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  1. BacktotheShadows

    A HUGE Stock Market Crash Is Coming

    Yes I agree. There needs to be a correction. It is over inflated. The housing market is also over inflated again. 2019 the bubble will burst. I got out when I saw the signs.
  2. BacktotheShadows

    Doom off Thread

    That is awesome!
  3. And a child shall rise and lead the adults to their deaths. ~ Me
  4. They love pushing their pills. Right now I am on over 9 different pills. Mention MJ and they give you the evil eye...
  5. BacktotheShadows

    Doom off Thread

    Would love to grow apples!! You must have a lot of land and space available.
  6. BacktotheShadows

    Doom off Thread

    Depending on if you can give them full sun, tomatoes and peppers need full sun. But they would grow nice in bottles if you give them the sun they need.
  7. BacktotheShadows

    Doom off Thread

    Update to my garden: I have 100 tomatoes and 30 peppers growing now. And one strawberry. Strawberries are not growing like they should be. Don't know why.
  8. How is it not our money if they are using the money they are getting from taxes. Please elaborate. Thank you.
  9. ohhhh....i'm telling...you sound like a racist....
  10. This shit is getting out of control. I am making a nuclear bomb. I going to start a gofundme page if you would like to donate. I have not decided the location that it will be used....maybe the letters D.C. come to mind..... And trust me , I have the know how and experience to actually accomplish this task.... By the way....I am a six pack in already......
  11. BacktotheShadows

    Breaking: Israel Strikes Syrian Forces

    Nothing special. Happens every day over there in the badlands.
  12. BacktotheShadows

    Just a reminder that the Club Veterans Outpost has been created

    Thanks Cinn!!
  13. Those updated background checks will really help! LOLOLOL!!!!!! New gun laws are not for the criminals, they are for the average citizen. When Democrats are going to get that through their head will never be known. Might as well include republicans in that mix also, since they are one and the same.
  14. So true. You don't ever hear, he sold drugs, was an addict, never supported his/her kids. The script gets old. There are already gofundme accounts created for the victims. Seems being a victim pays.