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  1. Forgive me but where would earth be in this heliocentric system? .
  2. I did see those Hubble/Earth based photos. Seems Hubble is one big con . And how do we send probes to extremely distant planets with all this plasma interfering with all our electromagnetic signals. I agree there seems to be more than one layer to the dome. I know that Nasa are also keeping tabs on the syzygy research and the "unexplainable " force. And I am finding that things which were easy to pull up on a search have become difficult to locate. Have found some more anomalies associated with current globe earth theory- a few of those wouldn't be anomalous on a flat earth geocentric plasma model . Will post some info when I get more data . Nice info on the layers too.
  3. Our parasites are planning on invading your territory . Good luck and may you wipe em all out.
  4. Looking at Allais' original experiment was very interesting . Basically his team manually reset their pendulum every 20 mins or so - no electromag pushes etc. Pendulum swinging as freely as possible. Carried on without break for over 21 days. On the nineteenth day solar eclipse occurred - pendulum immediately changed its direction as soon as lunar disk touched suns disk and swung at increased rate. The pendulums used nowadays are much improved - paraconical or torsind I believe. The importance of it all is the conclusions that these scientists draw. The gravitational model is wrong . So no big bang - no dark energy or matter - no planetary formation under gravitational forces etc. It's a plasma/electric universe with an aether. Everything is connected. All old wisdom that - how did they know? Interesting that Cleo Loi mentions the plasma of space. I've noticed that phrase quite a bit recently. Astrophysicists talking about the plasma of space - what happened to the vacuum of space? And the dome. Don't forget the imaginary satellites outside the dome too.How do they cope? - all that electromagnetic interference. The model that so many seem to regard as untouchable is loosing its clothing . All good stuff. Take care and keep up the good work. God bless us all
  5. Grav , I think some of this may tie in to your above post too , about the glass dome. Anyway Goodnight and God bless
  6. Here is some new info about our universe. First part. It concerns the following anomalies - the Allais effect , Jeverdan-Rusu-Antonescu effect , and others all concerning the effects of solar eclipses and syzygy( alignment of any three bodies of our solar or geocentric system). Basically these effects result in Foucault and Torsion pendulum swings changing direction and rate of swing (Allais effect) plus a change of period of swing (JRA effect ) which would require a change in little g (earths gravitational constant) whenever syzygy occurs. These effects cannot be accounted for by either the Newtonian or Einsteinian gravitational cosmological models( the scientists conclusions not mine). The scientists who have been researching these effects since 1954 have concluded that these effects require acknowledgement of a new force -aetheric / electromagnetic most likely. Gravity ,as we think of it is , is no longer tenable as a theory. The universe is electric/plasma. It's really eye opening to see that the alignments of our systems bodies does not have to include the sun or moon. These effects occur when any two planets align in superior or inferior conjunction with earth. Even occur with minor planet conjunction , i.e. Juno, Ceres, Pallas (asteroids back in the day). These are conclusions reached by scientists having carried out experiments over many years. You can search for Allais and JRA effects during syzygy and pull up many scientific papers on this . I have pasted a couple of links -hope they work but any search should bring up good research papers. http://www.isaacpub.org/images/PaperPDF/AdAp_100006_2016122910382301429.pdf https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=9&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjXoZLBxMDTAhUiI8AKHc1WDQQQFghTMAg&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.isaacpub.org%2FPaperInformations.aspx%3Fids%3D4%26pid%3D1017%26jqy%3DVolume%201%2C%20Number%201%2C%20April%202016%26JShortName%3DAAS&usg=AFQjCNH1xE3HSaYn0WRnX7nFnirTGjRI9w http://www.scirp.org/(S(351jmbntvnsjt1aadkposzje))/reference/ReferencesPapers.aspx?ReferenceID=1108399 Second part. The work of Cleo Loi, hopefully linked below, http://www.news.com.au/technology/science/space/aussie-student-proves-existence-of-plasma-tubes-floating-above-earth/news-story/253cc80013599cd79e40bca708c135f0 She describes very structured plasma tubes alternating in alignment with earths magnetic field, but able to move independently . These arc at a steep angle up and over the earth 600km above, forming a dome like structure . She also states that all astronomical observations require revision since any light passing through the plasma field will suffer distortion. My thoughts are that that maybe that's why stars twinkle. Planets don't because they are beneath the dome. If they were above they too would twinkle. If the planets are beneath the dome then so is the sun since we know the planets travel behind the sun. And since all " solar" system objects are beneath the dome that is why even Pluto aligning with Mercury can affect pendulums on earth. Logically it means a geocentric system as well. Perhaps that is why mainstream science is trying to ignore 60yrs of scientific research. Opens up the question of how the Hubble bubble can take such nice pictures from beneath the distorting plasma dome. What about all those satellites and probes etc. This is all proper scientific experimental research too that is referenced here. You can see all their work and methods and conclusions. Worth a read since it proves our true state of knowledge . As others have correctly stated - we know nothing .( apart from everything the ptb tell us is bs lol). Peace . Over and out ,
  7. Where are these real measurements of curvature and rotation? I know what the theory states they should be. Facts need evidence or they are just opinions. Which scientific theory are we unable to question?. Do you really think that surveyors don't measure distance? You can carry out research or you can accept your brainwashing as truth. My opinion of the flat earth is not fixed, but your opinion of globe earth is since you are unable to question this - or provide any real empirical evidence to back up your beliefs. My beliefs have developed from years of scientific study(because I loved finding out about our world) - gradually changing from blind believer once I could discern bs from valid theory. I don't want to descend in the usual mudslinging so I will leave it at that. By the way, what are your thoughts on the ETOPS rules and the nonstop flights mentioned earlier ? Those flight paths don't conform to them , also they don't follow the great circle path therefore they must fly further.
  8. Why don't you research surveying methods, rods and chains don't exist?? In science real measurement and experiment should drive theories. When theory drives then real measurement and experimental results are fudged /ignored to fit or save the theory in vogue. That's why we are never provided with proof of curvature or rotation . Because it's not there. I look forward to you providing real scientific experimental proof of rotation and the curvature predicted by global earth theary.
  9. Why not do some research? Start here if you want - Drawing the Line , excellent book about the Mason/Dixon line and how it was surveyed in 1760s. No controversy ,written by a mainstreamer but you will find that these two excellent surveyors/astronomers spent a month learning how to apply spherical trig to survey results before they went to America. You will also see that after each week or so they spent surveying , two or three days were then used to apply these formula to their results. Don't you think that you could just map things as you find them? From the questions you list I think you are on the wrong type of forum, and the irony in the Mark Twain quote is of the scale.
  10. Tennessee sour mash whiskey opened my eyes hehe
  11. You're having a laugh.. FErs thinking in terms of a perfect sphere... Ah cant spake
  12. Sorry but you don't seem to understand globe earth theory concerning latitude. What Cassini discovered - latitude shortening towards the pole - was found using real accurate surveying techniques no calculations added. Tried to save globe earth theory by advancing prolate sphere theory. All his work was checked and found to be correct. Once he died the decision was taken to apply spherical calculations to all future surveys so the earth could be mapped as a sphere . His son was involved in formulating these calculations and yet it was he that checked his fathers work and could find no error. It's all on here somewhere. Don't have time to go through it all but feel free to search for yourself. Have an open mind cos it'll help. Peace.
  13. When the French Academy of Sciences tasked G. Cassini with surveying a line of longitude across France in the 1670's , he carried out his task using extremely accurate triangulation methods knowing (because he knew the earth was round) that his survey would pick up the curvature of the earth over the 700 or so miles. He knew that each degree of latitude would be of equal length - in the case of earth being a regular sphere , or that each degree of latitude would lengthen towards the North Pole if Newton was correct and the earth was an oblate sphere. So he knew he would find one those two - since everyone knew the earth was a sphere. He found the totally unexpected - the earth was neither of those. Latitude shortened Northwards by a fixed amount. Confusion and controversy reigned until he passed away. After his death , in order to "advance" science ,all further surveys would have calculations applied so that the earth could be mapped as a sphere. All the millions of measurements you keep mentioning have these applied . Research it all. Also looked at those Quantas flights you spoke about. As far as I can see they do not fit the ETOPS ruling - up to 240mins. What's the story?