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  1. First Iraq, now this? How long will it be before the MSM realizes that they were totally f^cked with and completely pull the story and pretend it never happened? This is absolutely embarrassing. This is our so called intelligence community? And these people our responsible for briefing our President on domestic and world events? Terrifying...
  2. How do you imbed YouTube videos in a post?
  3. Hahaha, you've got to be kidding me... https://youtu.be/HSTneJ4OTqw
  4. The ship is sailed already. The electors meet in less than a week. The time for these shenanigans has well passed. Sure they could still try something, but it's far too late in the game in my opinion.
  5. Stone is nothing but a peddler of fiction, a total con man.
  6. I just checked ATS not long ago. That place is an absolute joke now. The whole place has turned into an anti Trump forum.
  7. No, Stone is just trying to cover his ass and save face because he's once again wrong about this like he's been about everything else. Why you guys continue to post his cr@p here is anyone's guess.
  8. Hey, Jim says he has all the links! Kinda like Alex Jones, we have the documents! What a con man.
  9. How does 80,000 equate to 40,000? You mean that would trigger a full recount in those states or what? In PA atleast, it's not going to happen.
  10. Since the election, there's been a lot of talk about abolishing the system that we elect our President's by, known as the Electoral College. This took me some time to write out, whether you agree or disagree, please reply and let me know what you think. Thanks! I suggest that everyone check out Wikipedia. There is an excellent article on this subject. The Electoral College and how it works is just a little too complicated to discuss here, but suffice to say the idea that "the popular vote" is a "mere beauty pageant is completely wrong. The Electoral College was created in order to give smaller individual states some parity in the election of a President. If you go to the Wikipedia website and read the excellent article on the history of the Electoral College, and some of the controversy surrounding it, you will see that clearly the "popular vote" is certainly not a "beauty contest." This comment is ridiculous. The Electoral College votes ONLY for the President and the Vice President. And the Electoral College designees are chosen by the individual states based on their representation in Congress and the Senate. What is interesting is that this system is designed to bring the BEST managers for the Executory Branch. In other words, it was supposed to work just like a corporation in which the Board of Directors make the decision as to the best candidate to run the company. Of all our Presidents and Vice Presidents, there have only been 5 cases (including the current presidential race) in which the popular vote has not coincided with the electoral college vote. That statement says something. And, the Electoral College designees are voted on by the individual states. So yes, it is true that "the Electoral College" votes as to who will and who ill not be President and Vice President." But it is also true that the individual voter has a largest say as to who gets elected. The current system " which is called the "winner take all system" is designed to give the winner of the popular vote all the electoral college votes for that individual states. And those votes are predicated on the candidate who gets the greatest numbers of votes. So in that sense, the voters DO ELECT the President. Since that Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidate who gets the popular vote gets ALSO GETS the electoral votes. Did you understand that? Let me repeat it. The Guy with the MAJORITY of the POPULAR VOTE gets the ELECTORAL VOTES for that INDIVIDUAL STATE. So what happens when a guy getting the majority of the popular votes doesn't get to be President? What happens is that the individual states have a minimum of 3 electoral votes while some states that have huge populations like CA, TX, have much large electoral votes. But, their electoral votes cannot counteract the plurality of the states with the smaller populations. Because of space the reality of putting everyone to sleep, I cannot say more other than to suggest that anyone having an interest in this post go over to Wikipedia and actually read the article on the Electoral College.
  11. That plus the fact that virtually all the news outlets have reported at least for the last several years and have intensified since Trump won that the country is more divided now than the civil war of 1860. For some strange reason, they keep saying that...