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  1. Seeker22

    I Have an MRI Scheduled For Tomorrow

    I appreciate this place more than I can ever say. How many of us have no family left, or are on the outs with family (a bunch of DGI's), so that COP is our family? We are lucky to have found each other and in times like what Haz is going through, it is a Godsend to have this level of prayer and support. I add my prayers to the rest Haz, and will be looking for your update soon. Courage.
  2. Pole shift, ELE, or Ice Age are all things that will stop this. Can't come too soon. These "people" are more obsessed about my face than I am.
  3. While the spotlight is shining on the Paks, the Israelis can keep doing what the've been doing for decades; now hand in glove with the Chinese. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg (and all their fellow travelers) are high fiving each other in hell right about now. I would cry for this country, but what I remember of it is long gone.
  4. Seeker22

    Congress Wants You Dead

    There are many ways up the mountain. Not saying that your way is wrong, but I am not going to bash myself in the head because I'm "bad". The Creator is good and He ses my heart. If I am correct about being more powerful after death, I won't use that power to do harm, but to protect the ones who need it, and guide to the greatest good. Like old Black Elk used to say, "I am a hollow bone". The Creator will direct me. All my children have paws and fur and I worry about them, but I too am ready to go. Blessings to you and yours.
  5. Seeker22

    Congress Wants You Dead

    That door swings both ways. That said, at some point, they will get their wish and I wil die. But I will be infinite and unbound and far more powerful than I am in this little meatsuit. They should worry more for that eventuality than for the mortal one.
  6. I pray for the pets and livestock still there. I can assure you if they film the next LOTR movie on location, nobody will be doing the barefoot little Hobbit trick. Lava melts thick boot soles quick!
  7. Seeker22


    You go girl! “Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says “Oh crap, she’s up!” – Unknown
  8. There was a case of a serial killer some years back that kidnapped a couple of girls and injected horse tranq in them to make them docile enough to rape. Despite knowing how to administer the stuff to horses, he missed the dose and killed both girls. He justified it by telling the court that they looked old enough and they were just trailer trash. He is serving three life sentences between as many states. How are these "cops" not doing the same?
  9. Seeker22

    Time to Take the Road Less Traveled

    No my friend- that is their lie. Oh, ((they) tell you to live in the present when your soul is yearning for the sweet better days of the past. ((They)) tell you that it is dangerous in the wilderness and to stick to the streets which are safer. ((They)) tell you that you wil be ostracised by society if you forge ahead on your own. And some are swayed by this and sucumb to the awesome crushing weight of peer pressure and keeping up appearances because they are afraid of going it alone. Those like me reject the lie on its face and turn and with peaceful heart show ((them)) my back. Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. Shep, those lines define 55 years of hard living. The songs, "Go Your Own Way" by Fletwood Mac and "Against the Wind" by Bob Seger also do well to explain me. Don't buy the lie, friend.
  10. There is so much out there if you look up Muslim Grooming Gangs, Easy Meat, The Betrayed Girls, etc. I remember a decade ago women were wearing anti-rape devices in their vaginas, and the devices were outlawed as far as I know. The fighting spirit of these women and their male countrymen has gone from a flame to a flicker in the ten years since I read that. The Europeans are being sold a very expensive (to them) bill of goods. They hear "Migrants (not Invaders), want better life, assimilate..." Many of those "migrants/invaders" are not there for a good job and fitting into society. They are the front line troops that will conquer for Allah new and golden lands. They will play nice until their numbers reach a certain point and then, it's a far different face they show. Every single one of these deaths, maimings need to be taken out of the pockets of the politicians who allowed it- the hard way if necessary. My advice is to believe your eyes and your close neighbors and friends; not the traitors who are selling you to the slaughter for their gain. It is past time that people stopped believing the "narrative". In this case, words can destroy you.
  11. Get ready? I've been ready for this little kerfluffle since about 1980 and everytime I ramp up things calm down again. Soul tired of living this way. More quality life to be had by putting the stores by and getting back to living. My skillsets are practiced daily, just doing life out here. When the doom comes, it comes. Life is better now and I will enjoy it for as long as I am able.
  12. This dumb dingaling should know not to invoke magick for personal gain or favor. That stuff backfires early and often.
  13. Got half of it right. The foreign predators over here are called in certain circles- the ZOG; Zionist Occupation Government. The Oregon State Police are a part of that by their complicity. Oh and I saw last year, the concept of ZOG is now a Conspiracy Theory. How handy. Thank Google. Lavoy Finicum was a good man, and he is still remembered, and missed. I will keep praying for Mr. Lennon. I wonder if he is any relation to the famous Beatle?

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