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  1. Full on PANIC in the markets

    Okay, no collapse. Doom off, everyone back to talking about flat earth and memos and how we're about to goto war with NK at any moment.
  2. Full on PANIC in the markets

    I think you mean 300,000 lol.
  3. Full on PANIC in the markets

    Take a look at @Cryptic Mole's post above. Everyone thought 1987 was the end of the world too. There's nothing to see here.
  4. Full on PANIC in the markets

    We've seen this before already...August 2015 anyone? Get back to me 6 months from now when this is still going on, then I'll pay attention.
  5. THIS IS IT!

    Does he have insider info? Or is he just talking out of his @ss?
  6. I can hear Schlomo in the background already..."SHUT IT DOWN!"
  7. As the old saying goes, "I'll believe it when I see it" Too many times have we heard the end is nigh, only to be proven wrong time and time again. Everybody thought August 2015 was the big crash, that turned out to be a fizzle. Get back to me when this goes on for 6 or 12 months straight.
  8. I hate the postal service. Screw them.
  9. (((Wall Street Bankers))) Every, single, time.
  10. Who cares what Faceberg does.