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  1. This was starting right after I graduated basic. Glad I got out before the ranks were filled by soldiers that had no clue what they were doing. When I was in if you didn't qualify in something you'd likely get recycled. Or at least a ton of "extracurricular" education. Not that I'm that much of a hard ass. But I mean...you join the army you should expect it to be hard work and fast intake of battlefield/weapons/operations knowledge.
  2. elijah_bird

    Luciferians Coming Out Of Their Hidey Holes

    I know a few Satanists. Good people. More using the word "Satan" to describe their rebellious and humanistic approach to the world and society. Trolling and poking at societal structure. I'd almost think of it as a straight forward historic religion. Luciferians on the other hand....worshipping the loser in a mythology. Or pulling obscure occult knowledge from every corner to seem cool and weird. It's just lame. And that's why the Laveyan sect of Satanism has pretty much died out.
  3. So many boating accidents and lost weapons... But living in the South East I don't have to worry about it so much. It has it's ups and downs.
  4. elijah_bird

    Get 'em when they need Christmas money!

    My cheapest is worth around $150. Maybe use it for trade-up for a better one to take its place. I guess if they had one I wanted at Walmart. But I'd rather just take it to a pawn shop and put it towards a better handgun or tac 12 gauge. I'm a bit torn on this though. I fully support the 2nd amendment ...but I also know plenty of folks who shouldn't own firearms because of various reasons. So maybe they should go hand them in for others safety? But that's not for me to decide. Also....wonder how many firearms were stolen just to trade in....
  5. I would like to think the accusations are false...cause Star Trek...but his long silence and then basically admitting to sexual assault kinda kill that thought for me.
  6. Another possibility is that all this heavy traffic is part of the Global Thunder exercise. It concludes on the 7th.
  7. Guess I'll be keeping up with all this in between appointments tomorrow. Been a busy day/night for skykings and EAMs as well.
  8. And now a Sky king from Dutn Duran followed by another 207 char EAM from Fast Draw. Nice and active tonight/this morning. Maybe due to the President's overseas visits?
  9. True. And right now they're all having their yearly "Blue Flag" military exercises. Would make for good cover.
  10. 276 character EAM being repeated for the fourth time on 11175. Pretty sure I've never heard one that long before.
  11. I saw this yesterday....I think it was also reported in another thread. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-41872995 From the article: "Saudi Arabia says it has intercepted a ballistic missile fired from Yemen, after a loud explosion was heard near Riyadh airport on Saturday evening." was wondering where it might lead with SA going through all their reshuffling and craziness. Sometimes these things just pass by and nothing happens. Things seem heated up though. So I suppose maybe it's the straw... I'll be listening for an uptick in EAMs this week. There were quite a few today(but that's pretty normal when the president is travelling the globe doing his visit thing.) I wonder what SAs next move will be now that there's been a verbal war declaration on their side?
  12. elijah_bird

    Introducing myself.

    Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone. Haven't been called one derogatory name yet. Craziness!
  13. elijah_bird

    Introducing myself.

    Nice. I have an old banjo that I've picked on a few times. Need to pick it back up.
  14. elijah_bird

    Introducing myself.

    Thanks for the welcome, guys. Nice place to spend a quiet Friday night.
  15. elijah_bird

    DOOM BREAK LOUNGE - Post some comedy to watch

    The other Bad Lip Reading videos are totally worth checking out. Happy weekend!

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