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  1. In my country that would be considered a joke.. made me laugh..
  2. Star

    Earth Sensitive People Report In!

    My right knee.. I opened my front loader washing machine and slammed it into my knee, badly.. still hurts.. sob.. left right solstice.. there will be no more left and rights, just one..
  3. Star

    Oceans 8 movie is all women...

    They do have cameo’s of the original cast, the ones still alive.. should have just had them make the film.. that would have been cool.. bill Murray is the best..
  4. Star

    Oceans 8 movie is all women...

    Another oceans film, why bother.. first one was sort of ok, no need for sequels.. im a huge ghost busters fan, so I saw the all female one at the cinema, mainly because I love Melissa McCarthy.. it wasn’t great, but it was a b grade watchable, like all her films..
  5. You guys are really onto it.. for me, it’s the crystal grid/matrix has smashed through, in such a profound way.. I’ve been walking around all day saying “everything is crystal light now”..
  6. Yeah, Lorde. She is that New Zealand girl that had a number one hit a few years ago.. never flashed her vag or tits.. dresses non sexual, yet still expresses herself in an artistic way..
  7. Taylor is an alien. Look at her face.. eyes.. weird energy.. she has all these fights with other celebs, I think she must be hard work.. very me me me.. her music is catchy for teenage girls.. max martin knows how to make a hit.. I think Lorde is better and she doesn’t sexualise herself.. so of course her latest album didn’t sell well.. even though it’s pretty good....
  8. I’m early 40s, but haven’t noticed it.. im noticing friends kids having mental health problems at very young ages, like 9 etc. my step brothers two boys are nutso. Won’t go to school, one is 12.. i think it’s vacinations.. it’s a hard one, because they really push these vaccines, that the general public think they are bad parents if they don’t...
  9. Star

    Entire Family Turns Transgender

    When the guys become girls and look amazing, they really look hot.. like supermodels.. girls to guys, is easier because the testosterone injections each day or so, really make them masculine, beards, hair on the chest, deeper voice.. so you wouldn’t notice them.. my friend works in construction with the roughest blokes you could come across, they have no idea.. its the guys that aren’t pretty guys, or naturally femme, that look ridiculous.. I walk past at least five a day most days.. they look like men to me.. and aliens.. a really creepy alien energy..no wonder people have a difficult time accepting them.. its a trans explosion.. coming to a town near you.. what would Jesus do? He would accept them.. I think humanity will take a while on that second sentence..
  10. Star

    Entire Family Turns Transgender

    If a trans person is believable in their changed gender and attractive it generally doesnt bother the general public.. we are shallow.. myself included. Guys who grow their hair long and put on a dress and are now female need to stay indoors. They creep me out.. I have a child with a couple, one is trans female to male, the other is female.. my trans friend is very male and 100%believable.. If men want to become women they need to have some plastic surgery.. cause most look ridiculous..
  11. I am a star.. ^^he's right you know..

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