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  1. Player 4


    Where do I call when I have the truth??? null
  2. Player 4

    E numbers & Caffine - Secret alchemy ?

    Your profile pic says it all.
  3. Player 4

    The Elites Plan To Destroy London & Paris

    I have some other stuff which I have not yet shared that suggests China will play a crucial role in this (not the banning the bible posts I made recently but something else). Interesting times for sure
  4. Player 4

    E numbers & Caffine - Secret alchemy ?

    Mary poppins - how could of I missed that one! That's a great example!! Thank you for your contribution!! There is very much something to this, something sinister for sure!! Maybe super soilders, chemical adjustment of the brain - either way, you can be sure it's not to help us but hinder us. The fact that there is a lot of it shows there is something going on here...
  5. Player 4

    Do you sense it?

    That heaven and hell is real. All the chaos is caused for what we cant see and what is next. The elites sold out to hell and are in power with their goal to be maintain power and send as many of us to hell as they possibly can and assume full control by reducing numbers and working towards us all hooked up to some advance AI machine that will allow you to pay for your goods through implant chip technology. Cant imagine how bad that will be, I'm fighting Mindstar everyday and that's without a chip and it is a horrific fight with where they are now. Once people have a chip inserted into them - it'll be beaming 24hrs a day 7 days week - watching, listening and controlling everything from your money to your mood and all your thoughts..... hopelessly lost. That is their dream, they are not nice people so they will not be nice thoughts........ For the most of my life, I assumed like many that if heaven and hell were true, our advancement in technology and knowledge would have surely proved this by now some 2000 years down the line and the truth would be known. It was more than a shock to see that not only did they did know but they were working for the wrong team which is why this has been buried as much as they possibly could and a false reality feed to us through Films, music, Media etc.
  6. Player 4

    E numbers & Caffine - Secret alchemy ?

    A handy PDF on the most dangerous E numbers: http://www.feingold.org/Research/PDFstudies/E-numbers.pdf Another reference to the movie and the Fukishima prediction using Haarp (movie released 2007 - Fukishima event 2011). Interesting the catchphrase is 'A Piece of Cake'.....
  7. Player 4

    E numbers & Caffine - Secret alchemy ?

    E numbers are also closely related to hyper active disorders.
  8. Player 4

    E numbers & Caffine - Secret alchemy ?

    Remember the CIA control most of the media and are heavily affiliated with the Bushes (their building is right on the same ground). Ready Player One ? - Rearrange letters and they form 'Neo' Matrix..............
  9. Player 4

    E numbers & Caffine - Secret alchemy ?

    Thank you for the contribution!!! Intersting!. As a side note, in the Simpson movie, there is a scene when Bart scribbles a fake tash and hair cut on the wanted poster and inadvertently the other family are arrested whilst the Simpson family drive off laughing. The family arrested ia standing right outside a buzz cola machine when it happens. Bait and switch??? Life immatating art or more programming in the ready? Also, in the simpons movie the skull & bones logo appears just after homer dumps the pig droppings in to the lake. As for 'He-brew' ... reference to cooking the mind?..
  10. This is a conspiracy I am still working on but as of yet it's incomplete. At initial guess it's something to do with brain stimulation, programming and accessing the soul (this is still a guess). I believe this is coupled with a fuel of violent movies and video games and used to corrupt the mind using hidden alchemy knowledge to fuel 'rage'. First, E is the 5th letter in the alphabet and does appear in the media matrix around us. Some rough examples include: Short Circuit (Jonny 5 is alive) - Quote "Johnny 5 doesn't get happy doesn't get sad, just runs program". Interesting side note, the opening scene run Deadmau5 (Dead mouse) - Think about the old school game mouse trap for this one and the Disney logo which as an organisation it's self - is satanic. Second, the reference of candy littered everywhere in films, food & Drinks. I advise you to check the logo and saying for these things for your self! To start, there are the energy drinks: Red Bull (gives you wings) Note the UK advert show's card's being held up with 666 reference on them. Monster Energy (Has the scratch mark down the side of the can) Relentless (Has devil's tale down the side) Next there are the films: Santa clause the movie (Flying Candy is given by the elf) Simpsons (We like Candy - with dilated pupils ) The Candy Man (Horror film) Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Lowers them out with candy - toot sweets as well) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Film about candy / chocolate) Toy Story ('Buzz' Light year - to infinity and beyond) I am sure there is much more but welcome any contributions to where this appears else where as I am pretty sure it'll be a bigger list than this!
  11. https://youtu.be/z7hsr4I2IE8
  12. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be earthquakes in divers places, and there shall be famines and troubles: these are the beginnings of sorrows. Bible downloads banned in china https://youtu.be/iqeg8vLlx7c China says to worship state - not jesus Jesus won't save you — President Xi Jinping will, Chinese Christians told ... https://www.washingtonpost.com › ...
  13. Kinda makes you think if this is what they meant in the bible 'man will seek death but will not find it'. Could those be bots?
  14. I asked evie bot AI the other night 'the mark of the beast' - she replied it was her. Anyone else getting that when typing it in?
  15. They look real angry with each other dont they? https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=putin+bush+illuminati+picture&safe=strict&client=ms-android-orange-gb&prmd=inv&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj0lr2p3cHaAhXkC8AKHeLaC1gQ_AUIESgB#isa=y