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  1. Cryptic Mole

    I wish I could turn off the dreaming....

    Trust one who already knows, you'll learn to live with it. Either that or you won't sleep very well. With me, it wasn't so much the dreaming, but instead, the thoughts racing thru my head. I couldn't turn them off or shut them down no matter what I tried. However, over time, they finally subsided. Took many years, though.
  2. Cryptic Mole


    OK, what's your point?
  3. Cryptic Mole

    Using Mind To Erase Clouds

    Yeah right, I'm sure I was the only one who was condescending and all while you yourself sitting there and claiming to be so innocent, and all while you continued to challenge me and fan the flames. Nice try, dude! I'm too smart for that one! As far as me just stating my opinion and being done with it, that would have been an excellent idea had you not challenged me, but you did, so the rest is history! Sometimes attitude problems are breed by those who disagree and/or challenge such as yourself. You know what I mean. The one who believes that he's so innocent and the victim such as yourself when you're not! And the greatest part of your quote above is your attempt at turning everything around on me with demonic forces. lol. Now I let demons work thru me? Man, you're just reaching for something that's not even there. Why the hell did you start this thread in the first place? To have everyone saluting you and saying, "yes sir?" Threads are many times for debate and that's what happened here. If you cannot handle the heat, then why the hell are you hanging out in the kitchen? Now before you continue, let me say, me and you can dance all day with this nonsense, but I'm not gonna give you that opportunity, so to you and your thread, have a great day! I hope that everyone continues to agree with you because if they do not, it may make you uncomfortable. lol.
  4. Cryptic Mole

    Using Mind To Erase Clouds

    And I know exactly what thread you're referring to where that's the biggest problem. But that's certainly not the only thread where that happens. Well, as I've stated before, some people can get downright nasty at times! Thus from my about me page: Stop With The Conspiracy Bullshit: Not everything that happens is a conspiracy. Nor are 'The Powers That Be' to blame for every bad thing that happens in your life. If you have problems with these ideas, get over them, because I really don't care! ~cm
  5. Cryptic Mole

    Weird Princess Meghan Doll-like appearance?

    Here's an idea that no one here on this forum has ever mentioned. These people act strange and bizarre because they're demon possessed.
  6. Cryptic Mole

    Using Mind To Erase Clouds

    Because I don't believe what people are claiming and that makes me look like I'm calling everyone a liar when I'm actually not. I just think they are not seeing it the way they believe they are because I see those clouds dissipate all the time on their own with no wishing them away. I always state what I believe and sometimes that gets me in trouble or in conflict with some here, but at least I'm real and honest even when others may disagree. Sure, I could take the road that everyone always travels and tell them what they want to hear or I could take the road less traveled and disagree with all the unpleasantness that can sometimes come along with it, and many times I do just that. This thread just so happens to be one of those times.
  7. Cryptic Mole

    Using Mind To Erase Clouds

    Well, of course, I'm just joking about anyone being a retard and you should have realized that. We have conversed many times in the past normally. I just don't agree with you is all. It's never anything personal ever.
  8. Cryptic Mole

    Weird Princess Meghan Doll-like appearance?

    They're always doing weird shit, though.
  9. Some Alternative scientists have claimed that these trees were between one and three miles high. They also claim that Adam and Eve were approx 15 feet tall, and in the pre-Adamic ages, giants were 150 feet tall and even further back, up to 450 feet tall. Those figures would fit very nicely with those 1 to 3 mile high trees. Not my words, though. Truth? Who knows?
  10. People should protest outside CNN Fake News Headquarters!
  11. Cryptic Mole

    Weird Princess Meghan Doll-like appearance?

    Does anyone really give a rats Arss about these people?
  12. I watched that live because I was watching the NBA playoffs. I saw him looking like that and laughed because I thought he was just messing around. lol. Shaq is a Mason. I met him there.

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