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  1. What are we waiting for?

    This thread is the very best of COP. Thank you all for being here. Be blessed.
  2. What are we waiting for?

    I am really intrigued by this verse in John 12. We are all discussing how bad things are, how we struggle, cannot accept what is going on and basically angry with the way this material globe functions. According to various interpretations I read, we that struggle and feel miserable will be eternal souls. However, those of us who are enjoying all the material "stuff" here and are content with their lives, that everything is fine, will not see eternity. So, as Our Christ Jesus, we are to suffer in the flesh for our souls to live on. Guess I'd better sell my Lamborghini and my yacht and downsize my material life.
  3. This guy wins $19 million in a state lottery, gives half to his wife, then uses the rest to support a $1k per week heroin habit. After it was used (shot) up, he resorted to robbing banks. "There's a Hole in Daddy's Arm, Where All the Money Goes." http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2018/03/15/lottery-winner-bank-robber/
  4. We're all bound to be old someday. Have some respect.
  5. Oh, I see...........the same BBC that announced building 7 has collapsed........................ten minutes before it happened.
  6. Might authorities be getting close to the "ringleaders", ie Peodesta Bros et al?
  7. "Vanity, my favourite sin." Al Pacino as Satan, in "The Devil's Advocate."
  8. When my son was little, I helped him stack up old tyres, fill them with leaves and soil and mix in a bunch of seed potatoes. He'd watch that stack of tyres with utmost patience. When it was time to harvest, we'd just knock the stack over and the kids would scramble to collect all the "new" potatoes. What fun!
  9. As one of the Rockefellers said, "We've got them where we want them." So much dependency on "the man" is obviously dangerous to society as a whole. This dependency on government and public utilities is hazardous to the common person. Greed and Control. Did I mention Evil?
  10. Bittersweet inspiration. Thanks!
  11. Off-Topic Repository

    Allow me to rephrase, "No one on this planet deserves MORE love and respect than what we should be giving our Creator." After all, the Spirit of the Almighty IS in all of us. You said, "There are many but they don't last long before society destroys them." As My man Kris sings, "Reckon they'd just nail him up if He come down again."
  12. I wish I would have read this before I bloviated on the "Obama's Secret Army" subject post. Shep was getting a little hot. What does the story of MY life say to me? I fu**ed up. Plain and simple. I've wasted it, up to this point. Now I am fully aware of my selfish egotistical human nature, I will try to ignore it as best I can. I never met anyone I liked, who didn't have regrets about their past actions. Notice I said "anyone I liked."