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    A funny lot these Arabs... This is something many black communities either do not know or do not want to know because it'll divert the whole narrative currently being ably assisted by the very perpetrators of slavery.. Maybe it is specifically done (helping migrants et al to destabilise Europe) to take the world's attention away... https://twitter.com/PhilMphela/status/930739986353278976
  2. It's them roids that made him do it... (TIC)
  3. it's cancer......

    Wasn't me..
  4. Space Wars Are Coming

    @Ukshep No why'd you go and do that.. I have some work to do and now I'm watching SG1 videos...
  5. Space Wars Are Coming

    I beg to differ...........they are not coming, they are here.
  6. Interesting. I do not know much about these guys so I read a bit.. They have some cool ideas, but by and large the Amish (like Mormon) idea is fvcked-up. Among other stuff, this quoted piece below is quite relevant to the thread. To be fair, I do not know how one can stay in such a community. My individualistic personality and critical way of analysing stuff will have me in deep shit sooner rather than later in such a community. I do not even buy clothes at any of the clothes store chains.
  7. Space Wars Are Coming

    I wonder sometimes if NASA is not some kind of obfuscation front set-up to divert the attention from Area51 and DARPA - that is where the "action" really is. Maybe the image we have of NASA being fake is exactly what they want us to think. While we debate and research NSA and it's Tom Foolery the REAL business goes on undisturbed..
  8. Coplandia! It's here!

    You know, the more I think about it the more I think this guy has a cool idea there. We have an expanding populace all over the world. We have more freaking bottles than is good for this rock. Why not put all of this together and make good use of it. Imagine a big one of these islands where we could stick all these Antifa and make the bugger plant mangrove trees all day long..
  9. Space Wars Are Coming

    As clouded and shrouded in mystery as are the doings and the screwings of Area51
  10. An interesting read: Images and more at: https://imgur.com/a/DTeK7
  11. Slaughterbots

    Can we add the accomplices?
  12. Slaughterbots

    I have been calculating the "need" while watching the video.. I am afraid one swarm will not do. Can we start crowd funding? Crowd Fund" To make the world a better place! Amount Needed" 25 Billion.. Satisfaction guaranteed......You will never again get such an opportunity to see value-for-money!
  13. Slaughterbots

    Just one?.... I'm done sharing videos on social media ..
  14. Slaughterbots

    Just imagine how easy and cheap it will be to assassinate a president / depot / dictator - or in mass a bunch of "invaders" - Cheap and effective, until it turns on its "master"...