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  1. Just gave it a try. I entered "conspiracy outpost" and this website was the first entry in the results.
  2. Organized religion is the foundation for mind-control. See https://www.universal-rights.com/revision/ It is the reason for war, oppression, and genocide. It is the reason European Christians were able to sail to the Americas, genocide the Natives, and steal their land to establish the United States of America. It is the reason the Nazis were able to burn millions of people as a sacrifice to god - because those sacrifices are demanded in the Bible. Is the reason Christians were able to slaughter hundreds of millions of people in the Crusades, Inquisition, and Reformation. It is the reason Christians persecute Christians like when the Puritan Pilgrims burned witches at the stake. Scriptures fit into history, but history does not fit into the Bible, Torah, or Qur'an.
  3. Ever watch the Bill Gates depopulation video?
  4. ...and not human. People just don't do that. That German family (that calls themselves Brits) trace their inferior bloodline back to the Anunnaki and Baalbek Lebanon. The cult of el (aka the cult of anu) is the original saturn/satan worship which recognizes the sabbath day (saturday or saturn's day). That is why Jews are forbidden from stating the real name of their god out loud, they've spent many years trying to cover-up who the jew god is by changing his name in the blood-drenched scriptures. They hate us. For the full story read https://www.universal-rights.com/revision/ And you are right - they need to be stopped.
  5. CuriousAboutItAll

    Voice to Skull Patent

    Richard Nixon spied on American citizens perceived as political enemies. He was thrown out of the oval office in disgrace. Today, the USG spies on everyone, then it's determined if a person is an enemy. If they are, the torture begins. The United States is a Christian country. If it's not, then why are the President and top officials sworn in on the Christian Bible? Why do U.S. courtrooms force a person to place their hand on a Bible and sworn to tell the truth? Christian countries have led the world in slavery, oppression, torture, and genocide for a very long time, long before they called themselves Christians. Voice to Skull Patent: http://patft.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser?Sect1=PTO1&Sect2=HITOFF&d=PALL&p=1&u=%2Fnetahtml%2FPTO%2Fsrchnum.htm&r=1&f=G&l=50&s1=6470214.PN.&OS=PN/6470214&RS=PN/6470214 More info at: https://www.universal-rights.com/revision/ ---
  6. CuriousAboutItAll

    Off-Topic Repository

    Thanks Cin. You did help confirm a few things for me.
  7. CuriousAboutItAll

    Off-Topic Repository

    It was a joke Shep, so I know full well you are not "an almighty all-knowing king". WOW, is all I can say at this point.
  8. CuriousAboutItAll

    Off-Topic Repository

    Just a joke, Shep. Just a joke.
  9. CuriousAboutItAll

    Off-Topic Repository

    Whatever Shep. BTW, I think moderate Muslims work for Q.
  10. CuriousAboutItAll

    Off-Topic Repository

    Go back and re-read your posts. You attacked a few people personally and everybody generally. Name calling and then some. Childish really, but then I do that at times too because that is the way we were indoctrinated. It ain't easy to get rid of that way of thinking.
  11. CuriousAboutItAll

    Off-Topic Repository

    Ah, no debating (arguing) on a forum. Just accept what you are told. I get it now.
  12. CuriousAboutItAll

    Off-Topic Repository

    Yes I doubt the intentions when a website uses GOOGLE and knows what Google is about. If this forum is for people to learn, then learn. Google's JavaScript runs on the client side, not the server side, and therefore is far more intrusive and provides far more information to the NSA than data gathered from internet traffic alone. You could sell banner ads to companies that sell homeopathic remedies, or any number of companies that would advertise here because they cannot advertise on establishment controlled and funded websites. I don't know what invision license you have, but there is forum software that is open source and free. You can get a dedicated server for 25/mo. Even if you sold one banner ad for 100/mo you'd be ahead of your costs. So quite whining like a little girl and find a solution that eases what is obviously a problem you can overcome.
  13. CuriousAboutItAll

    Off-Topic Repository

    What lord, Shep? The establishment endorsed lord? For two thousand years Christians have been wondering why their all powerful god hasn't just got on with it and removed all the evil people bothering them when history proves it is the Christian ideology that has caused entire countries to fall under the spell of greed, deceit, murder, and terrorizing thinking like your statement. Did you lord answer you? Do you have the wisdom to decide who should and shouldn't be on Earth? I'd say, no, but then, as you said, I'm just a stupid c*nt so what do I know? Take a break, dude.
  14. CuriousAboutItAll

    Off-Topic Repository

    No offense, but I have to point this out. While you are right in "they" all play the game and work for the same outcome, you might still be sipping the Koolaid a little bit. Not "everyone else", as you stated, chose to live by the Nile. The way "they" operate prevents so many people from choosing anything. Everyone searching out the truth is at various stages. Please don't do as "they" do and elevate yourself above those of us that don't think exactly like you do. And if you believe you alone have the truth by your side, you are delusional. I've seen the same delusional thinking crop up at myriad websites, some people even claiming "they are the best at this or that" on the planet, sounding very much like Trump, all the while ignoring well known facts. I'm still having trouble understanding why you feed the NSA through Google on a "conspiracy forum". Web hosting is cheap today and unless you make your living from this site and the money from google ads is more important than the people that visit here, why purposely send the NSA people's info? By doing so, are you helping mix the Koolaid? Is this your website or do you work for someone else?
  15. Wow, Bill Gates is threatening Americans (and the President) with pandemics and war in Africa if money isn't paid. Is that OK for him to do? Should he get away with that? Isn't that extortion?

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