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  1. What is the Armageddon Trump was about to execute?
  2. Haha, you'd jump out of your skin and get them, by god I wish! but really that's what they are doing. Paralysis drugs, no anaesthetic and then organ withdrawal. You know this right? It's why they invented the "brain dead" theory (which is automatically accepted 'cause "doctors" called it so) ... So they could take quality organs from living donors. Society wouldnt accept this abomination if they knew the truth. Or would they? :-(
  3. Because why? Because America says a country can't have oil?
  4. You mean bank accounts or exchange (ET coinjar) accounts?
  5. Would you be able to elaborate on how you think the government crack down will play out? Banks reporting to governments when people try to cash out. Freezing funds until people prove source? Resultant crypto crash? Exchanges going down? Stuff like that? Will some coins/exchanges survive?
  6. It is starting to look very much like a trap. Mainstream media has been advertising it big time. Little people are in a frenzy about it thinking they are beating the system by "hodling". Most of them have no understanding of what bitcoin is.
  7. Could you please further elaborate on "usage in the grand plan?:
  8. A number of governments (eg Australia, NZ, US, EU, Malaysia) are passing legislation that will extend existing anti money laundering and counter terrorism financing laws to bitcoin users. This will mean increased government surveillance and enforcement powers. Exchanges will be required to register with financial authorities, report transactions over $10,000 and report "suspicious activity". There is no anonymity in Bitcoin. Bitcoin is taxable. And it's going to be heavily regulated. I can see Bitcoin losing its appeal very quickly once these laws are implemented. You'd think this would be the subject of much discussion on forums, but there is nothing but "bitcoin is going to $1 million" posts. A lot of new bitcoin millionaires are gong to be caught by surprise and find cashing out harder than expected.

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