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  1. Is it just me, or does this she-critter look a wee bit demon possessed?
  2. Worked like a charm all these years- why change now?
  3. What is the status of Kilauea volcano as of June 10-2018 an PGV? Haven't found any more after June 8 02018? I have read many reports of FEMA Barges in Hawaii. Also, they have been seen with six weapons each on them, what for? Are they arresting people an disappearing them, they have know in past for this. They may be doing the arrest of those who oppose them an the NWO? Please advise.
  5. The children are being stolen for the space projects on Mars, saturn's moon titan an the moon base? Look in to Solar Warden secret space program? We have been in space since the 1950's??
  6. Hello from the US. I saw a few maps of the lava flow. Its looks it won't stop until in reaches the ocean. Lava is like water, it will seek the lowest level, except for the gases. GOD BLESS THEM ALL.
  7. As for the Pennsylvania State University, the administrators can not track the little children any more, sooo sorry. Students have to learn sometime how to grow up, stupid? Let them learn to grow up. This is NOT A PERFECT WORLD DUMMY WHO NOW IS THE DUMMY???
  8. The California schools are making the kids stupid enough not to find a good paying job to survive anywhere. For the administrators, if they need help with simple repairs, WHO WILL THEY CALL ( THE STUPIDS ), WHO CAN NOT DO ANYTHING ANYMORE???
  9. Hello : If they let Islam in schools in any state , the teachers our traitors as well. Get islam out of AMERICA?
  10. Hello, what if the DENISOVNS were an alien species from another world??
  11. Why doesn't UK government standup the MUSLIMS, because they are scared to, like BABY HUEY, SCARED OF EVERYTHING AN EVERYONE? THE UK GOVERNMENT, CRAW BACK UNDER THE ROCK YOU CAME FROM.
  12. Hey, you dumb COPS, why can't you tell the difference between an autistic child a normal one. Are you the dumb::
  13. Love is a lot of things to a lot of people. Some see love as a Battlefield. I say that Love is a choice, and some are at peace with their choice and choose not to un-make it. When your partner feels the same, that is called True Love, or Soulmates. This is the old way, and I think, the better one by far. I am in awe of the Strength of character it takes in these times to weather the storms life throws out there.

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