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  1. Cinny. I have one specialty, interpretation of scripture. I'm obligated to the dissemination of the information, concerning the Immanence of the arrival of the Antichrist...almost 30 years of intensive research has given me, the timeline. Believe it or don't. Most of the people will welcome the false Christ, as the Savior...I know this is true, just by talking to people, on the street in the churches and schools...any where. If you don't know these things pretty damn soon...it could cost you a thousand years...love Max
  2. If this 'holier than thou' SOB, were to retire from this calling, he would be committing a greater sin than whatever y'all are thinking he already has here. You're better without me online, give y'all a chance to figure some shit out on your own...even though we both know that won't happen....Lazy. I face real obstruction all the time. Satan does not want this info out...he wants all of y'all to be unaware, distracted, unready... People here don't have anything to compare my attitude to...craziness like mine has not existed until now...ever in the world's history. But, then, the second coming of Christ has never happened before either. The old Baptist slogan... once saved always saved, has cost millions/billions of people their place in the first resurrection...through LACK OF KNOWLEDGE. It takes more than nearly all of you have ever been taught, and I know most folks just are too lazy to READ for understanding. I want y'all to get pissed. I want you to dust off those bibles and prove me wrong, how you feel about me is not important... I guarantee the church services I've disrupted lately were a lot more hostile than what I get here...I've even been escorted out by cops. What happens on one of a thousand web sites, doesn't change any thing anywhere. To me lately its like beating my head against the wall... I realize that this site is not the place for teaching...the mods here are looking more like obstruction than anything. The first part of dissemination like what I'm working on, is attacking the status quo, because the status quo is ALWAYS diametrically opposed to the dissemination of spiritual truth. Mainly because its not logical or provable. It takes discernment, and that takes FAITH. These are things that embarrass the average man...what does that tell you about our current intelligence standards? Cinnamon...leave my membership intact...I'll leave it for a while, I'll monitor ya off and on to see if any seeds are growing. Actually I enjoyed witnessing here, and the expose' of UKShep, and his intentional and inexplicable ignorance.I am impressed by your loyalty to him...i hope he does not become cumbersome, in his simple mindedness. Thanks Max. 5 months may thru Sept....you will remember...
  3. Cinny...I would imagine that Shep is just a fine gentleman
  4. Why is it defamatory? I'm giving you credit for doing exactly what you intend...entertaining and soothing. Practically devoid of any intellectual, or spiritual information.
  5. Cinny...my own goal here is at odds with Shep's... He wants to act like what's going on is "par for the course", and the best things are enjoying 'survival' and feeling good about it, no matter what kind of bad crap is happening. If he was not so " out front" with it, I probably would not even notice...but there he is...all the time, so pleasant and soothing. I've been chased out of several churches around here, for the very same reasons. I expect more push back...and I'll stay in the Cross hairs. Unlike Mr. Shep, I don't care about image or reputation...I care only about the spiritual condition of those souls yet to be warned of the coming of the "baddest dudes in the cosmos", due here before the coming of our Savior. There is nothing more important.
  6. Show me...I've put myself 'out there', been as honest as I can be about how you affect my sensibilities. You're not the only one but you are "out front" all the time...stream of consciousness kind of thing...to me its weak, and non productive. We don't have much time to get the word out, and your contributions are so generic and blasé, but so numerous, that it makes me think you're just here to distract people from thinking about what's REALLY important. Maybe the coming events are only important, to my own viewpoint...and that would OK too.
  7. Cinny...you know him...all I have is reading his purile input...
  8. Cinny...there's more at stake here than Shep's feelings...I don't need any of it to do what I'm required to...but there are a lot of folks could be reached through sites like this...and we've got an emotional cripple pending to run this whole show.
  9. Judge my ass...as far as I can tell their isn't but a couple of people posting here, that have a handle on what's going on. There's not a better way to find what I NEED to know. I don't mind if you don't like it..this ain't no popularity contest.
  10. You think we've got the time to lolli gag...?
  11. I don't need to put words in your mouth...your doing a fine job. What do you think is really going on anyway? Is this all fun and games? Is there something going on that you don't realize? Make sure you don't say anything controversial...be nice now. Don't make any waves. Pretend you've got peace, where none is apparent... You are fooling yourself, and smearing it across this website...but, you don't fool me.
  12. I'm sure that is more than mere survival. I, for one thank you.
  13. I am not judging Shep, I'm judging his approach to the problems we're up against... I'm a recruiter...looking for brave soldiers, and exposing those who don't have what it takes, in positions where they can be influential. I need REALITY, Shep is off in lala land...wanting to believe everything's gonna be alright...just like its always been...soothsayer. He says his bible is right in front of him...for what purpose? Just to be soothed? Give me a break. That's NOT real. Shep could deliver, but he's too careful about not taking a stand...doesn't wanna offend...THAT IS OFFENSIVE...in itself.

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