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  1. They Used To Put Real Cocaine In Coke Cola Before Crack Came About, They Do It With Weed Now Most Things Are Harmless Until They Start f**kin With It. I Hear People Dying From Smoking Weed Now I'm Like It's The Extra Chemicals They Adding To It. They Made Aids In An Lab And Have The Cure For It Too But They Want You To Believe There Is No Cure. Same Scheme Different Thing.
  2. LionKing

    Hey Buddy, Can You Give Me a Hand?

    Haha That's Crazy Funny
  3. Yeah I'm Sure They Did It On Purpose To Make It More Addictive To Make More Money, Then Used It As Population Control Like Aids, And Cocaine
  4. LionKing

    Hey Buddy, Can You Give Me a Hand?

    Rather Have An Sex Bot
  5. LionKing

    Da Plane! Da Plane! ... WTH?!?!?!

    Think That Was Done On Purpose, Free Trip To Hawaii lol
  6. France Would Not Do It Without The Aid Of The U.S. Then It's Just World War
  7. LionKing

    Peace & Love Does Not Always Mean Weak!

    I Understand Man That's All, Most Are Cowards Deep Down They Hide Behind Other Men And Weapons. They Look At Me Because I'm Small And Preach Peace And Love And Think I'm Weak. They Have No Idea Talk About Bad Boy I'm The Baddest That Ever Walked Earth. The Idea Of What's An Man Is Tainted. The Only Thing An Real Man Is Concerned About Is Taking Care Of His Family, He's An Provider, Protector. He Don't Have To Be Tough Or An Bad Boy He's An Man And An Man Is Gonna Protect His Own.
  8. LionKing

    Peace & Love Does Not Always Mean Weak!

    I Don't Get It Myself, I'm Roasting All The So Call Bad Boys Today, Watch They Be The Only Ones Hugged Up On Some Sucker For Love Thug Shit, But Be The First To Call You Weak Or Lame. When I Got On My Peace And Love Mode They Tried To Make Fun Of Me Where I Grew Up At, Talking About I'm Singing Love Song's. I Swear These So Called Bad Boys Got More Love In They Heart Then I Do More Into Their Feelings Than I Am. I'm Laughing At All They Ass, Cause I Walk Around With The Lion Heart
  9. LionKing

    It's valentines day for me and soon for you!

    Happy Valentine's Day Sweet Heart. Sorry I Do Try To Love And Show Love Really I Do.
  10. I Personally Think You Should, The World Needs To Be Taught An Lesson
  11. LionKing

    I'm a magnet for evil!

    Satan Goes After The Weaker Part Of The Man Which Is The Woman, His First Trick Will Be His Last. The Last Man Standing And The Last Woman Standing Will Be The Corner Stone To The Kingdom Of God.
  12. Really Doesn't Matter Them Dudes And Their Girls Are The Joke Of Humanity They Been That Way And They Will Always Be. I'm Gone Do What White People Been Doing The Last 200 Years, Use They Ass To Make My Nation \ Kingdom The Most Powerful On Earth. Your Welcome Wish I Could Have Done More
  13. Think He's Smarter Than Y'all Willing To Give Him Credit For.

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