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  1. And in other news...they say DT's goose is cooked..
  2. Do you honestly think that *&^%$ will still be around come 2020? I seriously doubt it as "it" is already close to being committed to an asylum! She's as mad as a hatter, and that's no maybe!
  3. #CNN - Kellyanne Conway

    What I like is that she is devoid of silly emotions and systematically chops the tree down with factual and specific truths about the situation and hidden agenda of the MSM. Well done.
  4. #CNN - Kellyanne Conway

    CNN, consider yourself slapped ..
  5. What makes people so desperate that they are willing to endure this and even face death?
  6. South Africa Inner Earth

    But we have other things too.."There were giants on earth"
  7. South Africa Inner Earth

    Been there a few times. However those are not the only famous caves in South Africa, but they are truly magnificent and video does not really do them justice. You need to feel, smell and hear inside the earth.
  8. https://twitter.com/JulianAssange/status/888800868191141889 How come Twitter no longer embeds?
  9. Clearly the bell tolls for England - the once mighty British Empire is now defeated by the fools from within... https://twitter.com/davidkurten/status/887685851504836608 http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/756360/islamic-call-to-prayer-historic-british-gloucester-cathedral-outrage
  10. Blood transfusions for the correct reasons may not be too detrimental (love the word - detri-mental) to the human psyche but when these are frequently done for the vile belief that it aids in regenerating old cells it comes at a price. Almost all of these "elitists" who practice this vile belief are slowly but surely going mental - although not soon enough. The medical science is not too verbal on the consequential damage which this vile belief brings about. It is however quite clear if you look at the degeneration of rational thought quite evident in the mannerisms and paranoia of the vile practitioners. When humans start fvcking with the DNA composition which make them what they are, they're sure to pay a very heavy price. EDIT: A very good example is Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe who visits Singapore on a regular basis for this treatment - the bugger is as mad as a hatter.
  11. Interesting piece on BBC - I hope the Queen - who loves Jacob too much - watched http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0594x6c
  12. Talk about priorities. Sometimes I wonder how some of these fvckers sleep at night. This is for the assholes who stall with their equipment..
  13. I suspect that much of the guys erratic behaviour and random acts of stupidity could well have been as a result of this tumor. Something like that evidently causes a change in personality in most cases. But, who knows what goes on in the mind of another human anyway..
  14. Makes you think that True Detective 2 is much closer to the truth than we suspected.. I was not caught - Though many tried - I live among you - Well disguised
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