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  1. Maybe the following thread by @Ukshep has to do with the topic of this thread.
  2. In spite of everything happening with North Korea, Keep a constant watch on Syria.
  3. Maybe those same messages come in fortune cookies as well.
  4. Bite On This: I really don't give a rats ass about your 'I'm sure so truthful list' you've compiled about his jaded past. I expect that sort of thing from a Trump hater. You are certainly entitled to that. However, none of that means he wouldn't be a good president in spite of what you may think or say, so stop trying to convince me of anything. When I myself become convinced that he has lost my support, I will make that decision on my own and not based on anything you've posted. I don't even know you and yet I can say with certainty that you yourself have done things in your past that would be considered questionable. Do all of those things make you a bad person or even a bad husband or father? Certainly not! I'm also certain that you've been accused of things you've never done before in your past. Happens every day to everyone. Some things more serious than others. You sound like one of those liberals who would look to lay a beating on me because I'm a Trump supporter. Especially with your Trump supporters should be shot narrative! Cast the mote out of thine own eye before you judge someone else! Even if you're not running for president!
  5. Of course, and I agree, but even a statement as such is another way of saying that anyone who supports The Trumpet is wrong for doing so. And just as you have said, Trump supporters also have an opinion as well, though rapidly becoming much less popular these days. Some of us are not so quick you turn on him because we fully understand that there's plenty of disinformation out there that can sound so convincing if one is not careful. If and when the time does come that I have lost all hope in The Trumpet, I will admit to being wrong and gracefully bow out! I'm just not ready to do that yet!
  6. @Mr Anti-PC , I haven't given up on The Trumpet just yet and there are still others here on this forum who believe the same. So yes, your statement that we should all be shot is pretty harsh! Even more so because I don't believe that video is truthful at all!
  7. Well, I didn't watch the video because in the OP's opening post he stated that the person in the video quit the Illuminati, so I'm assuming the man in the video made that claim himself. Since that's impossible to do, though, I felt the person in the video was already being dishonest and misleading. However, had he stated that he was still a member of the Illuminati and that he knew the end results of releasing their carefully guarded secrets of sacrificial and secret rituals and rites, I maybe would have been more inclined to believe him and that would still be questionable. Anyone who fully understands the guarded secrets of both the Illuminati and the Masonic Order would know that any member of the Illuminati and any member above the 33rd-degree masonic order would have already been dead. Including this man in the video. Something I stated here on this very forum many months ago. The Illuminati and the Masonic Order are not into the sacrifice of children. Only those who are Satanists. Do you really believe that all members of both societies are Satanists? Well, they're not! Skull and Bones do have mock sacrifices, though. I'm certainly not siding with these people. Believe me, I know much about them, but there is just way too much hype about this topic of sacrificial rites and rituals.
  8. No one is ever allowed to quit the Illuminati, let alone talk about their ritual sacrifices and secrets. Even those who are members and say things they should not are disemboweled while yet alive. It's way beyond any big boys club!
  9. They'll be just like everyone else.They'll be no power grid to light up those light bulbs or light bulbs to buy. They'll be no car gas, so motor oil won't matter either. Yep, even those mentally challenged people will be just like the rest of us. Just really wanted to say that the title of this thread is a bunch of nonsense anyway.
  10. Now just because I gave you a like doesn't mean I was agreeing that you were/are an a-hole. I am agreeing that sometimes I may also deserve a spanking every now and then. The only other thing is that if I have to be spanked, I prefer it be cinnamon and not shep for obvious reasons. lol. Cinnamon's much better looking!
  11. I also like the following type of relaxing vids. This is my favorite to sleep to or listen to while reading on my computer. Try it with a good headset.
  12. Nice... 10 hours worth. I love falling asleep during thunderstorms. I have an extension on my browser for that.
  13. Just more proof that you have nothing to back up what you say. Using a video as your argument just proves that you have nothing substantial. ... and talk about semantics and a music video to boot! No harm, no foul. I understand that not everyone is awake yet.
  14. I like the first UFO scene in that video. They are actually not UFO's, but instead Archons Interdimensional Biological entities. I just posted something about them a few nights back on another forum. I also wrote about them quite a bit a couple of years back.