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  1. ‘Supermoon’ lights up the night sky!

    Well its nice to see the Doomers are not posting this all over the place claiming the end of the world is nigh!
  2. FE'ers...Buy an astronomy book and learn something why don't ya.
  3. Off-Topic Repository

    I am not here for a grammar class.....If you cannot read what I write then oh well....
  4. Well I see this will go nowhere fast.........Don't let the paranoia eat you alive.
  5. So you know more than NASA? No I do not necessarily believe everything that they have to say. Of course then again I don't walk around paranoid thinking the whole world and the government is out to get me either. I can understand why some things are doubted and not believed and governments sure as hell don't tell the whole truth thats for sure. I go on this "believe nothing I see and very little I hear" thats my philosophy.
  6. Agreed. And why some people continue to believe that Nibiru/Planet X exists is beyond me. Newsflash: 2012 has passed and we are still here.
  7. Updates & Support

    ​Yeah, shock me DJ was gone. Only way I found this place was DJ Facebook page.