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  1. But hows the deliberate intro in this live broadcast? Just listen to the first few seconds when the asshole deliberately changes inauguration to assasination..
  2. When it snows in one of the world's hottest deserts ,then you must know global warming is at its peak..
  3. Africa is a weird but wonderful place! http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=0aa_1319664670
  4. Tehran - Dozens of firefighters were feared trapped under the rubble after Iran's oldest high-rise, the 15-storey Plasco building in downtown Tehran, collapsed live on TV on Thursday following a fire. State television said 200 firefighters had been called to the scene and 38 had already been injured battling the blaze before it fell. The building, dating from the early 1960s and including a shopping centre and clothing workshops, had been evacuated after the fire broke out early on Thursday. But state television said "tens" of firefighters may have been inside when it collapsed. Dramatic images showed flames pouring out of the top floors before it crumbled to the ground. "We had repeatedly warned the building managers about the lack of safety of the building," fire brigade spokesman Jalal Malekias said, adding that it lacked fire extinguishers. "Even in the stairwells, a lot of clothing is stored and this is against safety standards. The managers didn't pay attention to the warnings," he said. http://www.news24.com/World/News/watch-dozens-of-iran-firefighters-feared-trapped-in-building-collapse-20170119
  5. Facebook started off as a great idea. I do not have a FB profile though. It is the most invasive, badly written, user-unfriendly piece of shitty advertising page(s) with a small area for text - which quickly dissolves into oblivion. But, the owners have the right credentials and the correct connections thus the monies keep flowing as the sheeple do the clicbait dance. https://media.giphy.com/media/l0MYDGA3Du1hBR4xG/giphy.gif
  6. I don't think it will be easy. They have "friends" in very high places and certain legislation was passed to protect them.
  7. Is it just me or do half those respondents seem pissed or stoned - or maybe just plain fvcking stupid?
  8. For me, whether they went there or not is not really the issue. I simply cannot fathom why it is necessary to spend billions of dollars to go to a place you cannot use effectively to feed an ever increasing world population. There are Vets and other people starving because "there is no budget" they say. For me the priorities of governments are all fvcked-up and much money is wasted on egotistical "trips" and obfuscation to hide God knows what from humanity. I think these guys are way ahead of America in any event!
  9. The initiators of this hair-brained idea should be forced to have parental permission to cash their salaries and if no parent is available they go without.. Simply ridiculous as it will inevitably be in all the newspapers and on every real and fake news channel across the width and breadth of America.. just an attempt (a feeble one at that) at obfuscation..
  10. Julian Asange is as authentic as the statistical proof Al Gore uses to prove global warming is gonna kill us all in a few years..
  11. Jip, mixing shit with ice cream again.. it does nothing to the shit but fvcks-up the ice cream all together. Don't change a situation, simply encourage people to like the current situation, then sit back and admire the miracle you created - that is their strategy!
  12. I could never understand nor accept that these fvckers who have never done one day' honest work, are able to "know" what the so called middle-class crisis is! These buggers sit there with serious fces talking about fighting corruption, bla, bla; yet they them selves are a very glaring example of corruption . This old cow was receiving back-hands like it's nobody's business, yet she can point fingers? Should have faced a firing squad long ago..
  13. All that favourable legislation may just be something the new administration should look at, with a fine-tooth comb. I see they are now spooking the Africans as well. https://www.grain.org/bulletin_board/entries/5633-tanzanian-farmers-are-facing-heavy-prison-sentences-if-they-continue-their-traditional-seed-exchange