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  1. This is a really far out there conspiracy theory if you understand how it works. It's not one I can just believe without seeing how it can be done. And given the number of super smart hackers out there with full access to look for security holes that haven't found anything, I'm not believing it.
  2. Unfortunately, the lunatics are running the asylum.
  3. I've always had this theory that a percentage of Parkinsons cases are side effects from Wellbutrin, which makes hands shake like the person has Parkinsons. I've seen 3 different people like this, where they couldn't even sign their name. I'm also of the theory that real Parkinsons is just another form of brain damage from environmental toxins and that prevention is the key. But they'll probably never try to figure out why it happens because that ignores all of the billions of dollars that can be made on treatments like this.
  4. I agree completely, and am glad that these same people hate Trump, but I'm skeptical that people are rooting for different garbage over the previous garbage. The enemy of my enemy could also be my enemy.
  5. I don't get why anyone ever gets mad when the government shuts down. If you didn't read or watch the news, who would notice other than the non-essential government employees? Oh and non-essential employees are known as laid off employees in every workplace that is not government.
  6. Sir

    Space X Car showing water bubbles in space

    Yeah, Teslas are built to be able to withstand the rigors of space. It's like a commercial!
  7. I think this is part of the leadup to the next false flag. They've been coming out with alien disclosure and then this. Eventually, it will be the "alien virus" that warrants massive government response. People are weary of the war on terror which doesn't reduce terror and only kills millions of people and destroys countries leading to mass migration. Let the war on alien viruses begin. It will be just as successful as the war on poverty, the war on drugs and the war on terror. But this time, the "alien virus" will be manufactured in a lab. I'm sure the vaccines are already ready as well and of course they'll "work" when they stop dumping the "alien virus" on the planet. How did I get so cynical? Ugh. Keep in mind that a healthy immune system should be able to fight anything off. It's too bad that most people have a compromised immune system though due to poor American diets, antibiotics and vaccines.
  8. It's a tough one to get people to accept. Most believe the opposite is true, that only voting can change anything.
  9. If no one voted at all, they would have a credibility problem and be forced to regain it by making some of the changes you mentioned.
  10. The problems is that the lunatics are running the asylum, not the citizens. We can talk about fixing politics and government, but what actually needs to happen is that they have to do it. I'm not going to hold my breath. And it's not like anyone but candidates of the two major parties are ever going to win anything so voting isn't the answer either.
  11. I do not understand why people get so angry at you guys. I do not understand why people get so angry at anyone for their opinion. But it's just a bunch of hate filled jerks over there with a few exceptions. I've tried to change the place a little by arguing with politeness and make people feel bad after they call me names and I point out that I have never once done that, but it lasts for about 5 seconds. But I've given up and have possibly found a new home here.
  12. Very specific restrictions like what is written in the Constitution? That's not working out so well.
  13. I am not on board with flat earth, but have an open mind about it. All of this fakery in every space video is definitely pushing me in a certain direction though. Why does it all have to be faked? Or is that the op? Has anyone seen all of the green screen screwups for supposed space station footage?

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