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  1. spOOkyse7en

    DB Cooper Found, New Book Proves It

    Finally not something political. Thank you! Seems like we have a confession here. Need to research more but would be cool if this mystery is solved. The one I really want solved is the Zodiac. .
  2. spOOkyse7en

    Trump is Finished

    I concur, I am getting a definite LOP troll feeling from a number of posters here recently. Not liking it at all.
  3. There is one word for people like this. Pigs. Actual pigs have more redeeming value than this example of human scum.
  4. Myself and my family will not be watching. 4 viewers lost right there. A lot of my friends will not be watching either but not all of them. But yeah, NFL to me is dead.
  5. Agreed. It was a trip watching that happen.
  6. That's exact;y right. Precisely how simple things are.
  7. Disturbed actually deleted all the posts from the last few years saying he could not afford to host them. I am not joking. That was the reason. Then he let his communist donors run rampant.
  8. So what actually happened over there at LOP exactly? I left about three weeks ago and will not go back no matter how curious I am. That forum became downright mental poison in the last few months I was there and I was on the site from the beginning. I warned that Disturbed guy how he was letting the forum self destruct and how to fix it. Of course he did not listen. Super happy he didn't and I found this much better forum of discussion. Funny how I can read about interesting subjects here and go to bed without feeling dirty from sifting through dozens of hate filled posts. Breath of fresh air I tell you!
  9. spOOkyse7en

    GuLP unbanned

    I bailed on LOP almost two weeks ago and have been feeling more positive by the day. That place is utter poison at this point in my opinion. This forum is such a refreshing change. So far I am very impressed on how this site is run. Cheers to the folks maintaining this board! Never going back to that awful place.
  10. spOOkyse7en

    GuLP unbanned

    I feel the same about Lunatic Outpost. I gave it up about a week ago and found this place. I really like it here so far. GLP and LOP have become unbearable to me for a number of reasons. Feels much after leaving.Will not be going back ever.

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