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  1. @Anthem(0) -your description of 99% percent empty space is an enormous understatement , comrade. Last time I checked with the controllers it was 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% empty space. Bit pedantic really but don't give any mainstream theory any more credit than it deserves :-) I didn't count the 9's after the decimal point by the way so I apologise if there aren't at least fifty.
  2. Atomic theory is a workable theory to some extent . I'm beginning to think that all elements are just compounds of the five elements - earth , air, fire, water , spirit (or aether , or thought). It's all vibration . Why is so nuclear fission any different to ordinary exothermic chemical reactions ? You can chuck lithium or potassium into water and produce heat . Chucking uranium into water ( or some other electrolyte ) might produce a similar scenario. Rutherford's experiment.showed that you couldn't fire one atom into another - at least that's how I remember it. Nuclear bombs - nah , fear porn . Nuclear power - plain exothermic chemical reaction heating water - why not ?
  3. 250,000 feet high footage - no curvature

    Like those pictures of the pawns on the curved roof of the car . Just what we don't see ever in real life - the black pawns leaning at an angle , just as all those tall buildings and mountains ought to in the long range photos. The globie only ever curves in the away from you direction in real life , don't you know . Westy's proving he's very confused about what he should see . Made me smile .
  4. I dunno @Walk Softly , the more I dig into the history of the heliocentric model and its theory ,the more unworkable it becomes. At the moment it's a complete mess for me , I can't square the rate of change of daylength around the solstices with that model . Even more confusing is the video about the moon ( nice one that ) and it's position change between the tropics . Why would that occur in that fashion . And the claptrap about the Eratosthenes experiment. There are a host of things that don't fit in to the heliocentric thing , one day I might list them all , but getting time to do that is a (nice ) problem at the moment I'm trying to delve into the antarctic now , searching for old books - the most reliable sources imo. Looking for stuff on the web tends to cause stuff to hide I find :-). Some nice clues in those old books. Those two , movement and curvature (lack of ), completely nullify the jesuit inspired heliocentric model . The video modelling the vector forces of gravity and centrifugal force shows problems for the mainstream model as well - that should impact on flight direction wise. The world is much simpler and understandable using the FE model or just the geocentric model . And keep going @grav. No disapointments when looking for the truth.
  5. You could always think of of it as around 1450 feet per second ,,, gives a bit of perspective . Don,t seem so slow to me . Hope I'll be ok staggering up the stairs to bed . Nighty all
  6. Right under your noses

    You are not the messiah - just a very naughty boy.
  7. What Is Communism? Protocols, and More!

    I know all about the western view of communism - was brought up to hate the commies and did my duty by hating them . Then I had my eyes opened , by seeing first hand , the power of so called western democracy used illegally against the ordinary working men and women and their families. My son gave me a copy of the communist manifesto to read . I read the first paragraph of the introduction and that was all I needed. It stated - "The aim of communism is to release mankind form perpetual war , caused by greed , and slavery". Or words to that effect . No wonder communism has to be controlled . Bolsheviks , if you need to know , were the ones who decided that they could run their country without any self proclaimed elites and acted accordingly. I also notice , as I look around my UK capitalist controlled democracy that my country is being swamped by the LBGTX agenda and is awash with peoples brought in to destroy the society built up by the people for the people (ostensibly). . And communist countries (and ex commies ) seem so free of this. All the while I see , and read of , the mass brainwashing carried out by the parasites . You can join my political party if you like . I've just formed . It's the Bolshevik Workers National Socialist Anti Secret Society Humanitarian Peoples of the World Democratic Anarchist Republican Revolutionary Party . Formed by me because God , whom I love , gave me my life and this world so that I may advance myself spiritually and become a better human . Costs nothing to join , no forms to fill , nothing to do really apart from throwing of all conditioning and releasing your self from your brain washed state . I 'd stand for election but then that would be elitist. I hate politics. Love , peace and God bless the human race.
  8. What Is Communism? Protocols, and More!

    Demonnisation of communism by the ruling parasites - Who'd a thunk it. I can smell their fear. War always follows communism since the parasites refuse to release their greedy grip on our world.
  9. The camera resolution test is a bit ( well a lot ) crap. Would have been better if he tested at varying distances up to 1km or more .Resolving at 100m is not a reasonable analogy to resolving an object at 400km. All to do with Rayleigh limits , Airy disks and other such stuff. And atmosphere . A nice discussion here - about bird watching with P900. https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/3993746?page=3 Basically further distances require larger diameter lenses for better resolution . Another dishonest video if not a poorly researched one. Can't comment on the other two vids - unavailable to me apparently
  10. Is Evil Forgivable

    Where can we move to ? Where can we go where the parasites can't get at us or monitor us ( our thoughts and actions ). The evil ones will hopefully be held accountable for their actions - natural justice or divine retribution . How can political scumbags justify their decisions that lead to the deaths of millions of innocent people. I find it really hard to forgive child murdering b'stards of any persuasion - especially when no remorse is shown. The more you kill the greater your chance of winning the nobel peace prize it seems to me. If I could I would move to lands beyond their jurisdiction . Beyond the poles : - ).- maybe that's why we are not allowed to go there. Sorry - back on thread . The "experiments " carried out on people are just to show the lunatics in power how effective their brainwashing controlling techniques have become. We are subjected to these from a few days after birth in our society/prison. We are raised to be controlled. People will have to throw of this conditioning in order to become human again . No one's perfect , I understand that. Perhaps evil is necessary in that we could murder all those murderous controlling perverts . And regain our humanity ? Makes you think , this thread. Maybe my forgiveness doesn't extend far enough . I still am probably a bit controlled . -
  11. Like it @grav . Dome , local sun - explains changes in day lengths and seasons. The local sun moving between the tropics would also solve the problem of rate of variation of day lengths too , at solstices . Thanks for that.
  12. Is Evil Forgivable

    I think the cattle prod is a good analogy - trouble is it only develops the materialistic rat race world. Mankind needs to develop spiritually and imo we are being held back . There is no balance at the moment - that's why we kill other people and steal what they have . Peace would be a nice thing. God bless.
  13. Is Evil Forgivable

    Nah , they were paid to take part in a game - were they paid to shock infants ?. They knew they wouldn't have to kill . Were the participants representative of society ? Psychology isn't science . People accept authority up to a point - some people less than others - some not at all . Some are more conditioned than others. IMO he's trying to justify the actions of his authoritarian types . Wonder how much of a grant he got for that study . Not attacking you by the way . I'll shut up now
  14. Is Evil Forgivable

    Certain sections of society have no empathy for fellow human beings . Their state of mind has been fashioned that way . Some religious cults mutilate infants and children , destroying any trust already formed . The rich powerful "elites" basically take no care of their children , who grow up with the same lack of empathy - sent to boarding schools where they are abused and in turn abuse others. Unfortunately , these types go on to form the ruling classless psychopaths of society - able to send trained killers anywhere to kill men, women and children without any guilt . Maybe that's why the rulers are trying to break up societies formed through the family system . Then evil will become the norm . Hope I'm wrong because that's depressing.