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  1. Smells like BS to me.
  2. I don't believe in that bs article. More red meat is bad for you cr@p.
  3. None of your USGS links work.
  4. Did anybody hear about the new lawsuit that's being filed against Trump? Any comments?
  5. I remember you saying a while back ago that Trump would win the election, but would never become President and that Hillary would instead. Yeah...
  6. First Iraq, now this? How long will it be before the MSM realizes that they were totally f^cked with and completely pull the story and pretend it never happened? This is absolutely embarrassing. This is our so called intelligence community? And these people our responsible for briefing our President on domestic and world events? Terrifying...
  7. How do you imbed YouTube videos in a post?
  8. Hahaha, you've got to be kidding me... https://youtu.be/HSTneJ4OTqw
  9. The ship is sailed already. The electors meet in less than a week. The time for these shenanigans has well passed. Sure they could still try something, but it's far too late in the game in my opinion.
  10. Stone is nothing but a peddler of fiction, a total con man.
  11. I just checked ATS not long ago. That place is an absolute joke now. The whole place has turned into an anti Trump forum.
  12. No, Stone is just trying to cover his ass and save face because he's once again wrong about this like he's been about everything else. Why you guys continue to post his cr@p here is anyone's guess.
  13. Hey, Jim says he has all the links! Kinda like Alex Jones, we have the documents! What a con man.