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  1. Double Major or Law Degree

    Thank you my friend, this is some top quality advise you give! I’ll plan for it for now and if something changes such is life.
  2. Double Major or Law Degree

    Thank you! I like the challenge that law offers, my life is full of sacrifices thus far and they’ve done nothing but make me stronger. What is a few more! I don’t like finance, which is the only reason I am considering more school. It is just not my cup of tea and I feel like lots of positions in finance would not offer me many opportunities to help people. Hearing that none of the lawyers you know regret their decision gives me lots of confidence. Thanks for spending so much time going through this with me my friend.
  3. Double Major or Law Degree

    I like to paint, clean, cook, garden. I’d make a stellar stay at home spouse. I don’t really have a choice financially. Part of the problem is that the only careers my university even hints at being possibilities are your standard accountant, financial analyst, etc. I don’t know what type of career I would even apply to. That’s a hard place to begin at.
  4. Double Major or Law Degree

    I am a year away from a finance major, economics minor. I grad spring 2019 and would like to figure out what I have planned for the summer/fall. Would have to schedule and plan for SAT too if planning law.
  5. Double Major or Law Degree

    Many people tell me there’s too many lawyers and the hours are long. Is it wrong to think I could just do a reasonable amount of work for a slightly unreasonable amount of money?
  6. Awesome thank you for your help! I love that.
  7. Hmmmm... very philosophical. I’m not sure now. I was raised on 3 or 4 sports teams at a time/ dance lessons, activity every day of the week and friends every weekend. Looking back it exhausted me, never left a lot of room to grow individually but what teenager needs lots of spare time to get into trouble? That question is the hardest one I have yet to answer about raising my kiddos. Do I want them to fit into society in the hopes of an easier/more pleasurable life. Do I want them to question everything, create a facade for their college classes and accept that they never really know answers to things while their peers go on arguing about current events you know are not even what they seem? I suppose I’ll have to wait until she is able to speak complete sentences to find out her opinion!
  8. Could I ask, as someone with a little girl myself, did living out of town make it harder for her to have friends/play dates/play on sports teams etc? Would love to live rural, but financially I’m unsure if I could afford the driving to and from work, the driving to and from extra curricular activities, from friends homes. We don’t want to spend our lives driving. Did your little girl ever feel deprived living away from “where it was all happening?” I would love to move out of town: land, trees, quiet. I am curious if it at all has a negative impact on someone growing up?
  9. Double Major or Law Degree

    Thank you! That’s super helpful. A week out of the month of overtime/long hours sounds more manageable than meeting legal deadlines constantly. I like a challenge, but time with family is rather important to me. I like opportunities, that’s what a person with a degree needs. The last thing I want is to be wondering where I am going to work with student loans and the cost of my kids braces leering on the horizon.
  10. Double Major or Law Degree

    Thank you! I agree, those are important to me also. I will keep looking into it
  11. Wow. That makes so much sense. I never realized that those definitions were meant to divide, but they totally do!
  12. Double Major or Law Degree

    I’m at a deciding point in my education. As it sits I’m struggling to decide between a double major in finance and accounting or a single major in finance and pursuing a law degree (commercial law.) It will take an extra year to earn a double major and an extra three to earn a law degree. I like both, I am more partial to law but have two little ones needing another working parents income. As a side note I’m a pretty happy person regardless, I just want to support the family. I value the opinions of people on this site and have little role models elsewhere in my life yet to offer me some firm advice. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  13. There is some strong polarization of opinions and very few people in the middle level headed and ready to think. I feel like that’s part of a plan, getting people to fight with each other. You can’t unite people so passionate about proving the other is wrong.
  14. THATS THE NOISE! I hear it all the time. Sporadically though, I’ll be sitting in a room and it’ll start and stop and go away. I always ask people around me if they heard it, no one ever does. I always thought maybe it was the electrical wherever I was. I don’t recall ever hearing it outside.
  15. “You wait for one great shocking occasion, thinking that others, when such a shock comes, will join with you in resisting somehow. You don’t want to act, or even talk, alone; you don’t want to ‘go out of your way to make trouble.’ Why not?—Well, you are not in the habit of doing it. And it is not just fear, fear of standing alone, that restrains you; it is also genuine uncertainty.” Do you think this will still be an issue today when people speak out about the slightest injustice?