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  1. Illusion666

    All Hell About to Break Loose on 6/11

    Yawn, nothings gonna happen. Elites are too big to fail or jail. The average person doesn't give a f**k.
  2. Police were doing this from at least 2012, and that's in Melbourne Australia. Warrantless checking of locations to solve crimes....heard this from within the Police.
  3. It's still usually warm in Australia where I'm from, the seasons are out of sync here now
  4. Illusion666

    Somebody have a look at Flight Radar here

    Qatar Airlines currently flying over North East Syria - QTR272
  5. Illusion666


    In other news, the Empire State Building has just been completed.
  6. Illusion666

    Ouija Board Experiment

    Have done a few of these myself...apart from getting movement, the thing i'll always remember most - which was out of human control - was one time I took my hand off without saying goodbye as it wasn't working. The split second I took my hand off, the glass candle holder next to me exploded. 20 mins later I rejoined and put my hand back on, and the split second my hand went back on, a second glass candle holder expolded into pieces. Doubt it was coincidence. Another time we did one in my friends back yard, freaky questions answered, but when we came inside, all 3 paintings in his hallway were tilted sideways. (no, my friends didnt do it)
  7. These threads are pathetic. Of course you can't think of anything to, say OP...
  8. Maybe the blacks should start behaving more responsibly, then he'll get his wish.
  9. Yet a place like Melbourne has become so brainwashed, passive and politically correct, that you can't even call them out without someone sympathising with them and making you appear to be the bad, intolerant person.

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