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  1. The big lightning mystery

    I had heard about this, but not in such great detail... Thanks for sharing this ! Yea, that's what i meant ,it's a bit scary but seems very possible... I think all of this fits very well with my theory, so thanks again for sharing, this really polishes my theory!
  2. The big lightning mystery

    Glad you like it ;) ! Yea, i thought about that too ( that lightning is natural ,but used by aliens ), and i guess it makes a bit more sense, but i think the powerful lightning (100 - 300 kV ) is supercharged or something and can't be natural. That's an interesting story, thanks for sharing ?
  3. The big lightning mystery

    Yea, maybe... I will go even further and say - maybe they realised that humans are pretty fuking dumb ?? and are not worth their time, so they went to another planet, and they couldn't leave earlier because their mothership had to recharge or something those 20 years. Also - before they went to earth, observing it with some super telescopes would yield these results - dinosaurs and some ape people - this is because they are so far away and the speed of light - the point is that they probably couldn't know how advanced we were then in the 60s unless they can observe planets far away in some other unimabinable way.
  4. The big lightning mystery

    I have watched a few movies and read a few stories, but i am no expert. I do have a theory about this though - maybe the aliens technologies progressed just like humans - stealth, mind control, time warping and stuff like this. So now abductees just laying in bed get a bad feeling, lose some control and then wake up in the morning with some symptoms like pain in some parts, weakness, remembering everything as a wierd lucid dream. Another theory is that all this is getting covered up more and more easily.
  5. The big lightning mystery

    Thanks for the story and all the details, really appreciate this ?! Any info helps polish my theories.
  6. The big lightning mystery

    Thanks for the welcome ! It sounds like you don't have a very severe case, as it went trough the house and wires, i think you got lucky as i have read much worse cases. The time you were out, confused and sleeping seems quite interesting... Do you remember anything about this time? If not, what did the people you were with tell you about this time? Any odd or bizzare events?
  7. The big lightning mystery

    Wow, really? Can you tell us a bit more ? Please ;D How long ago did you get hit ? How far was the strikestrike ? Do you have lichtenberg's scars ? Do you have any of the symptoms ? Did it get easier after time? I am really interested, so it would be great if you could tell anything more ;D . P.S: sorry if i am bugging you . ;)
  8. I don't really remember , but i am sure that's the thing . I remember it also had a connection with all the blood moons this year.
  9. I had watched some videos about this about a year ago, predicting the end of the world based on the jewish beliefs, was hoping it would turn out as another failed "end of the world" prophecy, but damn... If this really turns out to be true i have to start living my life to the fullest !
  10. I don't know if i got the right idea , but as "flat " did you mean like a never ending line? I think this works best with the theory and it could easily be this way if everything was a simulation like the matrix and the million stars in the sky are just bright dots, nothing more ... We would then be alone in the "universe" , with no future... But i think this thought is a bit too depressing for me, so i like to think the earth is spinning around a huge ball of fire with incredible speeds in a vast galaxy with a few billion other suns who have their own fascinating planets ... :) Your theory works fine, but i feel more safe with the way i know it... Call me ignorant if you want ;D .
  11. The big lightning mystery

    Hey! Happy you like this ;) . Oh, i read your flat earth theory and i think it's very interesting .About to post my thoughts there !
  12. The big lightning mystery

    Cheers! Glad you liked this ;) I am really relieved you are ok with my punctuation , i basically let my cat put the punctuation signs in my posts ;D
  13. Yea, i know ;D just joking around. She is terrible at computers though...
  14. Omg! My brother's gf just installed windows 10 ... I am not saying she's ordering 100 grams of weed (not saying she's not either),but this is pretty scary shit. I heard some rumors about xbox doing spying, but there wasen't much proof. Now this right here is pretty solid proof! Good find!
  15. The big lightning mystery

    Tell me what you think I am not scared of criticism
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