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  1. There are not many folk who know or understand the effort and intricacies that goes into managing a forum, even more so if you try and keep up with new and innovative functionality as is the case here. @Ukshep needs a lot of positive energy from all of us for the technical management and @Cinnamon needs the same for all her efforts in maintaining the sanitation and and sanity, while always adding new and interesting content. The dedication and love for the critical thinking community is appreciated. I am sure I can, on behalf of everyone, say a big thank you two both of you.
  2. History is just that his-story. Much of what we are fed as kids was already "adjusted", massaged, manipulated and re-formed to fit into the victor's narrative. Much of history is used as an indoctrination script to make sure the next generation tows the line. The West is taught and many examples that communism is bad and is blamed for all the ills in the world - the East to the contrary are taught that capitalism is the worst invention mankind has ever had. Same with different religions / faiths and so on. When you watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XExjrZxTdk this 6 hour documentary you realise that a hell of a lot of facts have been manipulated. Whilst the MSM will always have their own agendas, in many cases they perpetrate the misinformation we accept as factual history. A good example of indoctrination is the very recent burning off so called radical books by Amazon. If these books only contain fiction in a guise, why the hell is it necessary to ban them from interested people? History teaches us a lot, but we very seldom heed those lessons. History in its "accepted" form should mostly be taken with a dash of salt and a lot of lemon! (You may even add your own "flavouring" to the mix - I like the one made by illegal aliens in their own country.. LOL)
  3. There's many a speculation regarding these magical animals. How is it that they died so suddenly that some have been preserved with freshly (no longer) eaten food in their skeletons? How can footprints be so perfectly "preserved" ? For me the most plausible is a polar-shift which caught these Pleistocene animals totally off guard. Either that or second place a massive meteorite. However then the death would have been prolonged if not a direct hit - else if direct hit then there'd be no intact skeleton or footprints. A case in point is THIS - And, if THIS - happens we may even see a real live copy of Jurassic Park - who knows! ****************************************************************************************************************************************** That is, if politicians and their propaganda machines (MSM) do not totally screw-up this rock before then.
  4. TECUMSEH, Okla. (AP) -- A 22-year-old police officer has died after a shootout with a man who fled a traffic stop in central Oklahoma, police said Monday. Officer Justin Terney died Monday morning after undergoing surgery overnight, Tecumseh Assistant Police Chief J.R. Kidney said. The suspect was also shot and was in intensive care Monday morning, Kidney said. According to police, Terney pulled over a vehicle about 11:30 p.m. Sunday in Tecumseh, 35 miles southeast of Oklahoma City. Kidney said the man ran away as Terney checked with dispatchers to see if he had any outstanding warrants. Terney used a stun gun on the man but it was ineffective, Kidney said. The man then shot at Terney, who returned fire. Both men were wounded and taken to OU Medical Center.
  5. Some advice for those who just watch things / life go by..
  6. Civilization? Look at this lot - civilization has passed them by for sure..
  7. Clinching proof that Bert and Ernie are gay. People have speculated for a long time, but the truth finally comes out.
  8. Those are the gullible people they target. And who in his right mind installs Norton anyway..
  9. With all the efforts by the authorities, it's actually a wonder there are so little abnormalities. Almost all grain and veggies are "infected" with Monsanto pesticides. What kills an insect will eventually kill a human. Most of the meat we consume is full of growth hormones and antibiotics which the cattle are fed to grow and remain healthy. All chicken is pumped full of saline and hygiene is lacking - much of it is full of salmonella. Water treatment is done with chemicals that are detrimental to human health. It is then further "treated" by pouring copious amounts of floride into it. All the while the air is contaminated with chem-trails. Doctors prescribe chemical concoctions for almost all or any ailment. Children are subjected to poorly tested (or is that the intent) vaccines. And, as if all of that is not enough This is exacerbating by the day
  10. We have a lot of unsolicited phone marketing here. I sometimes feel like some fun. Once they have told their "marketing" story I say "Yes, I cut off both his hands.....there's a lot of blood...I'm confused... Please phone the police urgently.. he's probably already dead.." All this while heavily breathing into the phone and then I hang up. I have had police phone me and then simply in a very educated voice explain that the person who phoned them must be a prankster because I never had any call.
  11. Those "threats" are self generated in order to get mileage out of the "crisis" that is created by the Trump camp. This trick is as old as the concept of politics yet it still fools all the gullible people who climb on the bandwagon and ride the wave of deceit!
  12. LOL - well done - I have used this guy's technique a few times and it does give one a lot of satisfaction feeding these fvckers their own medicine, mostly because they are gullible thinking they have you in their web.
  13. 3 Elites Arrested, 2 More Tagged For Arrest
  14. Just as a matter of interest for some who read here and are unaware of the origin of "conspiracy theorist" - Whilst I still think that 99% of the members who contribute here are not conspiracy theorists but are in effect critical thinkers who are intelligent enough to challenge the status quo and not always simply believe what is pumped into the "atmosphere". For the most I am quite aware that almost all "information" is in some way manipulated, massaged, bent or "edited" to suit some form of agenda. MSM is simply a vessel that is used to distort the truth in a way that suits the agenda of the sponsors and owners of such media house.