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  1. Whistle Blower had come out years ago stating that Pentagon Wrote off a hefty sum of 300 Million dollars after declaring it missing! So Pentagon goes after California National Guardsmen for chump change, claiming they were ineligible to receive money for reenlisting. Many soldiers were had their credit screwed, civilian paychecks garnished to payback the governement with interest I might add. So who is really at fault in all of this? The Soldiers, the Recruiters or could it even be the Pentagon themselves? You might be surprised to learn that Ashton Carter just admitted they broke their word with these soldiers. 2 things make up a contract. 1) A Promise and 2) Consideration(which is usually something of value like money or of value to the other person for that person to desire to contract). sign on this dotted line and reenlist fight in this war the Pentagon will pay you. The Soldiers sign which is direct evidence of their intent to keep their WORD to Serve and to Fight. Now Contract switches to Pentagon did they verify details of Soldiers eligibility before issuing them signing bonuses? Nope, they issued the money which engaged the binding contract. Fast forward to just a few weeks ago, Pentagon says they are forcing soldiers to repay the money and now just yesterday Ashton Carter says will stop going after the soldiers because WE NEED to KEEP OUR WORD i.e. we made a promise to pay them for their service. So who broke contract here? Thats right folks, your Pentagon and they tormented these soldiers financially and for what? Because they did not want to honor their end of the contract any longer! Hope this is a lesson to any current serving military guys and gals here. Do not let yourselves be a victim to your government. Here is all the proof you need. Pentagon Writes off Millions Boom: Look what Pentagon just Admitted!
  2. Some questions about the alleged attack in France, have me questioning reports out of Germany and some of the images on the Economist Magazine. cover.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fn9Z_EmPuk&feature=gp-n-y&google_comment_id=z130yrewtpefgptsz22yzrp4lr2bfpefl
  3. According to these unclassified DOD documents, weaponized Weather Modification was being eyed by the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency! The U.S. Arms control and Disarmament Agency document provided below is a must read to see what they have been planning to do about guns and gun owners in the U.S. ! Here is the video that explains the documents and how Hurricane Katrina may very well directed to New Orleans to test gun confiscation. WOW Weather Modification might be used for Gun Confiscation! Download Unclassified Documents here:
  4. One thing for sure, we have been seeing a lot of fake events and being led to believe certain footage is from a certain event! Makes one wonder why go through all of the trouble to dupe the public?
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