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  1. Snowfall blankets all 50 states

    Damn this global warming.. But, today here by me it is 33 C...
  2. WTF is wrong with people? Makes me think of those countries (mostly in Africa) where the folk are thin as rakes and famine is taking its toll, yet the buggers manage to out breed the death rate. Surely if you are famished to the point of dying why the fvck would you be looking for something /someone to fvck as opposed to something to eat? How is it humanly possible for someone who suffers from such high malnutrition to actually produce active sperm and for a woman to conceive while her breasts resembles three week old jerky...
  3. Dow warning!

    Stock exchanges, shares and share prices have trends. If you have sufficient raw data you may find the trends if you start looking close enough. I have seen over many years that the sudden escalation is almost always a precursor to some "happening" - so it was before 9/11 as well.
  4. Dow warning!

    But then again, we don't have one-track minds. The interests among the posters is varied and rightly so.
  5. This has the potential to derail the thread - lets not answer this in a way that flames this thread into a whole religious debate - PLEASE...:
  6. You can tame a tiger, but one day the wild in the tiger will overshadow and control all the love, attention and discipline which you so carefully gave the tiger. On that day the tiger will do what tigers do and you may transubstantiate from loving tiger handler to juicy tiger snack. Developers / system architects etc is this not what AI will eventually do? There is a very thin line (membrane) between code and the actual "happening". You can play the what-if game as much as you like but somewhere somehow you get to a point where you start thinking, what if this function can change the code in a way (you can define what ever you want here) if the environment changes, like when the ambiance goes from X to Y - or when a PIR senses a human or animal - or when an infrared beam is broken then ........ If you have a db with a lot of code - instructions based on what the AI "sees" you can actually get the creation to do stuff which seems like "logic".
  7. https://twitter.com/JCos01/status/953933792422526976
  8. These are the very people that Oprah supports, they are also those who think Oprah is a goddess Just some background. An Afrikaans school where the medium for education is Afrikaans is full too the brim. The local government tries to force them to open for 55 people who cannot speak a word of Afrikaans. They want the school to change to English as the teaching language. A court case concluded that there are two other English schools with sufficient space for the 55 students who want to be taught in a foreign language. Their mother tongue is an indigenous African language. So now the community decided to kill the students and the parents... What a wonderful country South Africa is. https://twitter.com/ANN7tv/status/953594626597883904
  9. Larry Nassar

    Why does the world breed b@stards like this dirty pig. I hope ge goes to prison and....censored... https://twitter.com/SInow/status/953362225795862529
  10. I wish we could "pin" some of these Monsanto executives..literally - to a freaking tree where people could take potshots at them with GMO "enriched" tomatoes with infused rocks or something that goes bump........
  11. These "researchers" seem in cahoots with Monsatan........."If we can't get you poisoned with food we'll make another plan but depopulate we will" Is probably the thought pattern....
  12. Monsatan is a very vile bunch who somehow have an open door somewhere which is protecting them. I sometimes wonder if they are not government (or Cabal) funded as a secret weapon for depopulation. The more I read the more plausible this theory becomes.
  13. Trump aces Cognitive Assessment 30 of 30

    The contrast with which the lefties have to deal.. Barack Obama is a “closet homosexual” who has “lived his whole pathetic life as a lie” according to Sylvester Stallone, who says “I have nothing against homos, but I can’t stand liars.” “Everybody who is anybody in Chicago knows all about the real Barack Obama,” Stallone said on the set of Creed 2. “I’ve spent a lot of time in Chicago and the stories you hear about that guy – wow. It just disturbs me and concerns me that we had a liar and a fraud in control for eight years.“ Referring to President Trump’s “refreshing honesty“, Stallone said “At least we can trust the guy we have in there now. We know where we stand with him. With Obama we had a snake oil salesman, a total actor, working against our interests.”
  14. But appointing these type of judges is an issue...These types of cases / investigations will go nowhere.