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  1. Why do we bother to keep doing this? It never improves anything.
  2. Everything he is, he owes to Flip Wilson
  3. Its funny how sticking an organ in an orifice makes crime magically worse. Someone can strangle you half to death, but that isn't as bad as having them do the equivalent of picking your nose without permission?
  4. Compound interest and an inability to understand loans and banking and taxes does wonders to equalize those of us they desire to be equalized.
  5. People who have done a lot of illegal things always seem to force their sons to be lawyers and the results can be quite sad for everyone. The kids become miserable overstressed drug addicted wife beaters, because they have no talent for law.
  6. Facebook makes sure you can always be stalked by dangerous exes.
  7. And Buckaroo Banzai is still stuck with the Monkey Boys-go team
  8. This is to help reinforce the idea that Bill is fertile and conceived Chelsea Are there any pictures of Hillary pregnant?
  9. lostlogin

    Mount Everest, the high-altitude rubbish dump

    Everest is like gang tats. If you meet someone who has climbed it you know they are a drugged out narcissistic asshole who gets high on hypoxia and does not give a f**k about anyone else.
  10. Soon people will be able to sell their kids directly to rich people for abuse without having social services as a middle man.
  11. Art burns a lot when its insured.
  12. Now they get their Charles Fort, and smoking cessation.
  13. lostlogin

    Who here really likes their In-Laws?

    So is every rich person, what is your point?
  14. lostlogin

    Tasmanian Tiger/ thylacine combined footage

    Give kangaroos time and scarcity and some of them will start eating meat.Again.
  15. I'm sorry journalists hate the public so much. It must be nice to be special.

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