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  1. The scene in family guy where stewie tries to breastfeed from peter
  2. Yes snoop figured out Photoshop. Watch the f**k out everybody
  3. A bunch of idiots yuppies and shitty drivers move up here all the time. It needs to stop. Their big bucks real estate developers are ruining everything. 10 minutes in any direction from the city and you're in God's country again tho
  4. Gridlock

    Barbara Bush is dead at 92

    Spawn of baphomet!!!
  5. Gridlock

    Art Bell Reported dead at 72

    HUGE fan. I still plug in his old shows at night on a regular basis. When I was a kid I had to listen to Art Bell (1120 on the AM band), have a tv with static on it (with volume), police scanner on the local fire+ems relay, a radio on 88.1fm (low kw college radio) AND a radio on 91.1 (classical, hosted by Peter Vandigraff) for my sleep ritual. Haven't slept as good before or since. Art' s program was always the centerpiece. Being a coastie is a part of my identity. Rock on space cowboy.
  6. Lol she won't even make me a sandwich why would she deploy the guard? For shame
  7. Haha! General Hooker Entrance! Get it? Hehe!
  8. Coachella music festival
  9. Just when our generation needed a Lee oswald/Christ figure! I was a teenage lobotomy too.... a long time ago lol!
  10. Gridlock

    Yellowstone is about to Blow !!!!!!!!

    They have already practiced the drills for this. The pilot holes have already been dug. On a predetermined date they will nuke Norris junction near Yellowstone and then one off the coast of Oregon in the subduction zone. These are the most tense tectonic areas on earth as of now. They figure the only way to make fema look good is to have them ready for something they themselves planned. Simple. I could go on and on about the other smaller targets but they are NOT relying on the chain reaction factor. Everything is 100% planned. Know some fine union staff down at the Bonneville power admin. Funny, funny stuff. Expect it on a weekend or national holiday. Thanks!
  11. I have my own recording "lathe" from the 1930s. I cut out picnic plates and make recordings of local punk bands, fart noises, spice girls songs, and my friend's cowboy poetry. They aren't high fidelity but they will last a million years. Suck on that, digital suckworld!!!
  12. Yes you mean the PACIFIC ocean. My last count on quakes AT THE SITE is 67. Yes sixty seven, beginning with the 7.9 (downgraded) last night. The wife and I woke up at around 130 am and I checked usgs for some reason. Maybe it woke us up. This is in Oregon in the valley. As for any patterns in the aftershocks; They are all well above 2.5 and most above 4. Initial strike 25 deep, with aftershocks slowly evening out at less than 10 deep, mostly staying on the south side of the fault, with ONE 3.8 registered on the north side of the fault. The quakes closest to the fault are much shallower (0-6) and weaker in magnitude. Honestly I'm kind of surprised at usgs accuracy in reporting this. They have been VERY dodgy about Yellowstone since the swarm began and spread out. Thanks this is my first post on the forum but I'm super hardcore and stuff so yeah lemme know if there's any other eq dorks out there. I also have other hobbies<--wow never seen that one before

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