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  1. Karl

    Avicii Dies at 28

    28 is so young to die man. I listened to his tunes when I was a pipsqueak! But the dude lived the party till it killed him!
  2. Karl

    How to Decide to Raise Your Kids

    Thank you!! That really helps, I think about values a lot, a good prayer would help a whole lot I think!
  3. Karl

    How to Decide to Raise Your Kids

    Haha shep you sound very rebellious! Thank you for your insight, I’ll remember this next time I know I’m guilty of coddling!
  4. Karl

    How to Decide to Raise Your Kids

    That’s a good perspective, I would want the life that let me spend the most time with those I love.. I will have to always keep that in mind! We are sorry for the unexpected loss!
  5. Karl

    How to Decide to Raise Your Kids

    It’s why I look here for some wisdom, you don’t accumulate enough of it in only 22 years! Thank you!
  6. Karl

    How to Decide to Raise Your Kids

    Thank you! Your 2 cents is worth a lot more than that. I look at it that way too. I can’t rationalize having children to let them be raised by daycares and schools. My daughter is two and she spent most of the second year of her life in daycare and I’ve spent the last three days with her realizing how much I’ve missed out on already. I don’t want it to be the same for her sister (due in july). I appreciate the support from you guys!!
  7. Karl

    How to Decide to Raise Your Kids

    That definitely helps, thank you! It’s a hard decision to make, I was always leaning towards option 1, I needed some encouragement!
  8. Karl

    How to Decide to Raise Your Kids

    Awe thank you so much!! I would be a fool to not take such wise words to heart.
  9. Karl

    How to Decide to Raise Your Kids

    Yes we have some education savings for the Little’s. The husband is great at hunting and we are both quick learners. We are more worried about our children having a different upbringing than anyone we know. We were both raised in town, always with friends, watching tv in the evenings after our soccer practices, dance lessons, volleyball etc. We don’t know if living so rural would deprive them from that lifestyle or if it would be a better lifestyle looking after chickens and playing with their siblings in the gardens. Our youth was great, neither of us feel it really was the best though. We just don’t know and it’s a big change! What a sweet woman who wrote that song, we love that and feel very similar. Thanks cin!
  10. Karl

    How to Decide to Raise Your Kids

    Thank you both!!
  11. Background: The husband is a carpenters apprentice and we have two Little’s, one of which is in daycare. My university debt is forcing my hand a bit to work. HOWEVER, this is our issue and I feel the perspectives of those on this forum can be helpful: 1) Lifestyle 1 is a small home, very rural, I do not work, husband works, I stay at home with Little’s, we would have to grow and hunt most of our food as most money goes towards education savings for Little’s, paying my (stupid) student debt, and paying the mortgage. We wouldn’t have any money for Disneyland trips, advanced sports teams, dance classes etc.. 2) Lifestyle 2 is a small home in the city, I finish law school (4 years + last year of undergrad), accumulate more student loans, but pay them off in about a year. We would have more money in the end for trips, classes, a bigger home, nicer cars etc, BUT kids would be in daycare until school with two working parents. So what provides a better foundation for a life in today’s society? I wish I had figured that out BEFORE having kiddos.
  12. They call these women career moms in Canada ^ welfare moms who lose some monthly income when the youngest goes to school, they get pregnant a year in advance so the money never stops flowing. Bad. I agree ^. However daycares do benefit single parent, disadvantaged children: development scores improve, academics improve etc. They have adverse effects on children with two parents: aggressive behaviour, illness, overall decline in health.
  13. I love this post, thank you, two likes for the thoughtfulness and humour!
  14. I just dare my peers to do sh** like this at my uni around me. I’d sooner knock the glasses off those fvcks before letting them interrupt this dude so rudely.