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  1. It would seem no one understands the Trump White House or even whats coming out of it........The attack on the Syrian air base was a waste of good Tomahawk missiles!
  2. Planet X article in the New York Times

    Yeah I do.....Got nothing to protest.....Would not do any good here anyway. Toodaloo (Sarcasm)
  3. Planet X article in the New York Times

    Blame 2012 not me. Do you understand what scaremongering is? Did you follow the 2012 scare? Good chance everyone has forgotten about 2012 since it was dud. The article in question attempts to prove there is a ninth planet out there somewhere there is nothing wrong with that....But there again its a hypothetical planet no proof it exists only possible. Conspiracy theories and alternative news sites are a lot of the reason things like this get blown out of portion.....
  4. Planet X article in the New York Times

    Awwww! You will get over it......Yours is a prime example of what I was talking about......I assume you approve of this scaremongering BS? Some here must cause I see a lot of it here. Just like this thread that has not gotten a response which is good:
  5. Someone just hacked glp and wiped it clean?

    Either that or they find COP! They may find the grass greener. And yummier!
  6. Planet X article in the New York Times

    Beliefs and theories are great. Everyone has them. But when those theories and beliefs are only intended to cause possible wide spread panic is what ticks me off. I saw to much of this during the 2012 scare. There were a lot of people during that time that actually thought it was the end. I was a member of a forum that was there to soothe peoples fears about the idiotic crap that all these 2012 scaremongers were throwing out....As I recall a 16 year old girl killed herself she got so afraid by this stuff....A total waste of a young life because some scaremonger is out to make a dime off of others fears..... This is part of the reason I am so adamant about this Nibiru/Planet X BS....How can people live with themselves knowing that they could possibly cause some one to end their life because of some hypothetical scenario that has no proof in fact and is only fiction. Now some people may mean well and do not intend to cause harm but either way it happens... I can and will not ignore this...If I see a scaremongering tactic be it video or article I am going to call it out....If this forum don't like it you better ban me now is all I can say. And just to add I am not saying the article is a scaremongering tactic I do not think it is......
  7. Ancient Aliens Debunked

    Suggest you do the same...Since all this AAT is theoretical BS....What ifs are not evidence of anything......Its simply amazing how they can put things on TV such as this thats when you realize how gullible some of the worlds population actually is......
  8. Ancient Aliens Debunked

    Not referencing much are you? I read Hancocks Fingerprints of the Gods and got so bored by the third chapter I stopped reading it complete waste of my money that one was...As far as this Carson fellow I have not heard of him. What is truth? Is it a lie thats been sugar coated? I always hear this truth crap. Its not my intention to debunk it. A couple years ago maybe, but not now, its not worth it.
  9. Planet X article in the New York Times

    Apparently the term "Hypothetical" escapes even the most wanting astronomers. Don't worry people one day you will all get your wish and we will all die then everyone will be happy on their little cloud with jesus. But I digress. Pisses me off.
  10. Planet X article in the New York Times

    All that is BS in letters that stretch from Seattle to New York.
  11. Ancient Aliens Debunked

    No its not when used in a way to promote study of the cosmos.....But in many, many cases of this Ancient Alien BS their remark is always "what if?" Now I am not a rocket scientist but if a bullfrog had wings he would bump his ass. Some of the theories in this AA stuff is worth a look but thats all it is a theory thats why its called Ancient Alien Theory.
  12. Ancient Aliens Debunked

    No...Every ancient culture had these stories....One I see you have not posted is the Enuma Elish. http://www.fsmitha.com/h1/religion-flood.htm http://www.bibleinterp.com/articles/flood357903.shtml You should also check out the Epic of Gilamesh.
  13. Ancient Aliens Debunked

    The Nile has or had a bad habit of flooding the area during that time.....Sure its possible there was a local flood in that I can believe.
  14. Ancient Aliens Debunked

    Not a world wide flood as depicted in the Bible no it did not happen.
  15. The Media will pick your next president!

    Oh Hell No! With those Liberals thats even more dangerous than just letting the election run its course! Either way we are DOOMED!
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