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  1. I try not too for the safety of OTHERS.
  2. BacktotheShadows

    I want to Rant!!!!

    You played your cards right on that one....Mr. Phxsparks
  3. So quitie tryng to make people get on your side and state your facts on the matter Mr. Romer. 1st Question: Did he intentionally attempt to grop her in anyway? 2. If so distraught why did she continue prodcast? 3. Was iit not until someone says she had been sexually assaulted that she made a case? Your witness Mr. Roamer....
  4. Was a movie quote from Rambo.......It was meant to be funny.
  5. BacktotheShadows

    I want to Rant!!!!

    Religon. Why does region have so much to do with MONEY? I believe in God. We didn't get here without a superior being. But really 10% of your earnings a week? No where in the bible does it mention that. Religion is the greatest scam ever pulled on mankind. You don't need to go to church to believe in God, believing in God is more than going to church on Sundays and forgetting about the rest Mon-Sat......But which faith is right? Which is wrong? I been to many places in this world, that have made me realize that religion put's us against each other, it does not bring us closer, it divides us. One law....One law only....God exists.
  6. BacktotheShadows

    I want to Rant!!!!

    I have been thinking....what if the truth has always been within, but because we are brainwashed the person with the truth never realizes it? What if that person is you? You hold the truth...The truth to everything....The keys to another world....are you willing to open within and take those keys out to gain the knowledge of the TRUTH? We quest for the truth, but when we find the truth, we shove it into the backs of our minds. We sometimes can control what is inside us, but sometime you cannot. We must gain the knowledge through helping one another to find the ability to unlock that key. To unlock the truths. God Bless...
  7. BacktotheShadows

    WAKE UP COP>>>>

    The truth will always lay within!
  8. BacktotheShadows

    Heads up Price of Gold and Silver

    Thank you.
  9. BacktotheShadows

    NASA unveils stunning 'blue dune' image seen on Mars

    One must think outside the box. Think within. Do you believe with all of these solar systems there is not a Goldie locks planet other than our own? There is other life out there, however if you think about it, maybe they have the same technology we have, so if we can't reach them, how are they going to reach us? Snide comments are not welcome on my threads by the way.
  10. I divert nothing. I see what I see and call it how I call it. You want to call that sexual assault then that is on you. However being on a crisis intervention program for 3 years, I know what sexual assault is, and look like. Also how you call something certainly matters, there are different charges, different penalties (misdemeanor, felony) that go along with wording. I understand you support woman, so do I. I despise woman beaters, let alone those that rape or abuse women. However this was not sexual assault. I will debate you anytime you like.......Trying to divert....I look for debates....I don't run and HIDE like some do, when you don't agree with them. Just keep it civil, no name calling and we will be fine. Deal?
  11. The beginning is always the end. We are born dying....the beginning to the end...
  12. I thought it was sexually assaulted? Now it's down to groping? We are not talking about what happened in Cologne. We are talking NOW.....
  13. BacktotheShadows

    WAKE UP COP>>>>

    LOLOLOLOOLOOLL!!!!!!! You made me laugh with the trash day comment!!!!!!
  14. Thank you. Both at fault. But not sexual assault.
  15. Nobody is understanding the point. If we are going to allow for a woman to call this sexually assault, then what the f**k is next? You look at a woman and she can claim sexual harassment? We are allowing them to allow us to become a weaker nation. WE FALL FOR THIS BULLSHIT and everyone is missing the point.

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