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  1. BadBrad

    Charles Krauthammer has died

    Thank you. I was waiting to see your reaction, if any, on this thread. I think there are some grave dancers who are too gleeful with this sad news. So he was a NeoCon. That is a political ideology I can debate. A man has died who overcame a major physical accident. He excelled in his work in spite of it. I admit he accomplished more in life than I will. Much of his work was for good.
  2. This is truly amazing. So we have teachers here all pissed because they did not get everything they wanted. Many are going to run for political office at the State level. It is a part time job. If they win, are they gonna continue teaching. Hard to be in 2 places at once. They better brace themselves. It looks like there could be a vote by the people in the not too distant future to see if the crazy tax increases are valid. The wonderful teachers might see their 10% raise vanish. I know I'm tired of all these damn tax increases at every level of bloated, unaccountable government. One more thing. The idea of running off to a State university and getting a 4 year degree to be a school teacher is borderline insanity in this century. What a miserable Return On Investment. Unless they are teaching money grows on trees.
  3. I know, Teacher. I know! An international banking corporation with a known recent history of intentional money laundering for international drug cartels. There! I saved the crowd the hassle of researching the perp.
  4. " You gotta know when to hold 'em and when to fold them." A lot of emotional germs on this issue and not worth the fight for only a marginal gain.
  5. BadBrad

    Things that offend me the worst

    I could make a list of the things that offend me but my guess is not many would be interested. It is a tough world out there. My experience has taught me it is not getting any easier. Only more conflicted, more bulkanized. I suggest you put on your Big Boy Pull ups and get mentally tough. If you see pain as your constant companion (mental or physical), happiness will no longer be a goal but a by product during your brief walk in the Sun. Enjoy your journey throughout Coplandia.
  6. The grabbing problem aside, I don't even like the kiss. uck. We have no idea what that guy has been sucking on or putting in his mouth during his free time.
  7. Currency Wars are even uglier than Trade Wars. One advantage of USA inc in holding the world reserve currency was that it could off shore much of its inflation. In other words, the many nations of the planet underwrote our high and mighty lifestyle. Looks like there is a change ready to happen. Why? Because other peeps around the world don't want to do the D.C. limbo rock anymore.
  8. BadBrad

    Trump is trolling! Oh man..

    Yep, they were all against it before they were all for it.
  9. And what about your current avatar? I thought you were going to change it to reflect something more kind and loving. You could scare small children with that thing and give REMFs, like me, bad dreams.
  10. I think BacktotheShadows needs to change his avatar a couple more times this week. Something less macho. Like baby bunnies, kittens, or ducklings. Show that you are not only a tough guy but also have a sensitive side which demonstrates a caring mindset for the needs of other people.
  11. I made it to 2:15 and could not take anymore of that liberal, stupid crap. What a miserable lot in life. To be a soy boy and a SJW. Maybe he makes a ton of money being on You Tube with his 'passion'. Maybe I should make videos about being a grouchy old man.
  12. BadBrad

    Being an Uber Driver

    Uber drivers are a pain in the butt. Give someone a vehicle and a smart phone with GPS and they think they are qualified to do driving for hire. The States need to regulate them as strictly as taxi drivers ASAP. Who are these people driving? What condition are their vehicles in? Do they have proper insurance? Look at a taxi. They have a DOT number on the side. They have to be inspected and meet strict regulations. They have to have X amount of insurance.... because accidents do happen. The taxi driver must be trained, licenced (commercial/ chauffer), insured/bonded with background checks by the State. Not the Uber booger! Hell, that character meets the strict standards of being able to fog a mirror. Right out of the county jail because of a sex violation? Violent offender? Drinking and drugging problems? Oh,well. Anything to make a buck.
  13. I confess. I did not watch the 2 hour video. Therefore, I will only do the superfical notes. The denominations of the Christian Faith are all in disarry. Membership is dropping like a rock, the average age of participants is near life expectancy, and many struggle to re-invent themselves to the World. So many denominations have nothing to offer. Too timeless to die and too old to bear fruit. I understand there are some 'modern' inter denominational "super fun rock band" churches with media coverage doing very well. I have no idea what they contribute to the Kingdom of Heaven but at least their membership appears happy.
  14. Nope. I mean Greek as in Alexander and the Boys. Why do you think Greek was used as a universal language at the time of Jesus? The Mid East had plenty of culture because of invading armies over the centuries. Many people could understand Aramaic, Greek, Hebrew, and even the latest craze.....Latin. Empires come and go. When you are the land bridge for 3 continents, you are going to have a lot of unwelcome visitors. And some do not give a rat's butt what the native population think. The food article is interesting. Hard to imagine the logistical supply train with a huge army moving about back then. Even by the time of Napoleon in the 1700's AD, it was a difficult task.
  15. Could it be that non-Jews lived among the people of Israel at the time? Such people are not going to fret over the details of the Laws of Moses. I was thinking the Greeks were a pagan bunch and had no trouble with pork. My history lessons taught me the Greeks conquered the Land where Jesus walked about 200 years prior. The Greeks were not just a nice bunch of people who told mythological stories. They were cruel as well as pagan. I have no trouble believing there was a herd of pigs, maybe many herds, around the area at the time.

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