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  1. @Cinnamon , Well now that makes me very happy that my family just left Hawaii and landed in LAX. Just now taxiing for takeoff to NYC 5 hour flight.
  2. Did The World End Today?

    According to where I live in NYC, it hasn't happened yet, but if it's going to, it better do it within the next 21 minutes.
  3. Floridians told can't use their Solar

    I know here in NYC if you have an installed solar power system they do not supply power when the power goes down. Someone I used to work with told me about this as he had one installed. The only thing these systems do is reduce your electric bill. These systems are usually installed for free, so just that alone should tell you there's a price to pay somewhere in the end. However, there are also systems that run independently and separate from the electric grid.
  4. Maybe she was mad cause the dog ate her child. lol. She obviously never left with one.
  5. Electric Jupiter Shocks Astronomers

    Another great video: The first 3 to 4 minutes will have you on the edge of your seat!
  6. Electric Jupiter Shocks Astronomers

    Something you might like. The ancients knew all about this. Short Version: Long Version:
  7. Electric Jupiter Shocks Astronomers

    @Sky Cat, Really good stuff. Was convinced of an electric universe a few years back when the more I looked into it, the more sense it made.
  8. Exactly right! No need to analyze anything. It's an open and shut case just by watching the video. He actually murdered the guy even though this guy was resisting, when he got to his feet, he was moving away from the officer. I think the officer just made a bad choice. One that he'll always regret! If he doesn't, then he has no empathy. This guy was like Judge Dredd!
  9. That's a contradictory statement. If you are stating something as a fact, then you are certainly drawing a conclusion.
  10. No, that's not at all true about me. If I were ever to sit on a jury, I fully understand what's at stake for the one I am judging. If I make a bad decision, I'm destroying someone's life completely. Not only that, the lives of his loved ones. Also, there is also the other families involved that I could be hurting, so no, you're very wrong about me. I am a compassionate person.
  11. Obviously, the Cop made a very bad decision which he'll have to live with for the rest of his life. I'm pretty sure he's now questioning if what he did or the way he did it was right.
  12. Both of us are drawing our conclusions from what we both saw in the video, which looked like murder to me.
  13. So what, he didn't make any advances towards the police officer. Bottom line, he should have never shot him. He should have told him to get on the ground. If he didn't, that's ok as long as he didn't approach the officer. Then the officer would have been right to shoot to kill. And even that policy of shoot to kill is questionable. That looked more like a can of mace he took from the cop.
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