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  1. Ok just make it clear for me now Shep is this board pro anti-semitism or not.. this guy says he "hates that Jew lover" and you are going to back him up. Where do you stand on that issue Shep.
  2. You sound like a peach yourself.
  3. Jerry Garcia

    How the pyramids where built in Egypt

    I am holding tight!!! What am I holding for? Show me the infos.
  4. Jerry Garcia

    How the pyramids where built in Egypt

    You guys have lots of good ideas annanaki freemasons good evil.. still don't know what the pyramids were used for. Power plant is an interesting theory but I don't think so. I have a question.. they say the earth has been here for 4.5 billion years with our sun. Is that enough time for an entire civilization such as our to dissapear back into the ground?
  5. Jerry Garcia

    How the pyramids where built in Egypt

    If we can't agree on how they were made.. is it really that important. The bigger looming question is what was their purpose and why were they made and why do we have a levitating eye on top a pyramid on top of our dollar bills? Definitely some real oddities here that haunt us daily our entire lives with little or no explanation. How about why do all corporate logos sneak a little pyramid or triangle shape. There is more than meets the eye.
  6. Oh cmon now this is easy you pay someone else to do the test for you. Like sneaking someone else's pee into a drug test.
  7. Jerry Garcia

    A guitar made out of clay?

    Druel.. I want.
  8. Wow that was awesome I never heard of this guy before today. Glad the sjw just made him famous.
  9. I don't even need to look. I know.
  10. No it was the free masons.. actually I have no idea. Maybe it was her.. but if you really want to know what has happened is So Cal is not more powerful than financially than Nor Cal anymore.. The tech boom has given them a ton of power and they are the freakiest of the freaks lib wise and Hollywood is losing out on movies as people don't hit the "box office" like they used to. Anyways I used to live up there.. I am from So Cal though. I couldn't deal with it. I went to a public college for grad school. I won't say which one.. but it is well known. Let me just say that it was like being part of the military for liberalism. There were teachers aids I knew who were failing students for showing any signs of being center of the road conservative. When I got there the first thing the Dean of the program said to me was "Oh you are the student from LA, ya I think we should cut the water supply off to Southern California." Literally the first words out of his mouth when I met him. This is a PHD program mind you. There were only 10 of us in the program..Also I am not even from LA but he just saw all of so cal as LA. They were all gay too I was really odd man out there.. Those people are insane. But I like to blame people instead of states or races. It is the liberals.
  11. This is when Arnold needs to step back in now lol and say I'll be back.
  12. San Francisco on the other hand has turned into the dirty dirty and really needs some new management... No idea what to say about that place anymore. Such a promising city with so much potential, and beautiful, but then people ruin it.
  13. California is the best state in the US... hands down you guys can say whatever you want, but you are lucky the USA has such a gem.. that being said I am glad that there is a light being shown on the immigration issue here and the Gov is smoking crack.. now we know who to blame for all this crap we have been dealing with. Thank you Trump.
  14. That is so weird what is that? I definitely just started noticing it and it's bad... also this is kind of off topic but since I haven't been eating meat I have noticed peoples breath smells bad more often and I think it's because they are eating steaks/hamburgers or whatever for lunch or dinner.. is that even possible that I would notice smells different if I have been away from meat?
  15. I was simply saying you said my family has a bunch of "shrinks" psychologists in it that believe x. Let's break this down to math so it isn't offensive. A + B = C.. You then said B is causing C. I simply said maybe it is A. Does that make sense? I think you are just upset because you had an idea that if you are manic being on a conspiracy site wouldn't be good for you and I am making a compelling argument that maybe it would be good for you. Which being a psychologist doesn't inherently make you correct on the subject.. more and more that whole field of psychiatry and psychology is being looked at like the modern day medicine man.

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