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  1. I believe this is when the transhumanist agenda will be implemented. They will make everyone extremely ill, destroy biological life and offer us hybrid AI bodies as a solution.
  2. IamBeall

    Ever Tried Dowsing?

    Ha! The guy in the video does look like a suicide bomber complete with dynamite vest and demo sticks! I can definitely see where some could run into problems trying this in public! My great grandfather practiced divination and was also a Baptist preacher. He used dowsing to pinpoint the location for the family well. Apparently even back then it was seen as a necessary God given skill and not some kind of witchcraft. You would think a Baptist preacher would stay far away from this stuff but again I believe he saw it as a necessary skill especially when he had to dig the well by hand. I think it has way more to do with electromagnetic forces than spiritual ones.
  3. All this will continue to build until March 24 when they will hold the March for Lives protest in DC. This little government goon is extremely polarizing. You either love him or hate him, thus he makes an ideal sacrifice for the controlling elite. I agree with those that are saying he is being set up to be knocked down. Can you imagine what would happen if he was taken out by IC goons and they created another white male patsy to take the blame? Or if some redneck just flat out caps him! It could spark nation wide riots that could potentially lead to martial law and draconian federal tyranny. Mark your calendars. 3/24/2018 3/2+4/2+0+1+8 = 3+6/11=9/11!!! The elite may very well turn this protest into another blood sacrifice that will most certainly lead to civil unrest on a unimaginable scale. Something huge is coming down the pipe and I feel it in my bones. It’s time to take the tomato plants in folks!!!
  4. I just discovered this guy and I love his message of personal responsibility and self reliance. His interview on Joe Rogan is gold.
  5. I’m convinced we live within a quantum simulation and reality is dictated by our collective consciousness. The elite understand this and know we could be free in a heartbeat and live in a vibrant, thriving society if we refused to allow hate and fear within ourselves. This is why it is so important for them to lie about everything, control the narrative, and make sure we are served a hefty dose of fear and doom on a daily basis. We are in a spiritual battle between light and dark. We are electromagnetic beings that can only be controlled if we are trapped in low vibrational energy. As more people wake up; the elite must pump more and more low energy vibrations into the collective field to keep us down. I feel like it’s about to get pretty dark, but ultimately we will raise our vibration and escape the control matrix! Godspeed my friends!!
  6. The OT is not entirely evil. It’s pretty easy to distinguish the parts influenced by Satan/Baal/Molech etc.. and those influenced by the Divine. The OT prophets can help with this and they are mainly who Jesus would cite when he referenced the OT. One of Jesus’s goals was to correct the record and highlight the Divine aspects of the OT while rebuking the insane scriptures.
  7. This video shows how certain people are susceptible to hypnosis and mind control and how it is entirely possible to program a unsuspecting assassin to kill against his or her will.
  8. Circumcising infants is a barbaric, satanic ritual and form of trauma based mind control. The origins of circumcision can be traced back to ancient Saturn worship. Saturn cut off the penis of his father and ate his children. The elite worship Saturn/Satan and this is why we see an abundance of pedo crimes among elite circles.
  9. From what I understand; We are electromagnetic beings living in a quantum simulation. Our collective consciousness manifests our collective reality and currently we are attracting a major shitstorm. We have forgotten what we came here to do and have become lost in the bogs of f**kery. I pray we soon awaken to our collective powers and create a world that doesn’t suck so much!
  10. I think we have until 2025 to sort things out. No proof, just a gut feeling.
  11. IamBeall

    The next major play is not far away?

    I think the next big one will be the Hoover Dam anti-Christ birthing ritual.
  12. IamBeall

    Posture is everything!

    Is it because when you have good posture your chakras are in alignment allowing energy to flow more freely? I find posture is important as well, but never really knew why exactly.
  13. Symbols can be used to create the fabric of artificial reality. They have a tremendous effect upon human subconscious. A symbol encoded with negative energy may appear innocent to the conscience mind, but the subconscious understands its meaning thus allowing a negative mindset to permeate which will ultimately manifest within conscience reality. We are constantly giving our energy to symbols that help power the control matrix. A good example is the hard work we put in to earn a dollar. The dollar uses the pyramid and the all seeing eye; it says,”In God we Trust” but is it referring to the Almighty & Loving Creator of All or to something else? The elite rulers of this realm have hidden our true history and have kept from us the knowledge and wisdom of our ancient ancestors. The elite understand the power of symbols and the celestial luminaries they represent. The ELite use the power of El aka Saturn to keep us locked into their control system. Saturn is a very powerful archetype that represents law and order (government), judgement, time and death. Saturnian energy is the perfect weapon for a power hungry elite class that wishes to keep the masses under their thumb and that’s why we see Saturnian symbolism all over the place. It’s on our money, government logos, buildings and monuments corporate logos, and even our religious symbols. We have been unwittingly giving our energy to Saturnian symbols and creating the black cube time matrix we find ourselves within! I believe it’s very important to understand the power of symbols if we wish to create a more pleasant, loving environment and escape the current control system. The movie clip posted in the OP does a great job of exploring this topic and it’s been said that “They Live” is closer to a documentary than a fictional film!!
  14. IamBeall

    Is Jesus Your King?

    I don’t get the 7 day week. I find time to be a flat circle and a circle has 360 degrees. Why do we use a 365 day calendar when a 360 day calendar makes so much more sense? Why do we have a day of the week for each visible planet but no day representing earth? If we added a “Gaiaday” and had 8 day weeks; we could have a three day weekend at the end of every week! We could still have 12 months of the year with approximately 30 days each with 45 weeks in a year as opposed to 52. I haven’t properly researched the topic, but I understand many ancient calendars, such as the Mayan, were based upon a 360 Day year, and isn’t the mayan calendar the most accurate method for keeping time? This method just feels more accurate to me, while the 365 day calendar seems forced and unnatural. I feel like our modern Gregorian calendar was put in place for political/religious reasons and not because it is the best way to keep track of time! What say thee??
  15. I believe we are all connected and our collective thoughts, emotions, beliefs and attitudes create our reality. Our beating hearts create a electromagnetic field that is in harmony with the resonant frequency of earth, the Schumann resonance or heartbeat of earth. We are intimately connected to each other, to nature and to our Creator. When people come together with noble intentions based upon pure love; their prayers can make miracles happen. There are among us those that dedicate their lives to growing their personal connection with the pure source of Love and Light. I believe Jesus was so in tune with the Creative Source that he was able to manipulate reality and perform miracles. Anybody ever heard of the Ringing Cedars, a collection of books written about a beautiful mystical hermit woman in the Russian wilderness? We Its the story of a woman named Anatasia whose family lived in perfect harmony with nature among the majestic cedars. Her ancestors have lived in the same part of the forest for 1,000 years. Anastasia had a strong connection with nature that allowed her to tap into the collective consciousness and remotely bless anyone on earth with loving light! She also had the ability to influence her natural surroundings and tame the wilderness of the Taiga. The books read like a fantasy novel but they are based upon the real encounter of a trader and a mysterious hermit. Fascinating read no matter what you believe. Link to pdf of 1st book http://www.rivendellvillage.org/Book_1_Anastasia.pdf

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