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  1. GAAnon

    CBS: Sanders to leave White House soon

    I hear Meghan Kelly is not doing so hot at NBC so....maybe there's a chance??? NOT! Lol
  2. What a cool "tiny" house might look like... Cool Tiny House
  3. I dont see how you could hit a window on a plane flying 500 mph but someone monkeying with the window prior to takeoff could be a more likely possibility. I have 3 flights from GA to CA coming up in the next 2 months....i surely will be looking very close at the window before takeoff...
  4. Wow, Contagion and Outbreak were on IFC last night....wierd...
  5. WOW looking over the chemical list...our company buys a lot of chemicals for liquid cleaners...you can bet your ass that we will be very cautious of anything coming out of China. If they start substituting with "local" sources it will not be good. Pretty much anything in your bathroom or kitchen cleaner pantry uses solvents and surfactants...and we have the best here in the USA. Same goes with plastics...expect higher prices on crappy Xmas toys this year...having recently coming back from chinese new year they are now gearing up for xmas toy production. We tried sourcing resin out of asia for years and never were successful. Again the best resin comes from Texas. The more i think about this the more I like it...Injection molding could experience a renaissance if this drags out long enough.
  6. So they are forcing tariffs on HUGELY popular items, some necessary items, on a population that will not be able to afford the higher cost of said items? The manufacturers/producers surely are not going to bear the cost of the tariffs, they will pass that through. I mean, really, they are bringing a Chinese yo-yo to a custom AR-15 SBR with a suppressor fight.... More whisky, SUV's, steaks, burgers, OJ, and cigarettes for us!!! USA! USA! USA! lol... I can conceive of no possible outcome that this can be good for the Chinese. Let the world remember that the USA has $hit that people really want....
  7. Dont forget funded by the clinton campaign and the DNC...
  8. GAAnon

    FLU - Biological Warfare ATTACK!

    I noticed the chemtrails were insane in quantity over the Christmas break her in ATL. Like I have never seen before...
  9. Everything is fine in north atlanta
  10. GAAnon

    when it snow in Atlanta........!

    24 deg right now...everything is a sheet of ice...snow is one thing but no one can drive on ice.
  11. GAAnon

    when it snow in Atlanta........!

    10" in north Atlanta! Unreal....might need to move farther south LOL
  12. I just became a supporter...this site is too good
  13. Good I was floored if it were true...
  14. Sorry if I missed something but it was wierd...

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