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  1. They're not as stupid as Americans who give their little bastards citizenship because they are born here or easy to get loans for businesses that native citizens can't get! You can thank traitors like Teddy Kennedy and a certain (((evil Tribe))) for the chain immigration BS!
  2. They don't have to pay income tax for seven years and then after seven they sell the business to a relative for a dollar and get another seven years. The banks see the newly arrived foreigners as good credit risks. They have clean slates. Buying a business, like a hotel, gets them an Investors Visa, which will more quickly lead to a green card and then citizenship. Investors visas are super easy to get as long as you find some sort of financing. I would guess the hotel franchise companies (at least sometimes) provide financing for them. If not some (((legal service))) that specializes in that kind of thing. Owning a small hotel requires crappy hours at reception, hard work, such as cleaning rooms, working in the kitchen etc., and perhaps is not all that profitable. Small hotels simply don’t produce enough revenue to afford full time staff. The Indian often have many children and/or relatives that work cheap and have few needs. Not to mention the student visa dots who work dirt cheap, too.
  3. Megaton Jim

    ITV This Morning, turmeric cured cancer

    I was reading an article earlier in the week about honey, tumeric and fresh black pepper taken together are very powerful in healing.
  4. Megaton Jim

    Seattle imposes sin tax on soda...

    Sounds like they're talking about "food deserts," which of course (((they))) say is racist in heavily ghetto-ed cities like Detroit. But the truth is, most grocery stores operate on a thin profit margin. When you have ghetto thugs thieving it out of existence and they close, it isn't racism, it's economic reality!
  5. The fat prick should have sat on the guy!
  6. A lot of those Stop and Robs are owned by Indians because they pool their money and get lots of cheap loans and grants from the government--that white citizens can't get. Then they hire dot head students who are in the USA with student visas. They work cheap and pay cash and don't have the overhead. Indians are even cheaper than (((You-Know-Who)))!!!
  7. Pocahantas heap angry at fat, ugly Negro dyke!
  8. Chelsea doesn't have to join the Church of Satan. Hillary IS the devil!
  9. Little by little, boiling frog style.

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