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  1. I get migraines if I stay in the sun too long. I cant stay at the pool for more then an hour. Look at the reflection of the sun on a shiny car, the point of light is white.
  2. Deepdown

    We're Baack

    My first thought was oh this is going to suck to rebuild. 2nd thought, hope his host backs up
  3. They are banning all Verizon IP ranges slowly. I got hit a few weeks ago. A co worker got hit yesterday. I sent my co worker here.
  4. Deepdown

    sO WhAt dO yOu gUys dO fOr fUn

    Launching a CBD E Liquids business.
  5. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/donald-trump-inaugural-committee-107-million-charitable-donations-a7955081.html https://apnews.com/0756ba7480444895b4fabc9a2f0909b3 https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2017/06/donald-trump-eric-trump-charity
  6. This is Israel's "Colin Powell" event.
  7. Deepdown

    Iran is the next game of chicken

    We are running out of enemies lol I am truly happy for North and South Korea. I feel bad for Iran, they haven't done anything.
  8. Deepdown

    Our 3 Year Anniversary of COP

  9. It is not a major factor. 99% of us who play violent video games do not thinking about shooting up schools. https://futurism.com/violent-games-dont-cause-mass-shootings/ https://www.york.ac.uk/news-and-events/news/2018/research/no-evidence-to-link-violence-and-video-games/ 99% of kids who shoot up schools are on MEDS. Nobody will talk about that link.
  10. They really want that pipeline huh. Oh and a central bank to boot.
  11. Deepdown

    Bilderberg 2018 Location And Agenda

    Chantilly Va a few years ago. Ottawa Canada as well. For NA
  12. I place giant orders with taco bell a few times a week. 100$ a pop tons of taco's the only issue I have encountered is when I place the order via drive thru people behind me scream at me. "Leave some for us" besides that, they are happy to make my orders. Not all restaurants are staffed with friendly staff.

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