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  1. should be fun as the car gets older and the sensors start failing.
  2. pasta, peanut butter, beans and canned fruit and vegetables??? will this come with extra monsanto? except for the beans, this is all shit food. next will be bernie style food lines.
  3. all true but on the plus side, maybe antifa will go and try to shut it down.
  4. VB17

    We Need To Take "Their" Guns

    "Peace, or I'll kill you."
  5. VB17

    The Music Topic | Post What You Like!

  6. dogs already talk, humans just need to learn the language. https://jet.com/product/On-Talking-Terms-with-Dogs-Calming-Signals/9f10ec5ccafb4528be24f7322ba7e9cf
  7. they're going to not release the tech when they find out that all dogs love Trump.
  8. reminds me of how the grateful dead were used in the same way. "guys, the natives are getting restless. go play in the park." or so legend has it...
  9. And hopefuly it means nothing to anybody else. i'm curious what places like Whole Foods will do if this is enforced. in the past they got scared out of selling ear candles.
  10. i'm not doubting they happened twice. just pointing out an inconsistency. i can be a stickler like that. cheers.
  11. the first video says it was published on the 16'th. how does that work? didn't check the 2'nd vid yet.

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