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  1. Operation High Jump definitely solidifies beyond reasonable doubt that there is some serious f**kery going on down there. Neuschwabenland and all. I have spent a lot of time trying to find anything substantial about this, but I think the secrecy behind whatever is happening there is definitely a cut above the rest.
  2. It's an anime addition to the Matrix universe. Long story short, it tells the history behind the rise of the machines and the establishment of the Matrix. It's actually a pretty good watch.
  3. I agree. I read somewhere that the black projects, with all of their funding, created a breakaway civilization that in its current state possesses technology in excess of 10,000 years in advance of current (publicly) available tech. As an aside, even if these guys have the best of intentions (which I honestly think some might), I don't think a lot of the creative minds behind these projects fully understand the nature of the beast (Deep State, TPTB, Breakaway Civilization, etc) they are up against. Something, something, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
  4. This might just be me, but what I gleaned from this entire video is that the nerds are about to inherit the earth. By creating a marketplace for AI, a talented programmer can create an army of AI workers to complete tasks that earn money for the programmer and probably eventually create an AI that spends its time creating more AI to multiply the revenue streams for the programmer. Excuse me while I spend the rest of my life learning to code.
  5. Mitch Rapp

    Massive Fraud Activity on Amazon

    Absolutely a public front for the Deep State data collection / control apparatus. Their "break-even" business structure is quite literally designed to run every other company out of business in order to consolidate commercial power in the hands of the Deep State and to give them the ability to expand automation and increase the power of the welfare state.
  6. Not to state the obvious, but we can safely assume this satellite is going to look back down at us. Probably carries a sensor package that is still classified, but isn't actually anything "ground breaking." I know there is a plan to blanket us with smaller satellites that all network together in order to track people/objects automatically in real time HD. I forget the name of the project, but the military had (still might) a blimp over VA/DC area with this optics package.
  7. Mitch Rapp

    Massive Fraud Activity on Amazon

    I wouldn't say what you are experiencing is paranoia. Amazon is without question a gigantic, evil empire.
  8. Someone call Bill and Melinda Gates and tell them we found that pesky bug they've been working on in their secret lab.
  9. I think they have their work cut out for them if they think they are going to impeach Trump. I don't think anyone fully realizes the level of clout he managed to amass in the shadows and the level of high technology he has been utilizing in order to control the public narrative and keep the Blue Church on the constant defensive.
  10. DHS/HSI Raided Bolma Star Services, the owner of Eros.com, a popular escort services website. Eros separates itself from the pack by requiring more stringent ID verification in order to prevent underage subjects from advertising or trading on the platform. I imagine a number of wealthy, powerful, and influential individuals use this service. Anyone else know a little more/have interest in this subject? Here is the link to the local news article - http://abc11.com/feds-raid-youngsville-business-for-possible-sex-cyber-crimes/2614696/

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