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  1. I let this thread go for a bit because of the FE crowd inability to trust their own eyesight (you can literally see the curvature of the earth both in calm ocean waters and in a truly 'flat desert' scenario) (optical illusions YOU say) Or science (all science is NASA propaganda ) You always have the same bullshit excuse - You tell me to spend MILLIONS of dollars on space flight to prove you wrong (which btw EVERY civilized country has done.. for FORTY or FIFTY years. I'll tell you what, get off your stupid fucking flat earth asses and go the literal END OF THE EARTH and take a fucking PICTURE. I can find THOUSANDS of ACTUAL pictures of curved horizons on Google, and not a single FUCKING ONE SHOWING A PLANE that ends. It doesn't cost MILLIONS of dollars to find a FLAT EARTH end of the world picture. You just have to travel a few miles and 'CLICK' You go it covered. Y'all wanna know why there aren't any on Google? Because IT DOESN'T FUCKING EXIST! Let this stupid shit drop and get onto something realistic so people will stop saying 'Oh, you think 9/11 was an inside job? You probably think the earth is flat too' to those of us with actual brains stop getting grouped in with your 12 IQ MORONS. TL:DR: IF YOU ARE SO FUCKING BRAINDEAD AS TO THINK THE EARTH IS FLAT BRING ME GODDAMN PICTURE OF THE EDGE. FUCK YOUR RAILROAD TRACKS, FUCK YOUR WATER BOTTLE, FUCK YOU IN YOUR ENTIRETY. The fact that Shep lets your on this board to insult our intelligence is incomprehensible to me. /rant -AL
  2. It should be mentioned that the Confederate flag is referred to as 'the southern cross', not the stars and bars, which altho google groups them together, were entirely different flags. -AL
  3. Is John Boehner really Alan Rittenhouse?

    Boner is a perfect example of absolute power corrupts absolutely. He clearly sees the writing on the wall. 2016 is the year of Trump, Carson ( as a conservative) or Sanders (on the other side). There is no longer room for RINOs in our party, and those that are are relegated to the kids label. Just ask Walker. -AL
  4. The pope comes to the US, he speaks in favor of the US taking in / treating the 'refugees' in a certain manner (aka kiss their ass and welcome them as your family) At what point in recorded history does the catholic church give 2 shits about anyone NOT catholic. Oh wait, that's right, NWO. Bullshit. Someone should pop a cap in his slow speaking, I can barely speak english, I'm the 'good guy' ass. -AL
  5. RPG vs. Bullet Proof Glass

    Looks like Russian Myth Busters. That is a cool vid, love the slow mo detail. -AL
  6. To be fair, today is not doom day. Doom day is is the 28th with the blood moon. Today was simply the day that the pope was visiting the US so that Obozo could crown himself dictator for life over the USA (you know, that unarmed passive country that would allow that to come to pass with not recourse.) It almost makes me wanna become an MSM sheeple (BTW: Sheepke is not an unrecognized word on my PC, but sheeple is. Weird. -AL
  7. The Prairie View City Council decided Tuesday night to keep a stretch of road leading into Prairie View A&M University named in honor of Sandra Bland, the young woman who died in the Waller County Jail in July. Full story: http://kagstv.com/News/KAGSNews/ID/11005/City-council-votes-to-keep-Sandra-Bland-Parkway So remember kids, be as uncooperative as possible when you come in contact with the police. Then once you get yourself in over your head and end up in jail and the full weight of what just happens crashes down on you kill yourself. Net result? A street named in your 'honor'. Might as well rename Canfield Drive to Michael Brown Ave. in honor of all the great things he did in his community -AL
  8. Is that an invitation? -AL
  9. I may not agree with you on the FE stuff, but I would totally give you a green for that one if I had any left
  10. I guess I truly don't get what you are trying to get across to me Challenger. You say: If a piece of steel runs perfectly level for ~300 miles it would be 11 miles above the surface of a ball earth Ok, I get that, and if that is what the math says I agree. (I have no reason to doubt you've used known / accepted calculations) However, as the picture I posted clearly shows, that isn't how railroad rail works. The unused rails in the middle of the tracks are new pieces, not yet installed. To a point (which if you insist I will try to dig up from a railroad rail manufacturer) they are malleable. For the purpose of your argument it's inconsequential whether they bend for terrain or curvature, the fact is, and is well shown in the picture above rails do indeed bend to follow the terrain or curvature if it is supposedly level land they are sitting on. I am getting the feeling we are comparing apples and oranges here and I truly am not getting what you are trying to convey. There are a lot of good FE arguments out there, but this simply isn't one of them. -AL
  11. http://images.wisegeek.com/railway-construction.jpg
  12. Disturbed

  13. So riddle me this batman: 1: 10 perfectly flat straws hooked together wouldn't stay flat they would bend down under their own weight. 2: Railroad rail is not a continuous piece. It is sections joined together. EVERY joint ruins your assumption. Depending on the age of the rail those joints could be anywhere from 10's of feet up to a mile for more modern track. 3: Even IF it was a continuous piece of steel 100's of miles long, it weighs on the low side 30 lb per ft (where I live its more like 45). Much like the straw example above it will very much bend to meet the contour of the earth, particularly over that distance and particularly on ground that obviously wouldn't be perfectly flat to begin with. Next excuse? -AL
  14. So tracks can change thousands of feet in elevation in a short period to cross a mountain (somehow curving up and down the whole distance), but not on 100s of miles of flat ground. Check. I knew I never should have read this thread.
  15. I try to refrain from the FE conversations. But this post is just so ignorant I can't let it go. This is going to sound like I am calling you out Jibby, but I have to ask - have you every actually left your house? And if so have you traveled more than a couple miles from it? I know this comes off as harsh, but you do realize railroad rails run all over the US right? I happen to live in the western US where we have these crazy things called mountain ranges. I know this will be really hard to believe if you are from the midwest and consider an actual molehill a mountain, but here in the west trains actually traverse these mountain ranges. Now if you have never ridden on or seen a train let me give you some inside information, they can't make 90 or 180 degree turns. The travel in about as strait of a line as possible. You see, this is important for one very big reason. These trains actually go over these mountains through these things called passes. Once again, for someone not from this area a pass is the easiest method to get from one side to the other. They traverse valleys and river channels as much as possible, but in the end run they do actually have to gain and then lose altitude - thousands of feet both ways. See, using your 'logic' above all trains would have to route directly through the middle of the mountain, at the altitude in which they encounter it, since they apparently can't ever be anything but perfectly level. The problem with the FE idea is that somewhere in translation ya'll got this idea that the earth was a perfect sphere, like a basketball. It's not, it is spherical, like your head. For further experimentation grab a sharpie, place it ALMOST on the skin of your right cheek then move it to your left without lifting it for your nose. Get it now? -AL Edit: As an addendum, there is a 1500 ft elevation change between the 2 cities you chose, so even in your FE scenario the tracks couldn't be perfectly level - and if you even attempt to bring distance to bear (a measure FE believers categorically refuse to acknowledged) I will be forced to smack you around with a banana.
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