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  1. You think you actually had a choice? funny.
  2. I keep forgetting what year they push it towards. I have seen all of them. I guess it is just the "future". I looked into the years. here are a few links. Basically all are the same. pushing the narrative of "global warming" to further the NWO. same stuff, different day. https://grist.org/politics/agenda-21-everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-secret-u-n-plot-in-one-comic/ (2021) Sustainable development, global bullshart) https://www.futureagenda.org/news/the-world-in-2025 (2025) (not buying the book, but same shit as always) https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/post2015/transformingourworld (2030) (NWO, Global warming, sustainable development)
  3. love>fear

    WATCH: Armed Robber Point a Gun at a Cowboy!

    should have shot him in the head and saved all of us some tax $
  4. All going as planned! Good luck everyone out there. Save water and food and air if you can...haha. I forgot what report I read a while ago (years) but went sometime like this: said in the future there will be no national or states govs. People will have moved all into mega cities (10 million plus) and the massive city/states as they are will dictate their on law. I am sure it is part of the 2021/2025 agenda
  5. love>fear

    Bill Cosby Guilty On All Counts!

    I really question/wonder what is going down in hollywood. Not sure what to believe. I guess the CIA did there jobs. Are they trying to bring down a famous black man that stood for decent human values in his Hollywood career?... Not sure. It would be easy enough to do if they wanted. Get some whores to talk some shit as Cosby is on his deathbed and cannot defend himself... Or has the industry been so overlooked that we the people just didn't see it through the glitter and fame. Look at what they have lied/hidden/mislead in the land of hollyweird... Too many examples. Tom cruise/Travolt/Scientology. (recent to name a few)... underground pedo rings, human sacrifice, child slavery. Look into woody allen and old hollywood. sick stuff my friends. Check into name changes and who marries who, where the children go and who gets the roles and becomes famous. It is a sick world we live in and is getting worse.
  6. love>fear


    All redacted, and edited. Remember divide and conquer. CIA an FBI had it right (90% fiction and about 10% truth more believable). Release a little info to divide the people against each other and sit back and watch the chaos. Everything that happens is planned. Just watch the news: planed programs and agendas nothing but talking heads (actors). You think the IMF (created 1945), bliderberg group (created 1954) and other major players meet once a year to discuss agendas for nothing. They have been planning this stuff for generations WW1, WW2... People are just too distracted these days to pay any attention and TPTB know it. Busy looking at screens (as I am now), smart phones, TV, radio, distractions, chaos... Stop buying into the system, everything good in this world is from the good Lord, Jesus Christ. If you don't believe, I am sorry. Why would TPTB try and keep us from this truth if it was not real?
  7. Absolutely. Sorry, for any disrespect there might have been. I respect our military forces, it is not the people I have an issue with...just the multinational corps that feed off the people and use them as sheep. I have a lot of family that is in the armed services, they are not uneducated either, actually they are on the other end of the spectrum, higher up and very well educated. I guess I was speaking of general recruitment and the falling standards of our armed forces and the new age of our military. Again my apologies to anyone in the military, not meant to condensed. I almost joined, talked out of it by my family in the military.
  8. armed forces are for the uneducated and poor. Does it surprise you that it is filled with minorities and poor? They target theses demographics extensively, is anyone astonished? You just have to look at the enlistment standards to see that we are a failing nation full of f**king idiots. Does anyone think AL Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have the best interest of their people in mind, they are paid shills. Drug dealers and government hacks. They have brought more harm to their community than good.
  9. always interesting. Teaching down, making people smart enough to do their job, but not smart enough to think. Teach students to use a phone and calculator is all you have to do today.....f**king idiots teaching them how to pass a basic test. I went to H.S. for 3 years in AZ, higher end school, lower student count. Holy shit! POS. My experience, Not joking at all. Math teachers could not teach math. 1 example from book...work together, open book tests. Fyi, I got college credits for several math courses like this, just had to pay a few hundred for community college dual enrollment (Algebra 2, trig, AP calc). Never had to do a real math course in college except for 1, and it was a joke prereq course. Spanish teacher from Mexico, that could not speak/write English or SPANISH (WTF). Science teachers that were gone for the school year doing an off-site diversity program. They got paid extra for the diversity program, plus his salary as a teacher. But the school had to pay for sub the whole year and the students learned nothing. I could keep going on, but it is putting me in a rather bad mood. If any of the idiots wanted to fix the system they would do away with the UNION and go to a MERIT based pay system, like private schools. Were people can be fired and hired. Teachers, because those that cant DO, teach! Sorry to any teachers out there, I know some are great and care for their students and education. However, just my opinion/experience. I had less than 5 teachers that were amazing and really educated their students in their class subject and life. that is over 15+ years.
  10. love>fear

    The cult of ignorance

    the current public school system was setup to make you smart enough to do your job. But, not smart enough to critically think for yourself. they have to brainwash you into thinking the "right way" at an early age or they will never be able to control your: thinking, actions, reasoning... Anyone who thinks different is punished in our education system all about control over the mind. here are some links to other quotes. Education quotes from people through history: http://learningrevolution.com/page/great-educational-quotes https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/freedom-learn/201107/what-einstein-twain-forty-eight-others-said-about-school
  11. You explained it correctly the first time. I did not help with my ranting. No cause (reason) for research no money. So, they doctor #'s, data, research and present it in a time-line graph that is misrepresenting in of itself. No government $$ unless they are in the same boat as the gov, than you get your money. Hence the reason that everyone against "global warming" does not get funding. They get money to come up with shit... government grants go to like minded people. The real truth is not published, it would contradict the present "truth".
  12. If there is not a cause for their research it is no longer funded, period. I had a professor that worked on the 10,000 year study for the nuke waste site at Yucca Mountain. After all the research they scrapped the whole project.... random site quote: (lots of docs on this) EPA first established these standards in 2001, the nuclear industry, several environmental and public interest groups, and the State of Nevada challenged the standards in court. In July 2004, the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit found in favor of the Agency on all counts except one: the 10,000 year regulatory time frame. The court ruled that EPA’s 10,000-year compliance period for isolation of radioactive waste was not consistent with National Academy of Sciences (NAS) recommendations and was too short. [62][63] The NAS report had recommended standards be set for the time of peak risk, which might approach a period of one million years.[64] By limiting the compliance time to 10,000 years, EPA did not respect a statutory requirement that it develop standards consistent with NAS recommendations.[65]
  13. stop screwing with all climate for a few years and see what happens. http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org (most of it is true to my knoweldge) I know that money for "global warming" goes to UN/Nato/NWO. I wish we could protect what we have, but f**k! How do you stop the MIC.
  14. power corrupts. absolute power, corrupts absolutely. Hand him to the families. Also, I am happy to know he will burn in hell for eternity.
  15. love>fear

    Twitter meltdown over Trump And Kanye West

    surprised they have not taken Kayne into rehab like last time he started speaking truth on stage at an event (concert) 11.21.16. They got him into rehab quick after that to brainwash him again. Just did a search and can only find small portions of his meltdown. Guess I cant see the part about the government.

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