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  1. 9mm

    Some words for you!

    i need to figure how to down load them tunes \sigh making my play list 9
  2. when you find "IT" sprinkle that with the water of the mouth so it may grow unto your wildest dreams/fantasy ideas but be ware of the evil it also contains with in itself which you must reject that so much whole heartly astral projection is true but caution on those who attempt it 9
  3. experiences like that make my body shake and cry for a good outcome of course i'm scared of course i'll cry to the outcome of good intentions you see the exorcist movie tryed to tell people your god don't exist and they or those cant help you i am forever calling bull shiet Call and really mean it ......one can not unsee once one see's power and truth in the word of the human voice many things are hidden in that secret place untold nine my love to all that understand
  4. young children are more as-titute to the things we adults are aware of i clearly remember my grandson boy saying there is a man by the wall doing something talking he was 4 ish he (this man) makes me afraid pap he is strange by the power vested in me the servant of GOD the creator, be gone from this place never to enter again and i never heard my grandsons speak anymore of this entity i even asked months later...like it never even happened true story strange
  5. There are those people out to take every penny you got for their scams state money is skimmed off the top by contracts on roads and such every state is a scam. Pennsylvania turnpike was to be paid in full late 60's i think someone can find the original article about that today the tolls are still going strong to fund retirement plans actuall the tolls have went up 3 times in a year hold on to the dick act of 1902 nine
  6. so true everything is monitored as i know it is monitored because they are f**king brainless souls and dommed to real death
  7. if you only really wanted to go there is was or is so simple no mumbo jumbo as alot of it is the scripture or telling of the others perception of the truth like this is what the truth looks like totally give up on what others tell you the truth is right before your or one's eyes truth never lies ...neither do eye time is of the essence behold the truth
  8. 9mm

    G7 summit intense photo

    so on my local news channel i counted 9 induviduals not a 7 and all had their suits shirts pinned about but Trumps was open and flowing in the wind what does that say
  9. 9mm


    HERMES TRISMEGISTUS was Noah after the flood occured just my opinion tis true what was written don tho
  10. 9mm


    when one can understand the riddle of sorts when one can understand the saying here is a clue of sorts: Gods breath was upon the water. Gods breath became the water
  11. 9mm

    153news.net is down

    *** Weird Server Snafu...all back online! *** shiet happens
  12. so the 32nd object since the begining of 2018 to come inbetween the flat earth and the moon thanks for the link.. so watching it
  13. i too have had this experience @snowball in my front yard at almost midnite 11 pm ish last year/ last summer looking at the heavens, all the stars abound ,quickly and streaking one thought second my god it was luminous and seemed to have some wings luminescent ,i will never forget that
  14. Stormy Daniels i was thinking is next in line

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