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  1. is Jesus real?

    A person I used to know said to me, he set out to prove that Jesus and the bible wasn't true, but found the opposite. He's now a minister. He never shared his proof with me. I am 100% sure that our reality is BS.. controlled, etc. I've studied conspiracy and all it entails for a long time, and have all the proof that I need that it exists - 9/11, 666, crisis actors, hollyweird, wars, secret societies & intelligence agencies, symbols, pedos, fractional reserve banking. Also, flat vs. round earth truth. Etc etc etc. Does anyone have convincing proof about the said topic? When one studies conspiracies long enough, they simply cannot go back to being unsure. That's the kind of proof I would like please.
  2. if it were an all out war, 100,000,000+ with guns vs a small cabal.. the 100m would win. look at Afghanistan - the Russians with their huge army fought for over a decade and lost to a bunch of tribesmen. I'm sure they know this and have other plans. That Deagel prediction really creeps me out.
  3. 3 Terror Attacks - NBC

    Megyn Kelly is about to do a story on NBC about a dude who was at 3 different terrorist attacks and survived. This oughta be good... to wake ppl up! Haha probably not unfortunately.
  4. The new 2018 cover is out: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0535/3509/products/TW18_us_1024x1024.jpg?v=1510845720 Remember the 2015 cover.. the arrows showing the date of the 'terrorist' attack in France.. it was the only possible date combination. Merkel doing her hand sign. Dang was that creepy. https://socioecohistory.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/economist_magazine_jan2015.jpg
  5. Is glp blocking visitors of this site

    I was blocked by GLP.. was not the first time but had always been able to get unbanned after a few days (that's when I found CO) This time I had to create an account and pay $10 for one month. I think it's mostly about the money. In case the title of this post is true, I won't say anything negative about them specifically. However I'm certain many (probably most) of the CT sites out there are full of 'untruthful people.' Perhaps compromised sites want to keep a balance. More folks like us 'figure it out' daily, and as they go looking for answers tptb want them steered. GLP has some good attributes.. but it's mixed in with a lot of bs. Let's implement the good things from GLP here. -billgatesofhell