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  1. Sater Einsparm

    Building 7 Fully Debunked

    You will when your internet boyfriend is arrested when I contact the Britbong cops and tell them he is operating an antiSemitic hate site!
  2. Sater Einsparm

    Building 7 Fully Debunked

    Link me to that comment. I wish to see.
  3. Do you know how offensive that T-word is? You censor and accuse me of hate for mocking the Fakestinians and yet you feel free to mock transpersons.
  4. Sater Einsparm

    Building 7 Fully Debunked

    What AC thread? Show me that or I will say this is slander!
  5. That's just the chocolate and bourbon.
  6. Can we...cuddle with our shirts off?
  7. Sater Einsparm

    Putin : Listen To Us Now

    And people call me crazy when I say we need to hit Russia hard and fast, with everything we have before they can do it to us.
  8. I think transhumanism is our future and we should embrace rather than resist it.
  9. Sater Einsparm

    Building 7 Fully Debunked

    Except...the conspiracy videos always leave out the beginning of the collapse which clearly demonstrates the penthouse falling inwards several seconds before the entire building came down. If Building 7 were taken down by controlled demolition, the penthouse would NOT be the first part to collapse.
  10. Sater Einsparm

    Welcome The Month Of March

    Maybe this spring, Trump will finally do something about that russian mob boss and take them all out in a preemptive strike.
  11. Sater Einsparm

    Building 7 Fully Debunked

    Other place?
  12. Yes plz. I bet you hug so good
  13. I am feeling very triggered right now.
  14. Jerusalem has been the capital of the Jewish people for three thousand years.
  15. Yes and the international community agrees with me.

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