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  1. Odd statement from Bush re: Barbara

    Bushes are destined for the deep pits of hell. Good luck in the afterlife.
  2. I am sure more than 1/5 of the taxpayers $ goes to military and support for the military. We always have been and will be a war time economy. Just how the world works right now. However, do not ever try to make the EPA look good by comparison. They are as evil as everyone else....Enjoy your poisoned water, food, land, air and everything else inbetween.
  3. you can check this link for your air chemicals and particles. Also I use it for ocean temps, currents and a lot more: https://earth.nullschool.net/#current/wind/isobaric/1000hPa/orthographic=-84.93,32.29,674 Just remember we are all connected, air pollution does not care about borders. (china's garbage blows right across the Pacific and pollutes our air too.
  4. not the correct number either. good to see that most have been brainwashed by "history". check out the revised numbers by red cross back not too long after the war, will probably have to get into the banned books from WW2 area, read them.
  5. I am sure it is to get the left more votes for now, anything to get votes. Voting system is rigged anyways. But, I wonder down the line could TPTB start drafting people at age 16 and allowing them to enlist? Most likely.
  6. amazing strange phenomenon in the sky!!!!!!!!!!!!

    project blue beam...practicing more and more. wait till it is combined w/ voice of god tech... curiosity killed the cat
  7. Orange Snow?

    probably just some algae or microbes that are after the heavy metals that we spray into the air everyday for SRM. Good luck planet earth.
  8. divide and conquer. Easy to do and highly effective. Has been working for generations. I personally still see too many asleep on this issue. I see a few that know the game, but have just stayed out instead of inform. NWO, one world government, one currency they can control, one religion... they are pushing this shit everyday, every second for longer than I have been on this earth. If your not sure what they are up to, it is probably for a new world order.... End game is control and power over you, more specifically (your soul). All you have to remember is that TPTB are demonic/satanic in nature and pure evil.
  9. I think they have it all planned out, just waiting for the final pieces to be moved around and we can have another good world war or maybe they will play the alien card with project blue beam combined with the voice of god tech. That way the "winner" can reset the currencies and the "losers" end up selling their country to the winners. Already happening if you know anything about the IMF (international monetary fund). people thought the last crash was bad in 07-08. you have not seen anything. With the Q.E. and trillions printed and spent our dollar is worth only what people perceive it to be...nothing. Take a look at what has happened in Venezuela, Doctors turning to prostitutes to feed their family. Messed up world my friends. perfect example of what to expect. Just more guns and gangs here, so probably more violence, but just a guess.
  10. yes they could be hit from the ground with a solid state laser. Just need to up the power and adjust the frequency for the laser to work in that area of "space". The united states has had chemical lasers mounted in c-130's for years. They just fly around, acting as a missile defense shield... boring. Russia acting tough as Putin has an election coming up. Just remember it is all a game and the world is a stage. Enjoy the show.
  11. Youtube Glitch or Hidden Message?

    date for all videos is all 2/22/18. they like there 22's. Also, I have noticed a lot of extra info on crop loss lately. Not sure if they are going to be pushing crop loss due to "global warming" or climate change. Weather manipulation, maybe some hyper inflation on food stuffs, similar to Venezuela.... Always hard to try an pinpoint a direction.
  12. little by little. Small changes over time and no one even notices. Make people think the changes are for good, but really slowly stripping freedoms. Until there is nothing left.
  13. Alcohol apocalypse?

    All about those GMO's and don't forget the pesticides, all about the extras that they put in the food and beverage.