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  1. From Young, Stupid and Poor to Older, Wiser and Wealthy:

    Wow, Lucy... simplicity has come full circle with that answer... a solution within a solution thereby sealing the deal! It seems the simple answers work best because they're so easy to understand. And yet, I needed to step back and read that a few times to get its full impact. No need for big explanations with this, though.
  2. From Young, Stupid and Poor to Older, Wiser and Wealthy:

    It's not really hard at all if you follow this principle. When you have only ten dollars, give just one, but when you have one thousand dollars, be sure to give one hundred... and so on. If you do this, what you have will continue to grow. You can never outgive this principle.
  3. From Young, Stupid and Poor to Older, Wiser and Wealthy:

    It's important for me to make a distinction here on what being wealthy and successful really means to me because It is not just about having great monetary wealth. Far from it! Being generous is certainly one important trait, but even more importantly it's being true towards one self and living by example. To have both a rewarding and fulfilling life is all about how you live your life in the first place.
  4. From Young, Stupid and Poor to Older, Wiser and Wealthy:

    That is also what I meant, but this way of thinking is also knowing God at a much deeper level than we have been traditionally taught. Just the idea that God is within everything and not just some old white haired man dressed in white robes in the sky like many actually believe puts a whole new spin and perspective on who he actually is. My whole point is that he is everywhere, in control, and yet has given us much more control over our own destiny than we realize. Our very being is based on free will!
  5. From Young, Stupid and Poor to Older, Wiser and Wealthy:

    Yes, that's exactly what I meant. I should have put a bit more emphasis on that point, but you picked-up on it nicely! The difference here is it's not a standard business plan that we should follow, but instead, a life plan of kindness and generosity while never forgetting where we came from. You first need to understand where you came from before you can ever hope to know where you're headed.
  6. From Young, Stupid and Poor to Older, Wiser and Wealthy:

    Starting a new family changes everything, but slowly and which of course, is always the best way. That way it's lasting and not just a flash in the pan sort to speak! Most times the things that come too quickly never last. It's those slowly acquired things that are tried and true more times than not that last and is, of course, the most rewarding and fulfilling.
  7. From Young, Stupid and Poor to Older, Wiser and Wealthy: When I was 18 or 19 my motto was "looking out for number one" and "my best friend is my wallet." Even after being raised in truth I still let my guard down. Didn't work out too well for me, but when I met my soon to be wife, she gave me a reason to care for different things other than myself... her, and a new young family. I changed completely and got back on track with my teachings from my youth. I finally took control of my old enemy, the ego. I found the less I tried to have material things, the more I was able to acquire them. I was able to let go of the greed. Greed blinds you from the truth that flows all around us. I was able to acquire 4 homes where I lived in one, rented two, and allowed one of my daughters to live in the fourth. I also owned 2 additional properties, traded in both the stock and commodities markets, and gathered gold and silver, beautiful cars, trucks, and three other business. My point to all of this was and still is, once I was able to let go of the negativity and greed, that's when everything positive began to happen. Your thoughts are more powerful than you could ever imagine! Both good or bad and you'll get whichever you concentrate on the most!
  8. Cin is not feeling well...

    @Cinnamon , can you feel it surrounding you and bathing over your entire being?
  9. Hello everyone! Meet my Daughter Arabella Rose!

    Love and innocents, Dude! So precious!
  10. Merkel Says No To Upper Limits On Refugees

    Does God sometimes use evil to accomplish His plans: https://www.gotquestions.org/does-God-use-evil.html
  11. Why would anyone be surprised? The US government alone conducted well over 200 experiments by the military called 'Germ Warfare Testing Program' between 1949 and 1969 in the NYC subway system. They also did the same thing in other cities as well.
  12. They'd probably say, 'Oh, I have a friend named Marx Ism'. lol That actually sounds like a pretty cool first and last name... Marx Ism.
  13. Caitlyn Jenner for Senate, Are you serious?

    Didn't you really mean to say, 'Jenner is a screwball'?
  14. I'm not even gonna get started with any of this!
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