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  1. So true…so if we have WAR ..we will have no money trail and all records are destroyed…always follow the money as Jesse Venture had once said. If there is WAR, the Pyramid SCAM will still be in place…and we will be fooked.
  2. The WEASELS are out again making new LAWS…for our CONVENIENCE of coarse…or is it for our INCONVENIENCE...I have to think about that one…
  3. Simple…WWW 3 and the banksters WIN... and your lives will be a living HELL! Cheers,Uncle Hexy…now back to my BOURBON.
  4. You never complained like this 30 years ago, when you were young…no you had enjoyed it like I DID.. We are highly aware of the situation we have here. If we didn't have these BIG companies ...we wouldn't have the CULTURE that WE have enjoyed since childhood…can you IMAGINE being born into a 3rd country!!! No, it is us that have been spoiled to say the least. I feel sorry for the children who have to put up with this mess.
  5. CUB4DK

    The War has Started

    This War on our consciousness will soon be over. Uncle Hexy
  6. …Now what a FOOL believes can turn out to be TRUE
  7. I got some Entertainment for ya………….Hey…Hey... We're the MONKEYS We keep on MONKING around We're way to busy TYPING And SCREWING everybody around... Thank-you…Thank-you very much Uncle Hexy
  8. I love that song by TEAM AMERICA…..America f**k YEAH ! Uncle Hexy...
  9. Stormy Daniels, I'd give her a go…only if she asked politely and begged for it…lol Uncle Hexy...
  10. Zing ,,,what doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger…don't be afraid of your own SHADOW. Yours Truly, Dr. Cannabis Rex
  11. We LOVE to Kiss our Judges asses, enforcing corrupt FEDERAL laws…Nations of ASS KISSERS we have here! Best Regards, Dr. Cannabis Rex
  12. CUB4DK

    The War has Started

    You sound like a professor of ignorance and BULLSHIT…look closely in the mirror buddy and see yourself for who tou really are, Yours Truly uncle Hexy.
  13. If Trump is with the Vatican…he will be untouchable,no worries there. They are moving on with their plans as we sit here and watch. Way to go girl…I love snowflakes too...

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