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  1. I've never heard that one before! lol. Either that's a tiny ass fly or a really huge tick.
  2. She say's she can, but she's also good at making those funny brownies.
  3. Since I used to fight in the after hours clubs at 265 pounds and into my 50's, I'd say there's a pretty good chance that I could still knock most people on their arse! So I would have to say my hand to hand combat skills. I was also pretty good at outdoor survival out in the woods growing up as a kid.
  4. I wish it had an army helmet to go with the shoulder stripes.
  5. Lol
  6. http://www.olvastewartpharo.com/LDesertStorm.jpg
  7. Oh, I still did the juicing today in spite of messing up. I also ate some grapes and blueberries.
  8. Sometimes the most obvious place is the best place. The theory says, they couldn't really be that stupid, now could they? lol. Try the barn if you have one.
  9. I will for sure. I can see the value in it. I would have to be an idiot to not do this with my condition. Even if I can add a few more years to my life, that would be golden!
  10. That's probably the most logical thing to do! Out of sight, out of mind!
  11. All I can say is "shame on me." Blew it about four hours in. I even did it while watching the Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead video. My wife went out to eat with one of our grandkids and brought me home this large cup of chicken soup loaded with noodles.
  12. That's not practical for carrying your phone around. Besides, most hacks are done when you get suckered into something while using your phone.
  13. I'm seeing something there as well. Or maybe he just thought everything was finished or had a reason for not standing for the photo op that was obviously happening when he just wandered off. If you notice, though, he did seem to hesitate for a moment before walking away.
  14. @Cinnamon , this is all in the flesh fallen angel technology meant to preserve their offspring. The Nephilim were their children, so they loved and cared for them as any other parent would. God did instruct men to kill all of the cursed Nephilim giants and their offspring. This is the reason for the above preservation I suppose. Even with their large size, they were being hunted into extinction. Someone was somehow able to calculate the IQ of the fallen angels. They supposedly had/have an average IQ of 1000-1200. Their offspring, approx 600. People would say as an angel, couldn't they just perform a miracle? It seems that those abilities were taken away with their falling away, but their IQ remained intact. It also seems that their abilities to move between dimensions were still allowed. This makes people believe that the fallen have the ability to dematerialize and materialize again. In spite of their superior intelligence, some humans have been able to trip them up with the use of word plays.