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  1. Karl

    Well, the UK is a goner folks.

    Do what though? Sure let’s saddle up, slap the spurs on, then where too? City hall to shout about what most people deem conspiracies? I’m all for the horse riding, but let’s talk a destination first. Ready the rifle for what, exactly? I’m a planner, I’m not going to get on my high horse to cause a ruckus and be made to look mentally unstable. People have asked you what the plan is and you’ve never given an answer! That’s the truth, we all sit on here and read and talk, talk and read because none of us know what else to do! Sure let’s “throw the politicians out, string em up,” truth is, no one is a big enough idiot to run out and do it because without significant numbers backing you, and I’m talking significant, you’re going to be the dumbass rotting in prison. Sure you’ll be a hero to some, insane to others. Words and patience are the only way to change anything. I am not trying to argue, I am not getting mad, I am straight up asking, no bs, how are you leading change, what was it that people failed to put up and left you all by yourself to do?
  2. Karl

    Breasts: The Real Reason Men Love Them

    I don’t know fellas, seems the younger gens are more infatuated by the booty.
  3. My top contenders for BS: 1. Introduction to Critical Thinking 2. Workplace Ethics and Diversity At least in all the stats class they’re open about how all stats are easily manipulated and the only way to ensure you can believe a statistic is if you’re given the raw data and you do the regression yourself.
  4. Why can’t it be a reward? Get your sh*t done and have a small bit at the end of the day! No worse than a bowl of ice cream, bag of chips, or couple bottles of beer. I know many carpenters sore af at the end of the day use it right before bed to drift off without the back pain. They wake up fresh and back at er the next day. But yes, using it unwisely FOR SURE unmotivates people and makes em lethargic and a waste.
  5. I hate to be the buzz kill but does this even matter? Is this really news? I didn’t know people actually watched that crap - much less debated about it. Once again Americans impressively make a big deal out of nothing.
  6. I 100% agree with this here! What gets me is all my busn/econ profs saying we outsource our jobs to india, China etc. not because it is cheaper labour but because there isn’t enough labour in Canada and USA. HA, what a load of cow manure that is. I’m sure if we ended some of the entitlement here in the west and raised proud hardworking people they would be tickled pink to be offered labour positions at a fair wage and live in neighbourhoods with families and people with similar values and culture.
  7. What is rap for the “Canadians” ?
  8. They have people like you to help! ?
  9. Interesting you say that, when I was 12 and going through the chapter (that was just focused on the holocaust specifically) I remember coming home and telling my parents how horrified I was that hitler had slaughtered millions of Jews (specifically) at the dinner table. My dad looked up (sagd) and asked how many Jews were in Germany etc. before the war. I didn’t know. He asked me a few more questions that made me wonder what I was learning, to which I replied I’d ask my teacher the next day. He stopped eating, my mom did too, they both looked and me and said don’t ask any questions and keep your mouth shut, but do not take all education at face value. That changed my thinking for my whole life.
  10. I was taught at 12 years old the good old 6 million number up here in Canada.. but that was almost a decade ago, maybe they fixed er up in our elementary schools!
  11. For younger children (ie: <4 yrs old) games of imaginative play encourage language development and creative thought as well as critical thinking skills. The colouring teaches children how to hold a pencil and create. The outdoors play is opportunity to appreciate the world around us. This is learning for young children and teaching comes in the form of guiding hands to colour, explaining what that butterfly on the dandelion is doing, and helping children solve problems that arise from playing pretend. It is learning. However, it is also true that many child care centres do not interact with children and rather supervise, which is, you are correct, not teaching. The children however are still learning, just not as well as they could be with a patient “teacher”. It’s unfortunate not too many parents are able to pick up on the staff’s complacency or lack of patience that led to this situation (if they bothered to meet them.) I certainly can tell who will inspire my daughter and explain the world around her when I meet young educators. Certifications can mean diddly-squat when it comes to taking care of children. It entirely depends on the person.

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