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  1. To me it seems as if these "Pizza eaters" have deliberately and systematically infiltrated key points with people they can control or who share in their "values". These buggers seem even more devious than the characters in a 1940's Mafia movie. They need to be found and if proven guilty they need to be shot in lain view of any fool who so much thinks of abusing children and women. It sickens me that the world at large screams "human rights" when there are "humans" who perpetrate and allow such atrocities. I would even apply for the job of shooting the fvckers, it will be an honour. ((Friday rant over))
  2. Seems harder to undo this shit than it was to "force" it upon the people..wonder who benefits most in the end?
  3. I suppose one could logically deduce anything from anything if you really wanted. This is an assumption / opinion and not a fact. However he may be as correct as he is wrong. "Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth." -Marcus Aurelius
  4. I think initially (like almost all politicians) Trump made promises and/or statements which he now finds he cannot implement because he is not really a one-man-band. Much of what he wants to to will get blocked and watered down. I think he was so used to running the Trump empire where he could do almost anything with impunity, no collaboration, no collective bargaining etc. However, from the outside looking in (even though much is clouded and muddled-up by MS-Fake-M) he is doing a hell of a job trying to get America back on track again. Many of the smaller countries will hate him for it because by taking back what once was America's he is effectively making them poorer for it. Just an example. I have tools which my Dad bought in the 1930's "Made In America" Which has outlasted almost every other tool I bought in the 1990 - 2000's. And to top it all those tools he bought were used professionally on a daily basis. That is the pride America needs to get back. It remains my humble opinion that currently there is really not a better option for America and if he is not left to do (even half) what he was elected to do America is bust and will end up FOOBAR or FBR if you want. Anyone who disagrees can name a candidate who will be better for America, after all WTF do I know..
  5. He needs to get rid of this "analyst"
  6. http://breaking911.com/breaking-multiple-police-officers-shot-washington-d-c-report/ WASHINGTON — At least two police officers were shot in Northwest D.C. Thursday night and a suspect is dead, local media reports. The scene is in the 1400 block of Morse Street NE where helicopters were flying overhead and dozens of police units converged. Two officers were transported to a hospital in a squad car—their condition was not known but police say they were conscious. Four people were reported shot in the the southwest part of the city earlier in the evening. It was unclear if these incidents were related.
  7. Why did they not keep the old bugger there.
  8. Witches used to be burned at the stake, time to recall this effective "law". Stupid buggers, that cauldron may just explode on them..
  9. The UN is long past its sell-by date. It is a hijacked organization which has drifted very far from the original course it was set on. It is for all intent and purpose a bulldog with rubber teeth. Mexico is like my next-door neighbour wanting to change the way I pull into my driveway 'cause he no like da way I do it (sic). I cannot believe an educated grown-up person with some form of education is that stupid. How can anyone expect the toothless UN to intervene in the running of a sovereign country. That is tantamount to declaring war, which could be an interesting affair on its own..
  10. Even here we have floods.. People never learn when the water is deep across a road.. bus full of children..
  11. New invention - growing like the blazes..