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  1. Chemtrails Since The New Year Began

    same thing here in AZ, all day long... everyday... I am tired of the same straight lines. If they are going to keep rubbing it in our faces at least they could make some cool art.
  2. i know many people are required/forced to get shots, all hospital staff. Including those that do business with them: techs, outside sales reps... back about a decade ago a lot of doctors and hospital staff got very angry about being forced to get a flu shot. Reasoning was that the shot that year was coming from eggs out of china.
  3. sure, it had nothing to do with several countries cracking down on bitcoin. Indonesian, south korea, china. Also, lots of other crypt $ being developed by other countries.

    ...so you saw no increase in immigration during the financial housing increase from the early 2000's to 2006-7, with no income/job verification on housing loans. You can call b.s. all you want, it makes no difference to me and what I personally experienced.
  5. 1984! We're living it!

    want to know what the world is really like... Start reading the books that have been banned post WW2, might make you rethink what happened during the "World War".

    yeah same number i have heard forever, they will never give you a real number or stat. Being in AZ we have at least that many here. I (being white) have been outnumbered for a long time. I really don't care, i would do the same and run across the border. However, I am tired of paying for everything to compensate for the illegals. It is really starting to piss me off with education (I know a lot of teachers in Phoenix, that cannot speak with their class). I have had my car broken into many times, parents and sister have been carjacked. Hit and runs... No insurance...No docs... No justice. Same BS day in day out....cheap labor....free votes.....controlled slavery
  7. green onions planted/ experiment

    I am not, but I know a lot of people that are. Getting worse all over. Last great depression 95% of people grew some of their own food if not most, now it is down to around 5%. I am still trying to get my neighbor to stop spending money spray his yard to kill "weeds", they are actually a herb if they even knew.

    there have only been 12 million illegal aliens since I have been alive (1985). Reps want cheap labor for big business and Dems want free votes. It is all a game, no one side is right or wrong (just the abuse of people). please don't blame people, we are all people wanting a better life for ourselves, family, children...whatever. I live in AZ and have competed against cheap labor since I started working at 15.
  9. green onions planted/ experiment

    I know what you mean I am in AZ now, since 2000-ish. I have seen my citrus die and the new ones didn't come back. Water restrictions make it almost impossible grow food or take care of your yard. I know most don't want to hear this but... that is exactly the point. There have been a tons of laws to restrict crop production on an individual level. I am not allowed to have a front yard garden. * Look into the soil bacteria for better nutrition to your plants and veggies. Most are lacking or are unable to absorb the proper nutrients because of the soil composition.

    for the love of pete! Do you know (TPTB) have been screwing with the immigration policies, DACA is just what the dummies know. All numbers are "real" depending on what stat you view. tired of the shit with immigration. I cant blame the people, I would do the same thing trying to come to America to get free shit. Not sure how people can say I would not do that... I blame the gov and TPTB, stop the B.S. They never will, free votes they think...just have to sacrifice safety, security, money and the people. Good Luck and God Bless out there.
  11. green onions planted/ experiment

    seems like they are might be taking a little longer than they should. Depends on the apple type and conditions of soil. We planted new apple tress in WA state on our property and it took about 3 years to get even a few apples. Damn dear ate them all once they started to come in around year 5.
  12. green onions planted/ experiment

    i used the organic ones I got from the sore. chopped and used the greens, soaked roots in water and was able to get 2 other greens to grow out before I had to plant in soil for nutrients. Only words of caution, don't use tap water, and change it often (daily) as to make sure the roots of the plants don't get mushy. Works for tons of veggies and other plants. I transplant my indoor spider plant, by doing cutting into water and planting later after roots develop. I have done that with a lot of plants, trees, scrubs... look at grafting plants online
  13. WWIII already happening?

    What do you think about when you hear WWIII, is it the sound of bombs and the smell of death? If so, you might be mistaken on what the final war is all about. I have come to believe that ww3 is not an actual physical war, at least not in the beginning. But... it is for control, but not the political or territorial control you might think about. It is for control over YOU: Mind, Heart and Soul (most important) and it had started a very long time ago. If anyone knows history they will tell you that most if not all wars have been started by TPTB in order to lead us to where we are today in time, for control over YOU! Not just physical control (think addictions), control over emotions (chemicals and food) and most important your soul (aliens, evolution, project blue beam....) Just thinking out loud. It is what I have thought for a long time. Thank you Lord for the gift of your only son, Jesus Christ. It is by God's Grace that I am truly saved.
  14. I watched Hannity and fox-news for years in high school and college. I had a different point of view on the world. I had not been down the rabbit hole far enough, didn't see how far it goes. Let me tell you, no one has found the end. If they did they committed suicide with three bullets to the chest and one to the head. Not a big fan of televised news. Only put out what they want, have an agenda and only tell part of every story. All liars as far as I am concerned. Withholding facts to distort reality is a lie. However, some are better than others. Yes I enjoy listening to hannity and some conservative news now and again, but don't be fooled...who paid their advertising? who has control over what is put out there or not... they all have been spouting garbage for years....blah blah blah.....bullshit....
  15. Google Sucks.

    don't worry, the people that are looking for this type of site will find it no matter how much google and the others shit on you. I know, I found it and several others that give me the real info.