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  1. The STAN LEE code.

    Is Stan Lee illuminati? Look at the main character of his X-men comic, Dr.CharLesXaVIer can you see the roman numeral for 666 (DCLXVI) encoded into Xavier's full name? That's not all in both DAN 7:24 & REV17:12 ten men/horns are given power with the antichrist aka the beast666. The roman # for 10 is X. Do the X-men represent those 10-men (X-men.) And why is the number 1 villain of the X-Men comic a JEW named Magneto. Now Stan Lee has a new comic called "illuminati", with characters like Dr.CharLesXaVIer, Dr. Strange a wizard, and Iron Man a rich playboy, who try to change the world. DENNY
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