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  1. Sonya Blade

    I Wanna Watch the World Burn...

    This sounds a lot like Depression. We've all been there
  2. Sonya Blade

    My cellphone broke .

    Sucks to have a phone with a broken screen- either get it replaced or replace the whole
  3. Sonya Blade

    Security footage captures a massive ship floundering .

    A security guard reported seeing a floating bird looking doubtful at the camera. This footage is kind of old but still funny haha. I met a guy who's friends with the person, at a security consulting agency I visited the other day for the purpose of hiring an official. He showed me the video and he was like, "yep I'm friends with Ginger Bread". Ginger who? That's the name of the Youtuber. I've always wondered what the security officers at the monitoring station do- coffee and donuts are their favorites.
  4. Sonya Blade

    Remember that God is always faithful

    God bless you. It's kinda cold where I live too
  5. I'm blind and I had to squint to see 247.
  6. Sonya Blade

    Obesity is a risk factor for cancer

    Isn't there a conspiracy theory that goes like- a secret group of doctors invented the pathogens that cause cancer and HIV and whatnot
  7. Sonya Blade

    it's cancer......

    Prayers for OP and Keith.
  8. All religions are based out of a common theme - a super entity capable of creation and passing judgement. It's just that they're written from different perpsectives.
  9. Sonya Blade

    12 DiCKS oF CHRiSTMaS... LOL

    Obama is thug life, indeed Trump tries to be swag but he's like a teen on periods smh

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