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  1. gartner

    STUDY: Pot users feel MORE pain...

    Reading the article I noticed the pain threshold wasn't much different for the participants of the study. Non-users reported 4.2 as a pain level, while users reported 4.9 on a scale of 1 to 10. Average pain level is 4 for everyone, this doesn't seem like a difference at all. It is also unclear whether the patients were ever given cannabis in the hospital, I'm assuming the hospital never gave them cannabis; what hospital would? Another blaring point to muddy up the study was the users who also used other illicit drugs, hard drug users are known drug seekers who will exaggerate their pain level to get high. The human body, as well as all other living animals with the exception of insects, have an endocannabinoid system which helps create homeostasis in the body. Some of the same chemicals in cannabis are produced in the human body. One chemical called anandamide, also called the bliss particle, is much like thc and is produced in the brain. Cannabis use alleviates chronic pain better than anything, the studies that prove this are published all the time. This particular study was majorly flawed.
  2. Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat forever.
  3. sorry, trying not to troll on the messiah.
  4. gartner

    Pregnant Man at London Men's Fashion Week

    they will totally out breed the real humans...
  5. We all want to be loved. It's a shame there are so many confused as to what real love is. Sex is not love and never will be.
  6. I know a few mexicans named jesus. Maybe they are the true messiahs.
  7. A gay ban on chick fil a will not hurt them one bit. It's nice to know a real family establishment exists, possibly much safer for my kids than the other restaurants.
  8. This is exactly why I stopped driving the potato wagons.
  9. Barack Obama already came. His name means just that. The problem is he never actually legally changed his name. I think the elites have been manufacturing Armageddon...
  10. gartner

    Alex Jones and Pizzagate

    Gay Jesus' avatar looked a lot like a slice of pizza before he changed it.
  11. A gay one, that's rich...
  12. I hope gay jesus doesn't come back.
  13. Real Eyes Realize Real Lies
  14. Stop living in fear, learn to love. Love is powerful energy. All emotions stem from the main two emotions of Love and Fear. Fear lowers your vibrations while Love heightens your vibrations. Higher vibrations are needed to grow and evolve into greater beings.
  15. I've also worked outside for years, the sun is much whiter and brighter than it used to be. I'm getting ruddy in May now as opposed to mid-summer in the past. I've seen videos showing a tetragrammaton in the sun and have heard the explanation that our sun is an inner dimensional entity. I have always wondered, can you see the sun in outer space? Can you see stars in the vacuum of space?

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