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  1. Malevolent

    Spiritual Ascension....

    Who knows, the ways of providence are strange. I have not met with someone who took "flight" and returned. But, rather be prepared than rock-up at that point one day without the necessary "gear". Safe journey!
  2. Could even be an unwashed Bouvier de Flandre - see this one in the car at speed.. LOL
  3. Malevolent

    That space within!

    @Ukshep You could stretch that concept of yours and then add or have different "rooms" One where happy memories are kept and one where the sad or less happy memories are kept - etc, rooms for all kinds of things. Just like your real house you'd have rooms where visitors are allowed and rooms that remain closed for visitors. Some rooms may be accessed by close friends whom you have trust and faith in but those same rooms remain closed for the fickle friends. The room you are mentioning may even be the room where these memories, thoughts etc are washed and sorted. Look with in = sort the stuff and then have a "clean" room to present to the world. (Mine is sorted, dusted, sprayed and gets a nice spit-and-polish regularly. I look within and know my shit is sorted, my sanity prevails!
  4. Hmmmmm That's why I have a multitude of e-mail accounts. I will never use my "real" work or private e-mail on the internet. There are many places you can get free mail addresses. Pick one with a decent spam filter and that should be your "goto" e-mail address. zoho.com or mail.com are quite good.
  5. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Dd-H_zPU0AAhtlN.jpg
  6. To be fair, a president should not be engaging on social media. - just my opinion.
  7. Yes please, that'll serve them right.
  8. Malevolent

    Civil War 2.0 Triggered by Gungrabbing

    Sadly, it's exactly how it happens.
  9. Malevolent

    Civil War 2.0 Triggered by Gungrabbing

    Folks PLEASE the comments are making this tread go south. Keep it civil or I will lock the thread.
  10. How do the direct this at just certain individuals? It sounds crazy, yet the Cuban story has been proven.. Did someone perfect that Nazi weapon Hitler was building just before the end of the war?
  11. That was my answer on a different but relevant thread on Alzheimer. I leave it as is because what the good doc says is; very true and......
  12. Very true - add to that fluoride and the "special" additives we receive from Monsatan. Like I've said many times before - humans are the single biggest cause of their own demise.
  13. We have a quint little town called Carnavon.. LOL He sounds like a bit of a "I am I said" individual. Here is some info I wonder sometimes with all these early discoveries how much was made-up to justify the money spent.
  14. I'll add this here. This is exactly what Jim is talking about - the "special" justice that some folk receive.

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