributions and those millions will pay for what they did : Because no “nation” can ever fly directly into the face of the rest of the natural world forever. The only “other” place that seems to believe that they can get away with forcing the entire planet to bow down to them – are among the radical members of the Wahhabi-Muslim-World that also seeks to crush anyone that does not believe as they do: This is the third time that the Wahhabi-sect has tried to bring the global-population down to their level. Below are two cities that literally show the world the extent of the damage that has turned two once heavily populated international-cities into rubble and into the ruin that goes far beyond “war” regardless of how that could ever be measured... All of this was brought into the world by the Zionists & American Exceptionalism. Europe is finally beginning to realize just how potentially dangerous it is to flirt with the current invasions throughout the EU, but the U.S. is still in denial. Try to imagine, if you can just how damning this level of damage will be, if and when this obscenity that has only continued to grow since September 11, 2001 – When and IF this “invasion” comes to American cities? Mosul & Aleppo: What MSM didn’t tell you happened after liberation of 2 cities (PHOTOS) https://www.rt.com/news/430616-aleppo-mosul-liberation-aftermath/?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign City of Corpses: RT visits Mosul to witness shocking aftermath of liberation 3 min 30 sec video 6-23-18
  2. The Depths of Criminality Contrasted with Black Humor Horrors of Nestle, Defense Dept censors its crimes, and more https://www.rt.com/shows/redacted-tonight-summary/430634-inhumane-treatment-mexican-border/ Lee Camp brings his special-brand of humor to the planet, and in that process, he and his crew exposes some of the most ridiculous crimes and obscene thoughts behind places like Delaware that ought to be kicked out of the “union” and reclassified as nothing more than an offshore registration-station for the most criminal corporations in this privately owned foreign corporation (U.S. INCORPORATED) It's the weekend – Why not give yourself some deep laughter along with some truly obscene facts... 6-23-18
  3. kirwan

    911 Unmasked

    911 Unmasked & Iran Could Be Exonerated “Activist: Iran already exonerated of role in 9-11 attacks, Docs display Israel’s complicity FNA- A prominent Iranian political activist dismissed the Southern District Court of New York’s ruling ordering Iran to pay more than $6 billion of reparation for the 2001 terrorist attacks, stressing Israel’s role in killing nearly 3,000 Americans at the time. The Southern District Court’s ruling “found the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, and The Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran” liable for the deaths of more than 1,000 people as a result of the September 11 attacks. Judge George B Daniels of the Southern District Court of New York said that Iran is ordered to pay “$12,500,000 per spouse, $8,500,000 per parent, $8,500,000 per child, and $4,250,000 per sibling” to the families and estates of the deceased. A default judgment is issued when a defendant does not contest the case in court. Daniels issued other default judgments against Iran in 2011 and 2016 that ordered the Islamic Republic to pay victims and insurers billions of dollars for damages and deaths in the hijacker attacks. “Iran has rejected all cases, but it says it doesn’t recognize the US courts for judging such cases. Last week, thousands of American professors, politicians, experts and former members of the US Congress in a letter to the Iranian Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs called on the country to immediately appeal the Southern District Court of New York’s ruling, and vowed to testify in support of the Islamic Republic in an appeals court after Tehran files for it....” There's a Catch 22:– Iran only has until next Tuesday to appeal the ruling, which is why this article was written - k https://theiranproject.com/blog/2018/05/27/activist-iran-already-exonerated-of-role-in-9-11-attacks-docs-display-israels-complicity/ 6-21-18
  4. kirwan

    BART & San Francisco Civic Center

    Unfortunately CS - the longer I live and the more involved I get in fighting these lawless parasites, and now that the bulk of the fighters that were once part of this - the darker it seems to get when it comes down to actually ending this obscenity - as it once was more than just possible to do...thanks for the note! k
  5. BART & San Francisco Civic Center The Follow-Up Yesterday's letter to the incoming Mayor appears to have already been 'in the works', on some levels – but it will turn out to be far too little and too late to change very much of the problems, unless a real commitment to real changes is undertaken. “Officials with the San Francisco and BART police departments have teamed up to help make sure the BART Civic Center Station is safe for commuters and visitors. The station has been under a microscope in the last few months after a member of the public posted a video of people injecting themselves with drugs and passed out along a corridor inside the station. Both police chiefs promised more man hours to patrol the Civic Center Station area. The station is also shared with the Muni Metro subway...” k – BART Police do not ride the BART trains, nor do they patrol the stations in the city, especially not in the underground stations. On top of that - BART for the most part does not man any of the stations built into the system, so whenever there is a problem there is NEVER an agent or a cop to intervene, in the stations that need them. BART is a government owned 'commuter service' because it's link is BART dot gov – yet BART says that they are not a government owned anything, they're claiming that they are privately owned and operated. There are no plans to provide rest-room services in proportion to the number of passengers that ride the trains every day. (over 400,000 people) And the only reason for this “clean-up, has to do with attempting to derail the drug users and the accompanying disturbances – basically nothing much will change, and after a week or two of this everything will be returned to the filth and the drug users as usual. Despite the fact that BART is overpriced and under-managed, the city wants to take more from BART passengers, to pay for everything that BART was already supposed to be doing - since this total disaster that was supposed to serve the Nine Bay Area Counties came online. Hell they fired all the janitors, then told the passengers to keep the station clean while most of the system (elevators and escalators) fails to function, most of the time. The article ends with this: “BART has already begun other collaborations with The City including providing $1.6 million to help fund Homeless Outreach Teams and elevator attendants at joint BART and Muni subway stations. BART Police & SFPD team up for a Safer Civic Center.” https://sfbay.ca/2018/06/20/bart-police-sfpd-team-up-for-a-safer-civic-center-station/ PS, “The mayor” portrayed in the article will be replaced very soon by the latest edition of LBGTQ, who won't be blamed for what has not been done so far to fix anything. She's our first black woman Mayor. Willie Brown was our first black male Mayor who kicked 70% of the black population out of the city, and ended JAZZ on the West Coast - while he reduced San Francisco to nothing, both nationally and internationally – I was involved when Downtown Willie Brown tried to steal the new Public Library (SFPL) for AT&T. Here's the beginning of that story – the city's main library in question is just across Civic Center Plaza from City Hall.: . High Tech Barbarians At the Gates published in June of 1997 The article is just below the images... http://www.kirwanesque.net/kirwan-politics/politics-san-francisco/ 6-21-18
  6. The New Mayor of San Francisco “London Breed”; has inherited an epidemic, of vast proportions – what will she and LBGTQ do to fix this? “The City that Knows How”, the place on the West Coast that was a mecca for tourists from all over the world, has destroyed itself by wrapping its' once grand appeal in the squalor of filth populated by half-dressed homelessness that now sleep in front of the sidewalk cafes, every morning, that feature $7 cups of unpronounceable coffee and tasteless pastries that feed the babble amid the ruin of the worker-bees from Google & Facebook that meet and greet each other while they fail to even notice barefoot-homelessness sleeping, within reach, on the same sidewalk that allows them entrance to the tasteless watering holes for the multi-sexual, multilingual that have replaced real people. The tourists that do come here have no class, as they grab their selfies in between the tourists that have no interest in talking to anyone but the shapeless trash they came here with. San Francisco has no life and rolls up the filth covered sidewalks by 9:30 every night. When these tourist dollars do decide to move from place to place they travel in packs of twelve to fifteen creatures that completely block the once wide sidewalks with their shapeless bodies and their 'conversations; at full volume as if they were at home with themselves and their endless scams and plans that are just waiting for the next bubble to shatter. How these completely shiftless parasites can exist within the filth, and the rubble of what was once a proud clean city – is not even noticed much less observed. This is the capital city of LBGTQ, yet these foreign-bodies remain oblivious to everything around them – because obviously they are the only creatures that can possibly matter. Meanwhile just a few blocks away, City Hall still exists opposite United Nations Plaza, with the filth-obsessed entrance to BART so littered with trash that the escalators are too clogged with human waste, needles and trash to even function – yet no one seems to care. There are no cops or BART police inside BART, yet the prices keep going up. At the underground “stations” there are still only two bathrooms for the over four-hundred thousand commuters to use, and you guessed it they are beyond filthy but the best part is that those two bathrooms are still locked and closed to the public because BART fears that they might be bombed at any time thanks to 911. Consequently people frequently use the platforms to relieve themselves as there are no other choices. The escalators have also become open air bathrooms for the homeless, and the BART trains feature the passed out homeless, with the vomit and the empty bottles and cans that you can smell the minute you enter the basically unattended cars – and during rush hours the cars are jammed with commuters that are mostly forced to stand – on trains that never run on time. Compare BART to Moscow and the differences here are as clear as the difference between night and day. It was never like this before the invasion of Facebook and Google and the overarching influence of Zukerberger and his paranoia of anything that is not dictated to by PC regulations – he's taken over San Francisco General Hospital and that now caters to anything but white people, preferably Mexican or Chinese, and the staff has great difficulty pronouncing the most common American names: If you're older than 45 and white forget it, you are no longer considered worth treating. And just for added fun the entrance to “the Hospital” has the same scanners as they have at the airport, to protect the patients from terrorists - you see the Sheriff's office has a substation located in the hospital, at the emergency entrances to insure that no one who might be “dangerous” is allowed in without a complete body scan, and hostile questions from no fewer than five armed and uniformed creatures, this completes Zukerberger's welcome to the patients... San Francisco has certainly changed and definitely not for the better! Sanctuary City by the Bay https://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/politics/item/29308-sanctuary-city-by-the-bay-is-knee-deep-in-filth PS -The “Mayor” doesn't yet have a public phone or email, watch for it and send her this when and if she decides to make herself available. 6-20-18
  7. kirwan

    Trump & His Rerun of Dr. Stangelove

    You're right on Octopus Prime - but the time for these traitors has expired, and those admiralty flags will no longer protect them, not even with their gold-fringe and their backward flags on all our troops & fake cops - that are about to find that American streets are going to start looking a lot like the streets of so many fourth world nations - once that begins here - we're all going to see how few of them retain the obscenity of their pretend corporate uniforms - if they want to survive. I've watched this sham grow since I got out of the military in 1963 - and the death toll here will very soon become too large to "manage" - because this is not Palestine, and for every cop that tries to practice what the private corporate State is dictating - there will others that will read the signs and run... And as to this DRUMZ: "I agree with most of what you speak except for the above. I can't remember ever hearing of anyone starving to death. And there are more jobs than people right now. Hospital won't turn you away." I don't know whee you live or how much you've traveled. but I have seen this up close and personal, San Francisco has lots of people starving to death under bridges and in abadonded warehouses, - especially among the vets - and as far as "jobs" go that's a cruel joke - and the shuffle that's coming out of Washington is still going right into the pockets of the filthy rich. More jobs than people" - not by my count: I think you might be overlooking the tens of millions that have long since quit looking? And as for hospitals - I'm a vet and they have ignored me and as for SF General which is now owned and run by Zukerberger, they are supposedly my hospital, but that's not happening either. Thanks for the note... k CSteigel 1. I suspect Trump is merely formalizing an actually existing situation. 2. Gary MacKinnon the hacker documented ship to ship transfers in space. 3. Catherine Austin Fitts has written on the Breakaway Civilization and Secret Space Program. 25 trillion invested so far. 4. Space is militarized. http://www.businessinsider.com/air-force-rods-from-god-kinetic-weapon-hit-with-nuclear-weapon-force-2017-9 They can "DOCUMENT" ALL THEY LIKE, i WAS THERE WHEN sTRATEGIC aIR cOMMAND RAN THAT FARCE, AND i WAS IN NORTH AMERICAN AIR DEFENSE, THAT SUPERVISED SAC OVER SAN FRANCISCO, GUAM, MICHIGAN, AND SOUTH DAKOTA - FOUR LONG YEARS, AND THE HOOR STORIES FAR OUTSTRIPPED WHATEVER THEY MIGHT HAD=VE DONE RIGHT - BUT TO EACH HIS OR HERE... :-)))
  8. Trump & His Rerun of Dr. Strangelove The Donald has decided to emulate Reagan's failed attempt to launch his failed “Star-Wars” project, that wasted billions of dollars and accomplished absolutely nothing. “America” had had Strategic Air Command for several decades wherein we sent a full third of SAC bombers into the air on patrol, 24-7 over the whole earth – to protect America from the rest of the planet – which finally died a quiet death, around the time that Dr. Strangelove made its film debut: Because just as the film pointed out—basically that global plan of nuclear armed bombers and tens of thousands of nuclear missiles was far more dangerous and provided way more nightmares for Americans than it did “to provide any real nuclear security” for the people of this planet. Watch the film and you cannot miss the how's & why's, which that policy was trying to promote – why else was this policy discontinued shortly after Dr. Strangelove joined the national-international conversation? Now Trump wants to do it all over again, but this time in outer space? Given that this nation is flat broke, over 30 trillion in debt and desperate - just how in hell does he plan to provide all the weapons to patrol deep space, when we can't even provide enough jobs, health care or food to keep Americans from starving to death in far too many American cities today? Way to Disaster: Moscow Warns Against Promoting WMD's, Threatens with Tough Response https://www.rt.com/news/430238-us-space-weapons-disaster-russia/?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=Email Why it is that Russia does all the missions to the International Space Station? What happened to our supposed ability to build rockets that worked to launch our own spacecraft? America never mentions the facts surrounding our own spacecraft – so how is it that we,(USI) will now be able to build a military force in deep space, when we still can't build a rocket that can launch a few astronauts that go back and forth between the International space station and the earth? Russia has several 5th generation fighters and bombers and the same with naval vessels and submarines that have broken with tradition all around the world – not to mention their missile capabilities, something that the US has pretty much ignored due to the lack of enough development funds to keep pace? USI needs to withdraw our troops and bring them home to rebuild the roads, and the infrastructure, so that we can bring our people into the New Millennium, as “we” are beginning to look a lot more like the forth world, rather than the First world that so many politicians claim we are. Along the way we could begin to reestablish the artisan guilds that could produce the welders, plumbers, and professional construction workers that were once used to put America on top in the first place? If we were to revamp the educational system and jail the Rockefellers and the Rothschild s, and returned to teaching real history instead of the crap being rammed down our throats by Kazerian-Jews, we might one day even get medicine back in into the hands of doctors and who knows maybe, just maybe the U.S. might become a real place again, once we eject all the hyphenated Jews from every office in every level of this government. Yeah, yeah, I know, that'll never happen because our men have no testosterone and the women have lost that spark that made them the envy of women everywhere else on earth. - but all of that took place when Americans were not afraid of words, and demanded proof before they believed some hair brained story because it appeared in some national or international rag or for that matter on the web. We're running out of time people – we need to send all those PC acolytes into their safe spaces and then seal them up and deport them to whichever underdeveloped nation they have idolized. That way the rest of us could get back to having our lives back, without the pitiful tattle-tale Deep-State to get in the way... Either way I'll see you on the other side – but the suggestions above might go a long way to ending the current nightmare which this place has been for the last four decades... 6-19-18
  9. kirwan

    Time to Take the Road Less Traveled

    Thanks Guys - I've lived "off the road" for almost my entire life (since I was 15) which has resulted in having had the pleasure of living at least three separate lives, most of which I could never have imagined before I found myself very deeply intertwined with them. I've had so much luck, so many adventures, near death experiences and also many failures together with real friends along this pathless trek - that I'll do whatever I can, now that so much of that life is coming to what looks like a shrouded crossroads, that must soon be faced. Thanks for your thoughts! k
  10. Time to Take the Road Less Traveled... After the formal “End of WW I”. The German people began the worst fall in recent memory with the onset of the Pagan barbarity, mixed with the brutality and the sub-human behaviors that almost knew no bounds, after WWI. The terms that were signed into law at Versailles, put all of Germany into an impossibly deep and getting ever deeper financial pit, from which Germany was never suppose to ever be able to escape. The global rejection of post-war Germany by most of the world, created the temperament behind the colossal failure directed at the German people who were never to come back to life from their military losses in WWI. All of that was compounded by the Rothschild owned banks, which dominated global finance worldwide—and it was this crime against the people of the planet that excited the young German Leader, who was determined to bring Germany and the German people back from the edge of oblivion. The world has forgotten that Libya, North Korea, Syria and Yemen were also nations without the Rothschild's Banks – until they were destroyed, or are about to be – yet the world refuses to notice, just as they did when Germany found itself in a totally impossible situation. That early leader in Germany was Hitler, and he sensed that Germany had to throw off the Jewish cartels that owned global finance, if there was to ever be a victorious German people upon the world-stage again. But until then, no nation had ever successfully fought against the illegal-global-ownership of global banking, by the Kazarian Jews – Hitler was the first and Germany was the wildly-popular beneficiary! The next five years saw Hitler on the cover of TIME magazine, for the rapid and positive changes in Germany. It was this positive change in attitude that ended the rule of the depraved obscenities that were finally kicked out of Germany along with the evil sickness, not unlike the LBGTQ contagion that is now killing America at every turn today. Hitler's success against the Jewish banks actually created the attack by the Jews upon the German people in1933 (covered by the New York Times) – because the globally obsessed Jewish bankers' knew that with Germany's astounding and major political-successes, other nations would soon follow – and that could not be allowed. Full Text of "Jews Declare War on Germany 1933" https://archive.org/stream/JewsDeclareWarOnGermany1933/JewsDeclareWarOnGermany1933_djvu.txt As the Jews war against Hitler and Germans grew, the Kazarian's decided they would need to turn everything around. So they used false-flag propaganda to blame the Germans for attacking “the poor Jews”, inside Germany, and for defending Germany's right to chose their own financial arrangements – which is how the world came to blame Germany for the Second World War, that the Jewish bankers had actually started in1933. Kristallnacht forgot to include the facts reported on in their 1933 Declaration of War against Germany. Unfortunately Hitler did not deliver on the promise of a better life for all, when he opted to expand Germany through his 'wars of conquest' – but the example of what can done for any nation that dares to throw out the Kazarian Bankers and their internationally-criminal practices still remains as true as it was in Germany's very original-comeback from global-oblivion... A reader responded to yesterday's article – this way: “Re: LBGTQ - The Anti-Human Movement “likely not, nor the incarceration of criminal politicians / officials...if the eradication ever occurs in my lifetime, my chamber will be emptied.” It was that not-so-subtle-comment that forced me to go further, because I agree wholeheartedly with the viability of actually taking the road less traveled – that must be defended NOW, Because that really is the only real option left, to any of us, in the totally twisted world of today. Politically the planet is still operating under the lies generated by the Kazerian-Bankers, after WWI, in an effort to drain every nation of all their wealth – whereas, if the people of the planet open their eyes and and stand up to these viciously primitive-savages that have stolen the money supply, not just of America, but of the whole damned world under the guise of being the Exceptional People” that every nation must now bow down to – including united states INCORPORATED! 6-17-18
  11. kirwan

    LBGTQ - The Anti-Human Movement

    Hey CS -One of the very early respondents caught that and filled in the blanks - for everyone - thanks anyway!
  12. kirwan

    LBGTQ - The Anti-Human Movement

    WOW - THANK YOU ALL for continuing to clarify the basics behind his nightmare, that I was reminded of, by the words of Black Elk when he put it into his descriptions of the nature of nature and the validity of the LIFE that is expected of us when we look around and see the elements of the world that we were all given to thrive in, to populate and to celebrate... which is now the world that is under attack! Just a few minutes long, about what most of us have totally forgotten... because there is no room in the air, the land the water and the air for LBGTQ - ever, because all of life is what is now under attack...
  13. LBGTQ – the Anti-Human Movement This “movement” was informally begun from the Depravity that was hatched and shown to the world in the decadence of “CABARET” as that was created in the USA by Hollywood – also-known-as “the Weimar” in reference to the Germany of that time period. This “movement” began its migration into other countries under the shield of LBGTQ disguised as “Political Correctness” that was born in The Franklin School, in Germany., from which it spread like the public-infection that it has become which is now world-wide. The Schiller Institute https://www.schillerinstitute.org/fid_91-96/921_frankfurt.html I have known many gay friends, most of whom are not political, but who are just gay people living 'normal-lives” - but now there are others that are viciously determined to alter the global-agenda. They are seeking all that is inhuman and barbaric: Thanks to George Soros, McCain, Cheney, Obama and THOUSANDS' of other promoters of this “LIFESTYLE”. I've been an adult for well over sixty-years and throughout those years I've had a lot of experience at living an independent and self-styled life – despite this parasitical disease. Most of my life has revolved in and around the arts. But it was only within the last fifteen years that I discovered that the very first “job” of the CIA in the 1950's was to destroy the graphic arts, internationally & completely, to be followed by everything else in the creative world. As time passed I could seemingly only watch while the graphic arts died, and then it was the written arts, then music, dance, and finally publishing itself which ended any opportunities that had once existed for me (and for tens of millions of others), in every area of life – before LBGTQ. Black Lizard http://www.kirwanesque.net/kirwan-art/black-lizard/ Dreams http://www.kirwanesque.net/kirwan-art/dreams-pieces/ The Deck http://www.kirwanesque.net/deck/ Since my beginning the so-called arts have been dominated by the gay community – in San Francisco well over 70% of all the arts that were and are totally gay controlled here: But there were still a few independent outlets for my work, so I could still find outlets, until the early nineties when every non-gay-outlet was shut down. All of this took place just before the LBGTQ war on marriage and on any life between a man and a woman. Being “Gay” had just been something that was a full-life for the few that chose to live it. Then I watched the first Gay-Day Parade in San Francisco, that was deliberately held on Father's Day, and amounted to an obscenely virulent attack on those that were not gay. Then San Francisco got its first gay supervisor, who was brutally murdered along with the Mayor, in a horrific manner by a demented white cop. I covered the ensuing riots that followed for the District Attorney's Association in Sacramento, while the patrol cars here were burning and City Hall was attacked by the outraged Gay Community. That was the beginning of the end of any peace between the LBGTQ community and ordinary people – because from that night on, LBGTQ began their total control campaign over the unsuspecting heterosexual community – using “special needs” and privileges that were incessantly expanded for the Gay Community over the needs of the straight population; while at the same time the political-parties were beginning to figure out just how they could take full advantage of this “new-political-player” throughout the nation. What triggered this for me was something crudely obscene from yesterday. B UnderwoodNY AG - Not a dude…she is gay and the "male" half.. https://outlook.live.com/owa/?path=/mail/sentitems/rp To be aggressively gay is to be an anti-human creature, because this planet was populated with males and females, whose unions produce each new generation of the people that will in their turn, populate the planet. LBGTQ cannot populate anything, because they cannot directly or naturally reproduce: Because their “unions” are not something that is basically human: Instead their “population” is something that is parasitical by nature as it literally feeds off the healthy humans from which - each and every one of us has come here to live and prosper from. Without a man and a woman having come together to have intercourse they (indeed none of us), would be here. That fact is what makes the professional association of LBGTQ the outrage that it has become. Let's look deeper for a moment. When any of us is “young and beautiful”, the future can indeed be imagined as a wondrous and bountiful existence – filled with many joys and expectations that might seem to be ours to have. But with LBGTQ, their “enjoyment” has been tainted by some realities that most of them have failed to appreciate or grasp. Heterosexuality is something filled with other people and frequently with offspring. It is just that way, because 'LIFE” is centered around the children that come from the recognized sexual-unions that usually come with a marriage or an agreement of some kind—this is strike one against LBGTQ – because all they can do is to adopt the child of someone-else to raise, which amounts to subtracting from the global gene-pool of the global-society. Then there's the personal side of living the LBGTQ life. As you age, almost everything drops away, and as your direct relationships are frequently not there because you created no children, on which to center your lives: Old-age becomes something that is not attractive to watch, as you enter the last chapter of a totally self-centered world. People were not meant to be alone – yet many in the LBGTQ community chose that life in their younger years, long before the intrusions of old age began to make itself felt. This is the real price of being someone that has become, whether on purpose or by accident, a physical-part of the ANTI-HUMAN yet parasitical society. LBGTQ is parasitical too, because they have not abided by the same rules the rest of must live by. They get more benefits, more health-care, more perks because they are now part of “the latest form of the new people” - not affected by the same rules as the rest of us – and their proclivities have now led directly to the expansion of “Political Correctness” to the point that no one can speak or interact with anyone else for fear of being charged with any of several dozen crimes. Netflix just announced that “ no employee can look at any other person while at work, for more than 5 seconds, or they will be charged with a sex-crime.” Doesn't that sound like a really GREAT place to work? Netflick's employees can thank LBGTQ for this “addition to their work environment... Just try to uphold this “rule” wherever it is that you're trying to work and remember the next thing on our horizon, that's due to Political Correctness will be Pre-Crime Arrests for thought-crimes you have yet to commit – based on what you read, see or hear about anything in the world that's coming... Aren't you glad that LBGTQ is now the defacto representative for the extinction of all the rights of everyone else on the planet? 6-16-18
  14. The entire network of U.S. Incorporated must be suspended while the public's complaints about the behavior of the DOJ, FBI, CIA and of course the congress, going back to January 01, 2001, is examined in detail: This would include all the early warnings that were covered up about 911. On Thursday of the coming week, the 500 pages plus in the OIG report that supposedly deals with all the lies surrounding the government's mishandling of every agency involved – before during and after 911—which has been the central lie behind everything this so-called nation has done to overthrow the United States, by the corporate UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, that has taken over the Republic, since the Act of 1871, which began the overthrow of the Constitutional Republic. The Act of 1871 http://www.federaljack.com/SLAVERY-BY-CONSENT-THE-UNITED-STATES-CORPORATION/ 5min 20 sec VIDEO Federal judge jails ex-Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort ahead of trial, citing recently filed obstruction charges. https://www.yahoo.com/news/federal-judge-jails-ex-trump-campaign-chair-paul-154529077.html Yesterday FBI Director Christopher Wray, went on air to publicly insult the entire population - by treating us like errant-children, too stupid to follow what the hell is really going on inside the SWAMP that used to be called the USA. The idea that the public cannot be allowed to know what really goes on, in any of the agencies of this fake government, at any given time—much less during this meltdown of the entirely-illegal fake-government that has already become at least two and possibly three “separate-governments” needs to be stopped cold and examined while we arrest and detain all the players until the public can be satisfied as to the truth of the matter once and for all. There is no substitute for the truth, and the truth behind all of this has been waiting 147 years to clarify and correct the theft of this nation: And over 105 years to get control over our own money back from the Kazarian Jews that stole it all in 1913. If the facts above are not enough to warrant a full-examination of every area of this pretend-place then the public that fails to demand the measures needed, to end the problem, will deserve the total collapse that's “on the way”. 6-15-18
  15. kirwan

    The Solution to Reclaiming Liberty

    "Rage against the Leviathan but the law has a hold outside of Federal Court. The law is constructed to permit violence by the State and not that the violence be legitimately used. In Court afterwards the violence may be found illegal and excessive in whole or in part" CSteigel When the State has to stoop to violence to "enforce" that which is illegal upon the face of the action - then it's clear that "THE SYSTEM" IS WRONG and the only real course of action (under the Constitution that we lost in the Act of 1871) - is that this illegal-government must be dissolved. - yeah, I know "GOOD LUCK WITH THAT" - given that it's been going on for 147 years :-))) k

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