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  1. "If that f#cking b*st*rd wins, we'll all be hanging from nooses!" Be careful what you wish for Hillary, it might just come true.
  2. Here is yet another report, from the former U.K. Ambassador to Syria: “What there was, was an ordinary bomb attack that had people streaming into the hospital with smoke inhalation problems and what happened then was that the White Helmets, that’s the jihadi medical auxiliaries, started shouting “gas,” caused panic, then everybody went into gas mode, they started with the hoses and the inhalers. Meanwhile, it was all being carefully video’ed and put out by–rich Arab country propagandists. And, there’s a distinct possibility that we have been deluded. That we’ve been suckered.” I will continue to add these reports as the truth must be made known.
  3. It certainly is more logical they suffered from asphyxiation in the underground tunnels. A lack of oxygen and the concentration of cement dust did them in.
  4. Multiple reports from investigators in Douma explain victims suffocated in underground tunnels during heavy shelling. This is much more believable than Assad poisoning his own people. Whoops, duped again! "Everybody should read this, proper journalism with proper balance and scepticism all round, and proper details of the jihadists the US and UK are supporting". https://t.co/C3a2zD0NJP — Craig Murray (@CraigMurrayOrg) April 16, 2018
  5. oldcynic

    Barbara Bush is dead at 92

    Barbara Bush:" you can criticize me, but don't criticize my children and don't criticize my daughters-in-law and don't criticize my husband, or you're dead." CNN LARRY KING LIVE Interview With Barbara Bush Aired October 22, 2003 - 21:00 ET
  6. Where there is smoke..................................................... "The US has reached out to Egypt and the Gulf States, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE. Of course, one "Middle East expert" quoted by WSJ claimed that defeating Islamic State in Syria remains a challenge, while assembling a fighting force consisting of Arab troops would face certain challenges." Similar report: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-04-17/white-house-hoping-raise-multinational-arab-fighting-force-replace-us-troops-syria
  7. Unfortunately that seems to be a humanistic trait. It's the root source of arguments, fights and wars.
  8. Ego IS our number one handicap, it begets vanity. "Ah, vanity, my favourite sin." This man is in love with himself. "Asked about this negative traits, Comey conceded that “my rap on myself is that– is that ego focus. That I– since I was a kid, I’ve had a sense of confidence. That I know I’m good at certain things. And there’s a danger that that will bleed over into pride, into not being open minded to the fact that I could be wrong and other people could have a better view of it.” http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/04/16/james-comey-ive-struggled-ego-whole-life/
  9. There's profit to be made here. Bring in Nestle. They can add another brand name to their bottled water companies. How about Nestle's "Windy City Unleaded Premium Filtered Water." Nestle's "Heavy H2O." Premium drinking water fortified with nutritious heavy elements. Or Nestle's "Got the Lead Out." Now with added fluoride. Give it a catchy name and the profits can go to repairing the infrastructure.
  10. oldcynic

    A Brief History Of A Few Things

    Bookmarked. Great reference source. Thanks!
  11. On this point however, many of us are screwed due to fluoride. It petrifies our pineal gland.
  12. IMHO, our Christ in the flesh was sent as an archetype for what our potential is in our Creator's Mind. He provided us with analogies, paradigms and goals by which we as humans should also live our lives in the flesh. That's a very difficult order, a veritable struggle, which of course, describes His life in the flesh.
  13. A real musical artist. When you listen to his songs, you can actually make out what he's saying. At least "The Heart of Rock & Roll is Still Beating." Wish you a speedy recovery Huey. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7JVlpm0eRs
  14. "How do you like your eggs?" "Got milk." How about a mushroom burger? "So next time you see a new food trending - think how millennials love avocado toast - don't assume it happened organically. Somewhere along the line, a carefully crafted marketing campaign devised by one of these government-backed groups forced its messaging into your subconscious - often without you even knowing it." https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-04-11/how-us-government-helps-determine-food-you-eat

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