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  1. Lifeline

    Not an Average Punch-Drunk Fighter

    Most fighters aren't punch drunk. You've probably had conversations with guys who have had 20-100 amateur boxing matches in their life and never known. It's far more difficult to talk to a former football player, their brain injuries are, generally, far worse.
  2. The enemy of the agenda is one or anything that does not fit the narrative. If a leftist issue is disputed with facts then kill the fact purveyors. During the revolution in China, they killed thousands of college professors and intellectuals. Anyone that disputed Mao or Maoism.
  3. By the way, it was a tit grope. I am not sure of his intent there, but his hand was on the tit. No doubt.
  4. Really don't share this often, but it's not as if it's a secret. I was raped by someone tangential to my family in the 80s. The dude is dead and has been for years. The guy raped his own son. He was a sick f**k. That said, I've long ago dealt with that horrible memory. Although I do still have issues with peoples' treatment of children and can be a little overly sensitive to people spanking their kids in public. And my pervert radar is set to doppler, sonar, and sci-fi long-range sensor levels. So, I'm really sensitive to the treatment of women and children in rape cases. Men, too, guys do get raped, and not just in prison. All that said, I watched this video several times. I was cool with the peck on the cheek, not so much with the tit grope. I'm not certain if it was intended or incidental, but it's just not cool to get handsy with strangers. If it was my wife or girlfriend, he'd suck his food through a straw for a few weeks.
  5. I hear the same thing from my friends who are peace officers. And I've bore witness to some of the psych profiles making into some of the more rigorously vetted EMS and Fire Departments in our state. It's not good. Lots of drug abusers, people with violence issues, and people who, just to be frank, fit the profile of sociopaths.
  6. Any reasonable person would return fire in defense. I had an episode in the front yard of my farm a few years ago. The guy had on a leather vest and had a pistol concealed underneath. I drew on him because he walked toward me after I told him to leave. If I'd have seen the butt of the pistol. I'd have double tapped his ass, two to the sternum. That incident is a legally documented episode. This guy had just burglarized another residence and was wanted in connection with a homicide in Missouri. His cohort told the SO, " I didn't even see the guy draw, one second he was hands at his sides and next second he's got a gun in my buddy's face. I got no idea where the kid (referring to my son armed with a Savage 20 Gauge) came from." That is in the police report.
  7. You can observe other galaxies with a telescope. With your own two eyes. While I agree, there is a cult around science. There are some immutable facts of science. Foremost, we are on a round ball of mud hurtling through space.
  8. Prophecy? Vague, non-committal statements made by loons. Is there a chance of a significant geological event in the next five years? It's a guarantee. Because it happens all the time. Does anyone remember, in our recent lifetime, 200K people were wiped out in a tsunami? 200K lives blinked out of existence.
  9. Actually, I'm one of the few people who think it is less of a government psy-0p and more of a vehicle to create this Alt-Right sort of movement to get their "ideal" candidate in the White House. See, the Lucas guy everyone thinks was USAF Intelligence is not, I repeat not, the guy from the Air Force. They are two separate guys. I found this out from the core of GLP. In fact, the admins over there promoted this idea to drive traffic. It's all linked back to Bullshido and the old owner of that site. Check into, dig deep and you'll find out this was a vehicle to manipulate right-leaning voters.
  10. Oh no. We are on the same page. It's become a sort of mind f**k to hear my wife's tales from work. I haven't been in EMS-Fire for about a decade. And, once upon a time, I worked as a paramedic in a Trauma Center, it has changed so much I could not work in the field if I wanted to. The political correctness has become absurd. For example, black families are allowed to basically destroy the hospital if a family member dies. It's just accepted behavior.
  11. Anyone else getting a tad bit of schadenfreude watching GLP implode?
  12. That's f**king absurd. Everyone that has a Subway isn't approving of Jared being a pedophile. It's a little different but in the same vein of reasoning. Soledad O' Brien is a joke. No one finds her credible, or interesting. Another ethnic hack that did some front of the trouser tailoring to get where she is. The media is done.
  13. Lifeline


    My cousin, who I have previously stated is also a notable actor, auditioned with him in the mid-90s. He said, "he's an insufferable prick." Those are my cousin's words, not mine. He said DeNiro is condescending to the crew, to other actors, to fans, to just about anyone he meets! My cousin's a pretty chill guy, does a lot of Wounded Warrior work and so forth. Because of my family and my job, I've met a butt load of celebrities. I have been a set medic and escorted numerous celebrities performing executive protection duties. In my summation, about 50% are just cool as hell. My favorite, Adam West, he was a hoot! I first met him at a comic book convention. I had on a paramedic t-shirt. He told a fan, "Now there is a real hero." This was about six months after 9/11. A year later I drove him from the airport at the same convention and we talked for a good hour after I escorted him into the comic book convention. I sat with him all day while he signed autographs. We both enjoy cross-country skiing so we chatted the entire time. Very gracious. Biggest dick, Phil Collins or Larry Fishburne. Met Collins backstage at a concert where I was security, total prick. Fishburne at Tuskegee Airmen, I was on ambulance standby and my buddy, Dave, was a sound intern on the set. Fishburne is a racist prick. John Lithgow was another cool dude.
  14. Lifeline

    Man I am nervous about starting this new job tomorrow.

    Deep breath. My first week as a paramedic with my own truck, I ran a four-car injury accident with children. Kids were fine, their aunt, not so much. Killed the driver of the other vehicle who was intoxicated. He was at fault. Cars three and four had no significant injuries. If a guy like me can get through a day like that, you, my friend, will be just fine. Chin up, stand straight, show 'em what you got.
  15. Lifeline

    The Music Topic | Post What You Like!

    I have always thought the lead was hot!

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