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  1. JimmREEE

    Mars is Round

    @Walk Softly Are you so convinced the egg came before the chicken? Are you also convinced that man is correct in assuming the formation of our galaxy? Science has not twisted any of my moral fabric, but actually reinforced my religious belief in how amazing He is.
  2. No, that was my point... It gives a perspective to what kind of self-proclaimed activist she is. I thought it was relevant to your reply. Sorry another article "The attorney for Deanna Jo Robinson expressed shock Friday after learning the Hunt County grand jury had cleared a Hunt County Sheriff’s Deputy who was videotaped earlier this year, reportedly hitting the then-pregnant Quinlan woman."
  3. @Cinnamon If you follow the article URL you originally sent about Mrs Robinson, you will see a link that says "Go HERE to donate to her fund." If you follow this link, then you see this description about her: Deanna Jo, loving mother of two adorable boys, Veteran, Activist and friend in liberty, was arrested in NYC on Nov 11 while traveling from Texas, when her self-defense handgun was allegedly discovered in her vehicle. Please help us free her from Rikers. I found this also, but I just wanted to posit my "activist" declaration. http://www.heraldbanner.com/news/robinson-in-local-custody-again/article_bfada028-8247-11e5-a7d7-c32f40f846cb.html Seems Mrs. Robinson "in custody again" in 2016.
  4. @londonorcharended that discussion on Mrs Robinson, because I did not do my due diligence. But she is not the focus of our conversation here!!!!
  5. Damn, when I looked at her gofundme page or whatever, I saw she put "activist" after her name... That's when I was like... .... "uh oh" EDIT: Dammit @Cinnamon I thought you did my homework for me. hehe
  6. Honestly, @londonorchar, I feel nobody wants any of these cases to go to the supreme court, because it is a coin flip, and neither of us is willing to budge. We got the 2nd amendment, but we have to fight for our right to exercise the 2nd amendment? Twilight zone. The rundown: Pro 2nd amendment shouldn't have to fight. Anti 2nd amendment shouldn't have to put up with your rights.
  7. One thing is for sure... HE WON THAT CUSTODY BATTLE NOW.
  8. This situation there makes me more sad than the fact she got popped for having a gun in NY state. And I love me 2nd amendment rights. I say this and I don't know her, I don't know him, and I don't know their kids. Maybe she was crazy, maybe he needs to have his manhood removed for being such a b... little boy.
  9. I hear: GOOGLE / FACEBOOK better watch out! Google / Facebook laughs, because they know more about him and his routine than the NSA. Hell, the USA couldn't even get an antitrust suit to stick on Google; not that I condone those types of politics, but Google sure makes Bell Systems look like a mom & pop operation comparatively speaking.
  10. Sorry @Just Jo, but that's classified information. OH SNAP, see how that works?
  11. Forgive me ignorance, and it was there the whole time... This is another topic that needs addressing. They been teaching us this stuff is normal family behavior ever since I have been growing up since the early 80's. And a lefty crazy ex-husband could (stupidly) justify he's doing it for "the good of the children", because of the potential "harmful effects of being forced in same proximity as a stashed firearm" (atleast I can see that flying in a courtroom in New York). Not to get off subject. This woman was shanghaied by her own "family".
  12. JimmREEE

    Is anything really a conspiracy anymore?

    I saw someone somewhere put it best:(roughly) "But these conspiracy nuts keep putting out such great narratives, how could we ignore such pristine opportunities?"
  13. JimmREEE

    So We Get This Email That States...

    Wait wait wait... You are literally on an emailing list for the police department? Well, I suppose I am followed/follower of our local PD on twitter, so who am I to say anything? The first thought that popped into my mind was "sure was nice for them to let you know", but that's also kinda like a teenager saying "dad, don't worry about the house while you're gone for the weekend". EDIT: Ok I see it wasn't the PD emailing you, silly me... Still, my teenager comment stands on its own.
  14. When being a politician became a profitable endeavor is when I realized "uh oh, we got a problem". For @Ukshep's sake with love from America... Long live the Queen. haha be careful now. :-/ dammit it sucks to have to feel that way.
  15. I always thought so too... but that survival instinct says political office is probably not a good idea for me.

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