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  1. I was actually taught that there is a thin atmosphere on the moon and with oxygen. There is ice and also water. I was also told that humans can and already have been on the surface without any breathing apparatus or even a suit. Can I prove that? No, I cannot. They have said the temperatures have been grossly exaggerated though they are at times, extreme. I think they were implying that there are certain times when and when not to be out on the surface. Also, I'm not so sure that your information from wiki is accurate or even true as we know how they all lie. Also, the moon is not just gray. There are green, blues and browns everywhere. Just not bright colors. True Colors of the Moon: https://photographingspace.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Moon_5d_12RC_firstlight_2015-07-26_PS-30293_WM.jpg
  2. @Zireael That's a whole lot of questions, but I will answer in a few different posts I think. I'll get started asap. Just give me a bit.
  3. I have always had a very strong faith, but there are some things that no one should ever know! I know you're having a hard time with that, but I'll just ask that you trust me on that one. My nights: I'll most likely get to bed around 3 or 4am toss and turn for an hour or two as everything rushes into my head. I'll probably sleep 2 or 3 hours if I'm lucky!
  4. OK, I'll try to answer everything you've asked as best I can and with as much detail as possible. From the age of 4-13 years old 2 seniors from my church (Pentecostal) or better yet, thru this church (as they were not members) came to my parents and asked if they could teach me, but of course, I didn't hear this conversation, so I have no real idea (at the time) what was discussed. My parents approved, so a few days per week this is what they did. I was the type of kid who wasn't afraid to ask questions and that's what I did. I wanted to know who they were and what they wanted to talk to me about. Remember, I was only 4 but probably closer to 5. They said they were masons which at the time I had no clue what that was. They wanted to teach me the truth, so I thought, well, ok. They basically, in the beginning, asked lots of questions but that part I really don't remember. This went on for about 9 years. They told me about how people have been going to space for many more years than people were told and that they actually had well-advanced craft and technology to do so. They told me that people were already on both the moon and mars living there in colonies alongside other beings. It wasn't working out so well on the moon, though. They taught me about the universe and many of its secrets and how all things communicate. they were able to show me photographs and text explaining different things. They were not secret documents, but I was surprised by everything I saw. All of those things were shown to me as I became older so I would understand it better. Who wrote and/or took the images, I have no idea. I just know what I read and saw. You questioned (on-site, from orbit, or from great distance?) It was a mix of all three. Most of what they taught me was the meanings of symbolisms of the masonic order and how their system really works. Not what the public knows. They taught me how there are many levels above the known 33 and the truth as to what really happens in those hundreds of upper degrees. I hope what I've just shared is what you were looking for. I also want to add one more important comment. I did not ask for any of this as I didn't even have a choice. Also, when they were finished teaching me, they just up and left, but not before giving me information on where to go to continue learning, but I'm too old and sick to do that anymore. I just feel that I'm supposed to start sharing these things because I can't just see taking it all to the grave when I die.
  5. Without a doubt! Such unfair bullshit.
  6. So where were they with the Clinton foundation and their pay to play and Obama's selling out of America by encouraging foreign investing in US companies?
  7. Should say, 'Dial 1 for Spanish'
  8. Looks like they'll have to learn how to use the translation feature in their browsers. lol. That's easy enough... right? Internet Explorer has one built in and for Google Chrome you can download the extension.
  9. I've used those stoves way back because they've been around a long time. The older versions have flat round instead of flat square fuel. You can even get them in double burner, if still available. They also make the single and double burner in sterno fuel stoves. That food you're eating and thinking it's beef is really soy. Good video, though, and thanks.
  10. It's about time! Now we'll get the truth!
  11. Another British invasion like the Beatles... lol. Another great idea!
  12. Trumps meeting this morning was scheduled for only one hour but continued another hour in the oval office. He's living up to his promises by going above and beyond. I also like this guy in the video. Great choice in my opinion.
  13. Everyone says the same thing until they are forced to deal with it, so no, I'm not sharing that with anyone. I know what happened to me with the doubt and how it shook my faith until I was able to understand what actually happened.
  14. Yep, I sure did.
  15. Aside from the slightly reddish color of mars surface, Mars actually looks a lot like the earth. This is how they do it: http://www.scienfree.org/images/MARS/23_NASAcolorfilter.jpeg Side by side red lens and true color: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/0c/01/53/0c0153fee3521992e3ea708a1533d844.jpg Why do they do this? Because a red lens covers all the natural colors of nature such as green, blue, and brown. Examples of green without red lens: 1. http://s118.photobucket.com/user/mikesingh_bucket/media/MarsColor13A.jpg.html 2. http://s118.photobucket.com/user/mikesingh_bucket/media/MarsColor3.jpg.html 3. http://s118.photobucket.com/user/mikesingh_bucket/media/MarsColor14A.jpg.html 4. https://www.nasa.gov/sites/default/files/styles/full_width_feature/public/mcewen-2-pia17605.jpg?itok=YD9jHr1H