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  1. Aye.

    What Did You Learn Today?

    Listen here now pilgrim. I do hope to assure you I will never make judgment on any fookin fellow I have made well met. Cinn and Shep I have o idea of. In actuality I really have no wish to know them. (They know thyselves as an old Yorkie I worked with one time said.................Know thyself.)
  2. Aye.

    What Did You Learn Today?

    Not meant to be so I do assure you. I do think however this place is somewhat controlled. Shep, Cinn, I would not like to think so but then again, just who da fook knows.....Regards.
  3. Aye.

    What Did You Learn Today?

    I try not to get annoyed but really. I try to think of everyday bein a skoolday. You learn, you live you try to interpert, you move on knowing you learned something.....You try to interpt. I loved old London Town....................
  4. Aye.

    Sweetest honey i ever knew

    Off to da cot now.
  5. Aye.

    Sweetest honey i ever knew

    Hah but love is a many splendid thing..............Wish ya well with that................
  6. You may well be right as to that cretin being some sort of an amalgaman. (SP). I really have no idea as to that. I am not afraid of him though as he will one day wake ta f**k up. I would not like to be him on that day though I do assure you. In reality he is sad, part of the herd and just travelling along with the herd. I do not say this lightly or with aloof. I suppose I really weary of the long sorrow, I do weary but never try to give up hope.
  7. Governments by their very nature are a reactionary force. They really have no plan other than that which enforces or controls them. They own the power we as a populace give them.
  8. You perhaps give him credit where credit may not be well due.......... Sorry if I posted twice.
  9. Sorry there OP as I had not meant to make light of this post. He was a young man though and I do remember his talks as he told me of how they fed the Abo from the back of a Landrover with tinned food. Hopefully some on here or linked places would have the courage to say enough. I am tired with the hurt and would like to share a story as he did with me. You may think this not true but I worked with people way back in the time of the Kray. Security in Dagenam of some dog food factory. Look up jack the fookin hat reader.
  10. Pragmatic. I haz to admit. But then O'woman of how many ways foolish men love thee................
  11. This I fookin like as I was thinking this recently.
  12. I worked with a fellow one time who worked with lord vesty, Aye, no caps. He was in Oz feeding the Abo with tinned food. Really, no can opener. They used to shoot them like vermin as I was told. Not so long ago really. Liz an Phillip, aye on Jersey with Saville. Tis now and has always been rotten to the core. Say what you like about Q on other places but we live in times of awakening. We really do not have a choice.
  13. Thank ye for the laff. She also had another saying............. A child an a chicken will ever be pickin..............
  14. Good point but you have to take into account of this creating interest in what is about us. Shades of that fookin ninga from Japan. White hats, black hats. In reality we are on our own................ Well there is always some god one has to suppose..........................Fookin Aye.
  15. There was I think a passenger list. I remember reading of one man of interest, just eludes me right now.

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