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  1. Shall I post some articles for you? Would that help my ratings? I note your lack of hospitality and your tendency to belittle those not inline with your way of thinking.
  2. The two relevant choices were made. Make of it what you will.
  3. One in general discussion, the other here. Which is which and who is who? Both hot topics however one is not true... Discernment, I leave the rest up to you.
  4. Thankfully I do not subscribe to your perspective.
  5. Surely you jest? 47 in 2016, in the 11th month. 43 _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  6. To witness. To prepare the way.
  7. Your faith is your assurance.
  8. One must serve The Father of all creation. Mammon chose insurance over faith.
  9. Earthplane is fixed both physically and spiritually. 69 We, as a whole, have never moved.
  10. Specific questions please.
  11. Fellow readers, I have but a few moments to share with you some points of interest. You have questions for me, yes?
  12. Perhaps you are mistaken or simply delusional? You are not nobody.

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