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  1. Mick Haggis

    DOE sends out emergency text for COOP

    You think Pittsburgh? Or would that possibily just be the distraction?
  2. Mick Haggis

    Wind topples giant statue of China's first emperor

    An omen perhaps?
  3. For some reason this coming from San Antoniodoesn't surprise me.
  4. It's funny how this happened just after the military border deployment news. Ya know? Just sayin'.
  5. Six of one half a dozen the other. But at least im in good company on this site. Lol
  6. My friend was just telling me about this... Never expected to see an article from my hometown paper on here. Lol gotta love the psychos around here
  7. We had two kids arrested in San Angelo, TX on 2/15 at Central H.S. where i work.
  8. Mick Haggis

    Saw something strange today

    As I was out smoking my first of the day, ( I work nights so my day starts around noon) I heard a plane flying over. This is very regular as we have an AFB and I'm near our regional airport. I am accustomed to seeing mid range airliners, parcel company prop planes, Air Force trainers and NASA T38s. Occasionally we get some gunships and shinooks come in for maitenance but not much else due to relatively small runways. As i looked up today I saw for the second time in a few months an awacs aircraft. Not a huge one but still a multi engine jet the same both times and i' never seen that here ever before. As i was watching that i saw another jet almost like a C-130 or a stratotanker looking like it was releasing trails from all four engines. The reason i found this odd is because of our airport being the size it is, most largeer aircraft fly over at high altitudes and this was low enough to distinctly see all four trails and a large body. Anyone have any ideas on this?
  9. Mick Haggis

    Heavy spraying in Tx

    Just a heads up for anyone in the area. Heavy chem spraying in west central Tx. San Angelo area and possibly in Abilene area. Both are Air Force base towns. I have noticed a pattern that the spraying gets more intense here when the wind picks up after a few calm days. Is that just coincidence or has anyone else noticed it as well?
  10. I just posted on this a few days ago i just surprised me that i hadn't heard anything anywhere about it for two weeks after it happened.
  11. Mick Haggis

    8 Reasons Why Rome Fell

    Hello all, I was just lookiing around today and came across this article. Being a history buff, needless to say, it caught my attention. As i was reading i saw some well, frightening things. The similarities and parallels to the current state of the US are extremely chilling. http://www.history.com/news/history-lists/8-reasons-why-rome-fell
  12. Hey guys i don't have much time to explain this you just have to see it to believe it. I just stumbled across this today and am curious why i haven't heard anyone talking about this at all. https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2018/01/the-oil-spill-that-wasnt/550820/
  13. Isn't the dragon an important part of most every Asian culture and mythology? Or space x has a craft named dragon. Possibly something with either one or both? Just spitballing here.
  14. Just saw a strange one here... Watching the shower from my backyard and glanced up to the pleiades and noticed an extra star... i was just able to focus on to see it was bright blue, like a police light blue and was moving slowly for 2 seconds before it just blinked out
  15. It snowed a little bit here too on Wednesday and we are about 350 miles west of austin

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