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  1. The Real Me

    Welcome our new moderator, BacktotheShadows!

    I'd like to be a mod. I think this place is pretty well under control though.
  2. The Real Me

    Men arrested at Starbucks speak out

    Fake as f**k.
  3. I'd believe them if I could do the same for myself, which would only be possible if the earth were flat.
  4. Enjoying the earth and nature as it is in front of you, created by God, caring not if it is round or flat.
  5. What makes no sense to me is why people pick and choose when to make the Bible literal, when clearly there are thousands of times throughout the Bible where it is not to be taken literally. Just using it to fit their own agendas I guess.
  6. But no one has seen the "ends of the earth" today.... Again
  7. The Real Me

    When you see AI on TV shows....

    This is a very interesting take on the 144,000 number
  8. The Real Me

    Pedophile Wins in Canada

  9. Isn't the US butthurt because those were the phones that didn't have the capability to spy on people? or maybe it was China was supposedly doing such
  10. Dam. That is one clogged toilet

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