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  1. You may want to note that O hasn't tweeted since mid-January. I believe they already have him.
  2. They all went to Jesuit schools. The higher ups, in both parties. I was reading about he Jesuits yesterday. They are also involved in a lot of teaching as well, poisoning the minds of our young. The Pope has to go. He truly is evil.
  3. I sincerely hope that bologna sandwiches are her favorite!
  4. "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." What role, if any do the Jesuits play. They are ruthless.
  5. Only if the ice cream is made from hemp milk.
  6. Kestrelle

    I may not vote for Trump in 2020.

    Beautiful and inspiring words, Shep.
  7. Oh no. No more boyfriends who disappear into thin air.
  8. Kestrelle

    I may not vote for Trump in 2020.

    It's my belief that all good things are happening. It takes time to gather evidence and prepare your case, otherwise we will lose against these powerful people. Trump is not just golfing. Already, his accomplishments are outstanding. If anyone doesn't know what his accomplishments are so far, it's an easy search engine feat, and there's lots more to come.
  9. Got what he deserved, I'd say. Enjoy Hell, Buddy! I hear there's going to be a roast in your honor.
  10. Kestrelle

    Prison for Ginseng

    Our American Ginseng is a cooling ginseng. My guess the poster had a drink with a more Yang Ginseng like Korean Red. In any case, American Ginseng is very highly prized in China and the inflated price is why ginseng hunters don't care about the ecology of the plant.
  11. Kestrelle

    Clintons New York home is ON FIRE.

    Maybe there were two turkeys who needed to be smoked out of their "safe room".
  12. I've given this considerable thought. I suspect God can also change and grow with the times, since he can do every other thing. It's a theory. I'm trying it out. What do you think?

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